McAfee & Hawk Sports Talk | Monday June 29th, 2020

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The Pat McAfee Show

The Pat McAfee Show

Il y a mois

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Coretta Ha
Coretta Ha Il y a 5 jours
Is there a playlist of the guns 💪🏼 out episodes? Asking for a friend who likes bicep porn. Not for myself, of course. 😒
Tom Bystander
Tom Bystander Il y a 8 jours
Pat got a little upset about some media members not showing him some lovings
MicroSmokeSleet Il y a 12 jours
Why would you not go with a diamond in the rough like Gardner minshew
wslaxmiddy Il y a 13 jours
I am from Mass and I was also 99.9% sure CT was not in NE
Steve H
Steve H Il y a 13 jours
Ct is part of New England..
BList Il y a 15 jours
Lol Connecticut is a part of New England
R MAN Il y a 16 jours
17:39. Just watch it.
Dave Arreola
Dave Arreola Il y a 16 jours
"The biggest league in the world" and he's been to Europe.
dave s.
dave s. Il y a 16 jours
Minshew threw for 21td-6ints & 3200yrds as a rookie 5th rounder
AhBasic RioluYT
AhBasic RioluYT Il y a 17 jours
3:38 xD
Doobie McNasty
Doobie McNasty Il y a 18 jours
Still think that AJ looks like the buzz headed chick on that Taylor swift video every time he hits that cigar.
Braylon Fisher
Braylon Fisher Il y a 19 jours
When he lit that cigar I subscribed 😂💀
TheSteveStudios Il y a 20 jours
Spy gate the bengals??? But How? Easy because the Bengals still don’t have an ind.... blah blah blah
McKee Gaming
McKee Gaming Il y a 23 jours
Anyone have a link to this mans lighter???
Jordan Il y a 24 jours
1:18 a what?!
TheUntalentedGuy Il y a 24 jours
If theres not a pooh-val shirt for sale ima riot
Jordan Cunningham
Jordan Cunningham Il y a 28 jours
1:03:47 you can see the intensity in pat's face!
An Australian Dropbear
An Australian Dropbear Il y a 29 jours
AJ hawk has to be rocking a micropenis with the constant oral fixation and lighter stunts.
Golden Clips
Golden Clips Il y a 29 jours
You guys should do a movie. A funny sports movie
jim beam
jim beam Il y a 29 jours
I'm buying an outdoor t.v. and getting hi I'm my back deck dick.
StreakSetter Il y a 29 jours
I got a feeling Pat is going to lose a lot of money on the Patriots if we have a 2020 season!
Seymour Green
Seymour Green Il y a 29 jours
Unions SUCK
Riley Cooper
Riley Cooper Il y a 29 jours
Trevor Lawrence > Cam Newton
H20Peak Gaming
H20Peak Gaming Il y a mois
OMFG I'm dying at AJ's lighter
Zombot Il y a mois
12 should absolutely be off the table.
Not Mick Blotters
Not Mick Blotters Il y a mois
I wonder how many kicks Crosby has missed since that change. Not many.
Not Mick Blotters
Not Mick Blotters Il y a mois
Jeff Saturday getting benched was kinda warranted, I believe there was two fumbled snaps, some missed assignments. But I’ll gladly chalk it up to McCarthy being a bit of a dingus.
Gerald Pendergast
Gerald Pendergast Il y a mois
Can someone give a good explanation of why Tom Brady got suspended for 4 games because the ball was not inflated properly, and yet Jameis Winston assaults someone and got suspended for 3 games. It makes no sense
NIc K Il y a mois
I can tell you right now HAWK does NOT believe in Cam. you can see it In his demeanor and responses.
JDM Cesar
JDM Cesar Il y a mois
CT def is New England, ive lived here 32 years, i think i would know.
Bri Il y a mois
They'll go 12-4
April Loves Golf
April Loves Golf Il y a mois
Love Conner. Why does AJ use lip gloss? He has no lips.
John Nash
John Nash Il y a mois
AJ, Archie, Laurentis and my dad we’re on a golf team once
Oaks Armorial
Oaks Armorial Il y a mois
Pats fans were as docile as choirboys at M&T last season.
CycoMiko 73
CycoMiko 73 Il y a mois
Dude they had a great legendary run, let another team have a chance!! Lol
MGM24 Il y a mois
AQ is my new favorite NFL guy
Chris Dropulich
Chris Dropulich Il y a mois
It's crazy that everybody's talking about Cam Newton, and that's exactly what the Patriots wanted. Now nobody's talking about them cheating which they should. Because the Patriots have won Super Bowls by cheating throughout the season and even in the Super Bowl. They might be a historic franchise but they are still cheaters.
Bob Loblaw
Bob Loblaw Il y a mois
No matter how butthurt you are. 6 rings
big Hurtt
big Hurtt Il y a mois
Agreed. Underrated comment.
Chris Dropulich
Chris Dropulich Il y a mois
5 years ago mvp
Chris Dropulich
Chris Dropulich Il y a mois
Cam Newton was not the MVP 2 years ago
SKO Show
SKO Show Il y a mois
17:28 you’re welcome FRshow
King No Niche
King No Niche Il y a mois
2 years ago? Can some please tweet @Pat and tell him it’s been 5 🤦🏻‍♂️
PED GSP Il y a mois
Oh gawd! Someone must have told this loser he's big or something. What a lame cut off. It wouldn't be so bad if he wasn't such a dork. He reminds me of Adam Saves Everything. Beta!!
1978mcduff Il y a mois
This show was way better without the peanut gallery, especially if one is a Masshole.
Fred Sanford
Fred Sanford Il y a mois
They are better than ever with Cam Newton??? are you on freaking cack ?
Josiah Pate
Josiah Pate Il y a mois
Why didn't raycon not sponsor the Reggie bush episode
Michael Sedacca
Michael Sedacca Il y a mois
Pat is going to be the next joe Rogan
LeBong Jaymes
LeBong Jaymes Il y a mois
I love how pat says cam was an mvp 2 years ago when it was actually 5 years ago. Dude hasn’t made a pro bowl since that time let alone be an mvp caliber player
big Hurtt
big Hurtt Il y a mois can be our secret I also think Cam might not be the champ they are expecting. I'm gonna love it, but it wont make my Bengals any better. Hate a cheater.
Krohe Gaming
Krohe Gaming Il y a mois
Pat McAfee still doesn’t have an indoor punting facility.
ERRRJAAAY Il y a mois
“Is there minutemen?” LOL DIED.
ddogwr 83
ddogwr 83 Il y a mois
I love bein a part of this channel lol before he gets rogan big
Michael Burns
Michael Burns Il y a mois
Pat should try LSD and tell about his experience. Would probably be some next-level entertainment (and enlightnment)
Michael Burns
Michael Burns Il y a mois
Connecticut is in NE: Maine, NH, Vermont Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island. Are non-New-Englanders not taught this?
xFangs Il y a mois
Lmao I live in Connecticut "not part of New England" HAHA
Kevin Banks
Kevin Banks Il y a mois
BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Hawk aint no snow been in CIncinati since like 2010 chill
ferf 2557
ferf 2557 Il y a mois
Commish Kraft. Duh
Mark Jordan
Mark Jordan Il y a mois
17:55 Risk assessment needed lol
SuperJohn12354 Il y a mois
was actually Bill Simmons idea to make it a show
johnp85tx Il y a mois
Choua Vue
Choua Vue Il y a mois
Tom Brady and Belichick now have no excuse on who made who. We will find out soon who carrying who the last 20 years.
Stephen Prescott
Stephen Prescott Il y a mois
how can this guy say Conn is not in NE. He is a Pats fan? From where? South ass bunk. Btw. Conn is the weakest group in general of New England Sport fans. Mostly NY lovers down in that either cooperate or ghetto this is the Insurance douche state(ever hear of Nebraska?). But historically(we don't want to change that now do we?) and geographically it is and always has been a part of New England
Parker Schuh
Parker Schuh Il y a mois
What are you on about
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