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Il y a 5 ans

Everything you know about time-management is wrong. In this challenging and counter-intuitive video, Self-Discipline Strategist and New York Times bestselling author of Rory Vaden, shows you why you can't solve today's time-management challenges with yesterday's time-management strategies. More importantly he explains why procrastinating on purpose is the key to being able to Multiply your time.
Self-Discipline Strategist Rory Vaden’s book Take the Stairs is a #1 Wall St Journal and #2 New York Times bestseller. Rory is also Co-Founder of Southwestern Consulting™, an 8-figure global consulting practice. His new book Procrastinate On Purpose: 5 Permissions to Multiply Your Time came out in January of 2015 and was an instant National Bestseller. Free insights at .
This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

Traveling Kaspers World
Traveling Kaspers World Il y a 9 heures
Came back to this video by accident. Entertaining, well articulated and above all....more sunk in the second time around. Thanks
len 114602
len 114602 Il y a jour
Another way to put it but it's kind of a joke, when you say "yes" to something you say "no" to saying "no". It reminds me of "never say never"
Arastanio gaming
Arastanio gaming Il y a 2 jours
I will manage my team by refusing this video
i love speys
i love speys Il y a 2 jours
goood goood speech
Neeraj Chaudhary
Neeraj Chaudhary Il y a 3 jours
I multiplied my time by skipping to the 15-min mark of this video. Seriously - 18 mins for a time mgmt video??
Dutch Courage
Dutch Courage Il y a 3 jours
Just be aware that if you don't have a dishwasher nor a family to delegate the task to, you may want to consider that 'now is the time' comes way before... ya know... things start growing on it... And what i noticed myself (during corona home time) is that some 'chores' become compounded stress that results in procrastination. See, you know you need to do them, but you likely don't feel like doing them, and without automation or delegation options, these small tasks (like cleaning, laundry or dishes, etc) makes your 'to-do-list' longer then it needs to be, this obviously leads to stress, and stress is a common 'stressor' for procrastination. So, there are really un-imporant things, that you can't automate or delegate and are seemingly un-significant, but are inflating your to-do list. You should probably do these things before anything else, because once out of the way, you will have created more time in the future simply because you will feel you have more time because your to-do-list is shorter now ! Also, look at places where you can combine activities, commutes are great opportunities to plan certain activities given you accept from for being that activity. Obviously pod-casts, or language studies are great during commute, but if you take the public transport you can view it as 'relax time' or 'work time', i mean, it's basically delegating the transport to the driven medium (it's why CEO's tend to have a driver). And once you start to realize that public transport isn't point to point transport, well then station to end-point becomes a opportunity to exercise. Aka. compound your activities by making them concurrent and accept and realize the significance of what you do for your personal goals (this is what 'multi-tasking' really is (so find those moments during your day, on which you can achieve multiple things (f/e. doing the dishes and watching/listening the news will satisfy you being able to stay on top of what happened that day (for small talk, or opportunities of tomorrow) AND do the dishes! Vacuuming can be a great time to fulfil the urge to sing f/e, likely with great benefits to all concerned ;) ... etc. and so on.
Grim Reputation
Grim Reputation Il y a 4 jours
TED's slogan should be "Everything you know is wrong"
Whatever Woman
Whatever Woman Il y a 4 jours
11:32 - *an unforgettable twist.!!* Rory, thank you for this..!!
Jamal Hamdan
Jamal Hamdan Il y a 5 jours
Emilyn Haugen
Emilyn Haugen Il y a 5 jours
This was SO good! Wow! I loved this!
Manab Das
Manab Das Il y a 6 jours
And again legitimate suggestion what i needed to acquire
Joe Charogoff
Joe Charogoff Il y a 7 jours
He better start bonin for kids then, because the author wasn't referring to time.
Kameshwar Choppella
Kameshwar Choppella Il y a 9 jours
11:11... Pauses this video and goes to setup auto-pay on all bills.
STUDIO Il y a 12 jours
Now! This is the Nobel Price winer. I feel like I would just read very valuable book about time menagment after listening your speach. Great stuff. Really Life changer!
ayanda gwala
ayanda gwala Il y a 13 jours
Dude, thank you so much for this realisation. I always felt like my time could be spent in smarter ways and you've helped that light bulb lit up in a way I just never came to realise. The whole concept of a multiplier is really something everyone reading this comment should pay attention to!!!
Jason Crawford
Jason Crawford Il y a 15 jours
How is significance different than importance?
Jason Crawford
Jason Crawford Il y a 13 jours
@ayanda gwala Thanks. So the way he sees it... Importance is the maximum importance the action ever achieves. Urgency is how soon that max value occurs. And Significance is the area under the curve over eternity.
ayanda gwala
ayanda gwala Il y a 13 jours
Importance in the context of the video, is something you see as important for the moment where as significance is something that is not only important for the moment, but for the future as well. So he's saying, it's best you put more time on significant things rather than important things, as the former will allow you to spend more time on the important things in the future anyways.
Jason Crawford
Jason Crawford Il y a 15 jours
Before Covey's matrix was Eisenhower's.
L Scherer
L Scherer Il y a 16 jours
@9:20 he says doodoo
Steve Nicholson
Steve Nicholson Il y a 17 jours
I figured it's been long enough. I should finely watch it now 🤣🤣 put it off long enough lol
Bleh Ehh
Bleh Ehh Il y a 15 jours
Omg same. It's been in my watchlist for over a year lol
Grant Hine
Grant Hine Il y a 19 jours
Don’t put off until tomorrow what can be done’s not that new.....
rajeevrp Il y a 20 jours
A very cool presentation about something very basic.
Diedert Spijkerboer
Diedert Spijkerboer Il y a 20 jours
My paradigm with work has always been: how can I make myself obsolete? That might sound scary, because you would loose your job but, in doing so, you've learned a skill set that is much more valuable than the set that you need for your current job. Also, you won't replace yourself in one go. Rather, you replace your old responsibilities with new ones over time.
Diedert Spijkerboer
Diedert Spijkerboer Il y a 20 jours
I think that I get the how long does it matter. For example, going to the loo doesn't matter for very long, because, if you wait for a few hours more, the problem basically solves itself. The obvious time-saving solution is using diapers, which you only need to replace twice a day.
EDIDEM DAVID Il y a 21 jour
Be fruitful and multiple God this guy is goodddd
Michael Davies
Michael Davies Il y a 23 jours
0:29 I dont owe anybody anymore because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Daren Medina
Daren Medina Il y a 24 jours
A time now is later for soon..
Kim-André Myrvang
Kim-André Myrvang Il y a 24 jours
How to save time: get the _tl;dr_ from the comments on these Ted talks.
Ahadul Islam
Ahadul Islam Il y a 25 jours
Trading Cup
Trading Cup Il y a 26 jours
Get a personal assistant. Only work on your highest value work where possible and outsource those tasks that don't allow you to do the work you excel at.
Tania Saleem
Tania Saleem Il y a 29 jours
Brilliant TED Talk. I can completely relate to it.
Tania Saleem
Tania Saleem Il y a 29 jours
very practical and useful theory.
Takachan Takataka
Takachan Takataka Il y a mois
TED で語っている方は皆さんペラペラ自信家ですね、それを感心して聴いている方たち、大丈夫ですか?? すべて疑いを持ちつつ聞いて下さいませ。
Saurabh Sawant
Saurabh Sawant Il y a mois
Only thing managed to get to the bottom of my funnel Breath Eat Sleep
UPYA Il y a mois
The most fruitful contribution I can share with and for all humanity is my immediate conclusion that this concept be taught and reinforced through the first years of high school. How significantly altered my human experience and different some of my decisions may have been.
Audio Lobby
Audio Lobby Il y a mois
9:20 he said do do :P
MrPelikan500 Il y a mois
9:30 This is How to Avoid Guilt of Saying NO (saying No creates free time tomorrow) We Are Always Saying NO, Actually .. When we say Yes, we are *SAME* time saying NO to all the other opportunities that come latter. :-) ... either This or That *You Multiply Time by Doing Something of SIGNIFICANCE (Intrinsically Meaningful) Today* That Frees Up More Time Tomorrow 1. Don't Need To Do it Anyway (Eliminate) 2. Set Up Auto-Pilot (Automate) 3. Pay Someone To Do It (Delegate)
Vasudha Madhogaria
Vasudha Madhogaria Il y a mois
I saved time & stopped watching the video halfway
Enrico Pedri
Enrico Pedri Il y a mois
NANCY Il y a mois
It’s the standing ovation for meee 🏃🏽‍♀️💨
loco aps
loco aps Il y a mois
I multiplied my time by not watching this video...
Lee Annie
Lee Annie Il y a mois
truepath100 Il y a mois
No benefit same old theory
obaid. k
obaid. k Il y a mois
I have multipled my time by simply rotating clock needles in an anti clock wise manner ...
vajid abdulla
vajid abdulla Il y a mois
Since "Prioritizing" that he suggested to avoid as one of the means to multiply time is mostly based on the cause of significance, there is I think, no point in saying "significance calculation" is the only successful way to multiply the time.
Lucas Guimarães Pacheco
Lucas Guimarães Pacheco Il y a mois
one of our most valuable "thing" is time. And how we lead with it defines how we live, in every verbal time. It's always an interesting subject to discuss.
WeiZhi Shi
WeiZhi Shi Il y a mois
Do it right, or don't do it.
Siwisha Sundano
Siwisha Sundano Il y a mois
Did anyone else hear him say do do?
David Burden
David Burden Il y a mois
ok but how do you multiply your time if you dont want to be fruitful and have a million kids hmm
David Burden
David Burden Il y a mois
get to the point mate I watch in 2x speed.
Ahadul Islam
Ahadul Islam Il y a mois
Alejo M
Alejo M Il y a mois
Is this the so called ethical capitalism?
Emin Ahmet
Emin Ahmet Il y a mois
How to stop time = KISS How to travel in time = READ How to escape time = MUSIC How to feel time = WRITE How to waste time = SOCIAL MEDIA
Ano Meka
Ano Meka Il y a mois
slowly they are discovering what the traditional world was doing just and right. We just wasted time, life of people and energy.
Ano Meka
Ano Meka Il y a mois
the thinking is the problem so we need to think differently. Did you change your medicine ? people listen to details but in fact all these coaches contradict themselves every sentence.
César Méndez
César Méndez Il y a mois
14:30 I have spoken with many managers about this matter, cause I work in HR, and I would say most of them agree with that all the time, they really believe that no one can do the job as good as they can. Well, first, this is also the way that the most inefficient people think, especially if you lead a team, but second and most important, it is a cognitive bias that comes from a completely irrational idea posibly related to some some degree of personality dissorder. People who consistently think that they can do everything better than others and they're always excellent, are more likely to have a distorted self image, where also other people seems to be less capable than they really are. This has many problematic consequences, but paticularly two we should pay attention to: first, they have problems to see their own mistakes and flaws, and they tend to deny them, which immediately means a higer risk of commit them and a lower willingness to correct them. And second, they are very bad leaders. If you think you're the only one who can do the things right you don't delegate, you don't trust, probably you don't respect or value expertise and skills of your team, you are not sensitive enough to recognize their achievements because you live in that imaginary cloud of perfection where nobody, especially you, lives in. I have seen this so many times, that perfection fantasy where bad leaders live, so the message is be careful with that, if you are close to people like that, be careful, and if you are one of those who think they're always better than everyone, be aware, you're not, you're probably under a bias misjudging yourself, your environment and other people.
Nadika Hingurugoda
Nadika Hingurugoda Il y a 2 mois
Amazing life story by the speaker
Safiya iyeh
Safiya iyeh Il y a 2 mois
Thank you for this wonderful and magical video ever.
Shian Li Chiam
Shian Li Chiam Il y a 2 mois
This was awesome E
Samina Amdani
Samina Amdani Il y a 2 mois
i really like your concept which is appreciable. i came to know like what is significance of time that i was not aware about it. need more guidance. could u plz share ur email id?
GUTHER BILZ Il y a 2 mois
Luis Berumen
Luis Berumen Il y a 2 mois
These concepts come directly from the 4 hour work week by Tim Ferriss
baba babo
baba babo Il y a 2 mois
*Be Fruitful, and Multiply.*
khawla Al Hafiz
khawla Al Hafiz Il y a 2 mois
Repatition is core cay to master any skill then do it faster in the future.
Max Cheston
Max Cheston Il y a 2 mois
I think that Bible verse he quoted was about making more kids
Sam Kutz
Sam Kutz Il y a 2 mois
There are a lot of helpful points here but there’s certain phrases that really make it hard for me to resonate with this speech as a whole. For example, “The way wealthy people think about money is...” I would like to know the criteria for being wealthy and how anyone could in good conscience claim to know how all of those people think about any particular topic.
Lakshmi KS
Lakshmi KS Il y a 2 mois
But it goes against a more important concept: mindfulness in the present
Huyền Nguyễn Diệp
Huyền Nguyễn Diệp Il y a 2 mois
Indigo Time
Indigo Time Il y a 2 mois
This was really helpful on a "root cause" type level. Thank you for this! It seems basic at first but all of these tips matter and the more you do them the more your life improves over-all.
Best of TikTok
Best of TikTok Il y a 2 mois
subcriber no views👧
RAKESH SHINDE Il y a 2 mois
Very nice explained thank you very much.
Sulaiman Daoud
Sulaiman Daoud Il y a 2 mois
Instead of managing time manage yourself
John Brennick
John Brennick Il y a 2 mois
Good storyteller, helping these insights sink in. What I’ll be sure to remember: automation and delegation are like compound interest but for time, and yes I can do some things better for now but my new hire will learn and at first she is learning but is so capable that she could do those things even better, and then I can focus on other important things.
Juib Morrowind
Juib Morrowind Il y a 2 mois
You can also multiply your time by realizing that you don't need an exorbitant amount of wealth.
FFVison Il y a 2 mois
This guy kinda looks like a combination of this guy I know named Dennis and Ralph Machio
Rasa Kobylnik
Rasa Kobylnik Il y a 2 mois
love that he used scripture!
Craig Colbourn
Craig Colbourn Il y a 2 mois
Great presentation, great advice, loved the ending! Totally identified about not trusting anyone to get the job done as well as I can. Gleaned a lot from this!!
Student OftheWorld
Student OftheWorld Il y a 2 mois
×2 speed is the answer.
White Rabbit
White Rabbit Il y a 2 mois
When you can't multiply your money...
Henry Nguyen
Henry Nguyen Il y a 2 mois
TYyfqDys edges dyddduft should have ts sa deAtlantay qq xe e DDS was not a great app to z to desend z Axach was za dsdtzuzy John s
Ryan Francis
Ryan Francis Il y a 2 mois
Secont 😅 great vid!
Sanjika Perera
Sanjika Perera Il y a 2 mois
I do not know why people trying to be funny after watching this life changing ted talk🤔
No Name
No Name Il y a 2 mois
Sanjika Perera - basically they are losers and are addicted to social media. Everytime they get a "like" or notification about their post it releases dopamine in the brain and they want more. They crave the attention like a drug addict craves their substance. You see it everywhere in the FRshow comments, people trying to out do each other. It's sad and pathetic.
Marek Z
Marek Z Il y a 2 mois
Glad to know that there is now a fancy teory to what I try to do everyday. :)
Aaditya Sharma
Aaditya Sharma Il y a 2 mois
Beautiful explanation. Thank you very much.
Dr. Sanjay Kumar
Dr. Sanjay Kumar Il y a 2 mois
Its his smartness to hypnotized the people through his words and time management trick.
JoieDeVivre Il y a 2 mois
I enjoyed this video, and the presenter seems to be pretty talented. This was the uplift I needed today. Thank you!
Pratim Dey
Pratim Dey Il y a 2 mois
I should find it earlier.
Johny Howard
Johny Howard Il y a 2 mois
So you run and you run to catch up with the sun but it's sinking Racing around to come up behind you again.
Shai Spetgang
Shai Spetgang Il y a 3 mois
2x speed saved even more time
mughalgarden Il y a 3 mois
Summary: How we choose to spend our time is as much logical as emotional One dimensional thinking solution: Efficiency - do your to-do list faster Two dimensional thinking solution: Prioritization - (on the axes of importance and urgency) Three dimensional: “Significance” - Urgency how soon does it matter; importance - how much does it matter; significance - how long does it matter You multiply your time by giving yourself the emotional permission to spend time on things today that will give you more time tomorrow The significance calculation changes everything Focus Funnel: Eliminate, automate, delegate, - me (now=concentrate/ later=procrastinate on purpose)
Love Rosegold
Love Rosegold Il y a 3 mois
“Be fruitful and multiply.”
Ahmad Fauzi Azali
Ahmad Fauzi Azali Il y a 3 mois
This is really helpful and brilliant.. thank you very much for your time uploading this video :)
Mathew A Snider Jr
Mathew A Snider Jr Il y a 3 mois
I used to be just a crastinator until I turned pro. You can do it today, why wait?
MrDracorage Il y a 3 mois
Pfftt.. He said doodoo
Prateek pallava
Prateek pallava Il y a 3 mois
Is it just me. or He looks like Justin Timberlake's elder. Both from same place.
U. Ker.
U. Ker. Il y a 3 mois
@Prateek pallava Oh yes, its like a marketing funnel. I use it yes, especially delegating to lower ranks part :)
Prateek pallava
Prateek pallava Il y a 3 mois
U. Ker. See at 15.13. The focus funnel
U. Ker.
U. Ker. Il y a 3 mois
@Prateek pallava what is a funnel?
Prateek pallava
Prateek pallava Il y a 3 mois
Haha! We got all kinds of Lakes, But Timberlake is only one, The Justin one)) Btw, Great theory I’m trying to apply, did u try the funnel?
U. Ker.
U. Ker. Il y a 3 mois
Seems the Timberlake you know is Indian.... lol
Emma M.
Emma M. Il y a 3 mois
i'm literally procrastinating right now
Enoch Lee
Enoch Lee Il y a 3 mois
Wow, just wow. Really amazing
MAY FLOR AMBONG Il y a 3 mois
Superb!!! Really helpful
sri sakthi
sri sakthi Il y a 3 mois
I managed my time by not watching this video.....
ZAyden N
ZAyden N Il y a 3 mois
such a lovely talk, i dont regret a second of watching it. Actually, i am gonna watch this again and again
Nadot Concept
Nadot Concept Il y a 3 mois
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