The Real Story of Paris Hilton | This Is Paris Official Documentary

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Paris Hilton

Il y a 7 jours

We thought we knew Paris Hilton. We were wrong. This is the untold true story that shaped the woman, and the iconic character she created. Stream it free September 14 with ads on FRshow or sign up for FRshow Premium to watch the Extended cut. Learn more at: Check out FRshow Premium at: frshow.infoorigi... See if Premium is available in your country at:

Cauê Hannouche
Cauê Hannouche Il y a 8 secondes
Sarah H
Sarah H Il y a 43 secondes
Aw..Paris. I felt bad when she was fighting with her bf.
Stacy Miller
Stacy Miller Il y a minute
Wow! So so sad to know Paris and those other girls went through all that abuse. I remember watching The Simple Life, didn’t know it was just an act. She is actually a smart woman. My wish for her is to truly find love and have a family.
Grace Leopold
Grace Leopold Il y a 2 minutes
I’ve always felt Paris never genuinely smiles
Pamala Williams
Pamala Williams Il y a 2 minutes
I'm so glad to see her like this. I have a whole new perspective...She is incredible & respect her hustle/strength and positive attitude!!!
yeezus Il y a 2 minutes
Love Paris !!!!!!
I spy Chris
I spy Chris Il y a 3 minutes
She should colab with that jeffrey star, lol
Triangle Book
Triangle Book Il y a 3 minutes
She’s never been this honest before I love her bringing her authentic self and for showing us that’s alright to be human. I own all of the simple life dvds and never knew this. I wish Nicole had made an appearance. Thanks paris
Lizzy Borden
Lizzy Borden Il y a 5 minutes
Kathy Hilton should be ashamed of herself. Her daughter needed love and discipline. Instead she sent her to a prison where people abused her. Upholding the Hilton image was more important than anything else. Look at the results. Paris is still traumatized and has trust issues.
That ART life
That ART life Il y a 5 minutes
I love this🥰
xxChella Bellaxx
xxChella Bellaxx Il y a 5 minutes
Paris, if you ever happen to see this .. Just know. It's okay.. You can be You. Be What You Need to Be Happy Your Spirit is Light Hunni, And may Many Blessings fall on you! You Deserve it Sweetie. 🙏✨💖
A Il y a 6 minutes
Wow.. child abuse paid for by their parents
Amejo Il y a 6 minutes
Acting for the cameras I get it, seeing this show that is super smart, creative, but lonely can't buy you happiness....I have a new found respect for Paris, hey doesn't hurt that we the same age!!!
GcMaf cures ANY CANCER
GcMaf cures ANY CANCER Il y a 7 minutes
Paris marry a Rothchild like your sister Nikki
scorpio moon
scorpio moon Il y a 7 minutes
Wow. Great story. Sending you so much love and prayers for healing.
garzon4fun Il y a 7 minutes
Love you Paris... blessings to you. Your awesome and amazing and your a power to be reckoned with. Head high your one powerful women.
Natalie Rodriguez
Natalie Rodriguez Il y a 8 minutes
No wonder she doesn’t want a relationship. They just bring drama..
Seydi Perez
Seydi Perez Il y a 8 minutes
Susan Doerr
Susan Doerr Il y a 9 minutes
such an honest ending, much to learn, " grief is not passive but active, grief reveals and challenges while it deals with the facts. it lends itself to truth in a way no other emotion can, it identifies all of the participants in tragedy , and allows them their role in the universe." collect beautiful quotes and mottos and live by them. give honor to what and who you are and that is beautiful. seek and you shall find,
L W Il y a 9 minutes
It’s funny how her sister is sitting like that-cross legged-during an interview. She probably gets fidgety when she’s questioned lol
cindy tonello
cindy tonello Il y a 9 minutes
Her parents should be ashamed of themselves for doing what they did to her. Sad situation all the way around.
MrJhon Sigiloso
MrJhon Sigiloso Il y a 9 minutes
Paris thanks for sharing your story with us, now enjoy your mental freedom we love U!!
Seq Fernandez
Seq Fernandez Il y a 10 minutes
Lol Kim and Paris probably planned that kim and ray jay scandal 😁
Maximus Prime
Maximus Prime Il y a 10 minutes
The timing of this is interesting. Whats REALLY going on that Paris drops this now?🤔
Migrl Migrl
Migrl Migrl Il y a 10 minutes
All that glitters isn’t gold... who need enemies when you have a family like that. Her mom and sister.. 🤢 the real you is so beautiful Paris.
Sol Mata
Sol Mata Il y a 10 minutes
Pink Blonde Keto Chick
Pink Blonde Keto Chick Il y a 10 minutes
Beautiful video, Paris! I really enjoyed this, and I learned so much from your experience. Thanks for opening your life to us!
finn chikiuo
finn chikiuo Il y a 10 minutes
When the sister said “she was so naughty , did u apologize to mom and dad yet” I can see why Paris never opened up to her family.
MIKO D. Il y a 11 minutes
Paris is flawless without makeup. She seems more reserved, shy, and private. I'm glad she got out of the lime life so that she wouldn't be continuously exploited and criticized for what she does personally in her life besides her career. I wouldn't recommend her to become a possible candidate for President sometime in the future maybe. Lord knows, I know she isn't conceited but being a President will age you 5x's earlier than you want to be. It takes a toll on facial appearance within the second year and health due to lack of rest and continuous strategizing.
Fatima Chowdhry
Fatima Chowdhry Il y a 13 minutes
Skank with money
David Marshall
David Marshall Il y a 13 minutes
always love the image (timeless doesn't "age out") but it's refreshing to get some real tangible substance during one of the most unreal years to date! i've got a lot of the same self-sabotaging qualities from simply being "my own worst enemy." it was cringe to see your headspace get fucked with before one of the biggest events of your life... keep hanging out with female comedians!
Suzan Thapa
Suzan Thapa Il y a 13 minutes
More power to you girl 💜💜💜
Rhonnel Oguis
Rhonnel Oguis Il y a 13 minutes
I'm from the Philippines and I love everything about you.. Besides those negative comments that throws to you, for me you, you seems very down to earth.. Maybe, just maybe they don't know you that well or they're just jealous about you.. And I love you even more for showing us the real you.. Kudos.. 😘💕
Wilde Tiger
Wilde Tiger Il y a 13 minutes
Wondering if Lindsay Lohan is mentioned in this video
Jade Shaw
Jade Shaw Il y a 13 minutes
never judge a book by it’s cover
Søren Alvër
Søren Alvër Il y a 13 minutes
Her sister seems so cold...
autumn lady
autumn lady Il y a 14 minutes
i love her... 😍 crazy but classy... all she want is to be happy that so hard to find eithrr were rich or poor... sad
BeluHardin Il y a 14 minutes
Paris is an amazing person. She deserves respect ♥️♥️
Cassandra Sara
Cassandra Sara Il y a 15 minutes
Sabrina Celis
Sabrina Celis Il y a 16 minutes
I was just waiting for her mom to say I'm sorry for what I put you through... But it never happened.