FKA twigs - Cellophane (Later... With Jools Holland) accompanied by Sampha

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Il y a 11 mois

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FKA twigs performs Cellophane on Later… with Jools Holland, BBC Two

XIAO CHEN Il y a 3 jours
aL Vecino
aL Vecino Il y a 15 jours
imagine pouring your all into a song
nguyenduy truongvinh tv
nguyenduy truongvinh tv Il y a 20 jours
spongebob sweet victory
binky bink
binky bink Il y a 25 jours
FKA twigs is a really great artist. Though don't get name. FKA by itself is cool name, tho sounds like a band. Twigs by itself is really really cool name. But 2 together it's just wordy and jumbled. Thoughts?
binky bink
binky bink Il y a 22 jours
@Brandon Pena Good of you to fill me in. I like the back story, though IMO an artists' name should not require a back story. IMO Lil Twigs or The Sound of Twigs are vastly better.
Brandon Pena
Brandon Pena Il y a 24 jours
A female singing duo called The Twigs would not let her use Twigs so she said she just liked the sound of FKA which she said could stand for forever known as. She said she likes how her stage name is gender neutral.
Patricia 1234
Patricia 1234 Il y a 28 jours
joo lee
joo lee Il y a 28 jours
I'm in tears, this song just breaks my heart. I envy those who were in the hall and heard this masterpiece live.
Alyssa Butler
Alyssa Butler Il y a 29 jours
If i ever see robert pattinson it's on sight
Michelle Evans
Michelle Evans Il y a mois
Amazing ❤️❤️❤️
Ichsan Nurzaman
Ichsan Nurzaman Il y a 2 mois
Gosh, they should make the stripped version of Cellophane available on Spotify
asantewa3 Il y a 2 mois
What's so interesting about her singing this to a British audience is that they were the ones who were so vocal about the "strangeness" of their pairing. They were in fact waiting for them to break up. Notice how much more supportive they are about his relationship with Suki...
ShiningCattt Il y a 2 mois
Her makeup artist needs a raise damn
René Vrolijk
René Vrolijk Il y a 2 mois
Jakob Whale
Jakob Whale Il y a 3 mois
She fully had me after just the first line. The rawness, the honesty, the emotion. All so well executed.
Faizan Iftikhar
Faizan Iftikhar Il y a 3 mois
70 ppl who disliked have no taste in great music and appreciation for real artist.
Chris Il y a 3 mois
My heart is broken. She is so good.
charlene esteban
charlene esteban Il y a 4 mois
right in front of harrys salad god bless twigs
Hook Beak
Hook Beak Il y a 5 mois
Emotionally disturbed comments match what comes across a painful performance. Art & music is subjective this doesn't sit well with me.
Nick Booth
Nick Booth Il y a 5 mois
hahahaha fuck me
Emihle Sokatsha
Emihle Sokatsha Il y a 6 mois
What is Sampha doing there? Where’s his sophomore??
x3Eri Il y a 6 mois
Brilliant. No words.
Blue Il y a 6 mois
I really want to know who was doing the strings 😭
Easilyshown Il y a 6 mois
Favourite performance of Cellophane 😏
A W Il y a 6 mois
So Talented.....
solo2r Il y a 7 mois
First time heard for Me, Very Heartfelt
Juan M. SAU
Juan M. SAU Il y a 7 mois
Imeraan Keshav
Imeraan Keshav Il y a 7 mois
Wow! I am completely in Awe of this performance!!!
Lolita Dolorosa
Lolita Dolorosa Il y a 7 mois
I hate her voice.
Brandon Pena
Brandon Pena Il y a 7 mois
Lolita Dolorosa ok cool story. she on tv, you ain't, get over it.
Vasileios Filis
Vasileios Filis Il y a 7 mois
Karel Verschooten
Karel Verschooten Il y a 7 mois
brilliant !!!
fifi Il y a 8 mois
she is so under rated and it kills me, every single one of her songs are so beautiful and it’s so depressing for me, a huge fan of her music seeing her not getting the recognition she truly deserves
Imeraan Keshav
Imeraan Keshav Il y a 8 mois
Omw! This is really Beautiful !!!
Alkhemia Augustine
Alkhemia Augustine Il y a 8 mois
Sis need to drop that skincare routine
DODHOLLYWOOD Il y a 8 mois
I am so thankful for FKA TWIGS for taking my lyrics to the next level. This song is for every broken stripper out there. With love, Scott Grossman
Nick Moranis
Nick Moranis Il y a 8 mois
Heartbreakingly beautiful. The first living legend in my lifetime. And John Lennon was still alive when I was born. And Morrissey.
Kale Lupo
Kale Lupo Il y a 8 mois
Fka twigs & chloe x halle are both so underated
sharisayy Il y a 8 mois
frozenmew2435 Il y a 9 mois
how can someone be this beautiful
bhamacuk Il y a 9 mois
A true original performer. Beautiful stuff.
Jacobite Il y a 9 mois
amex35 Il y a 9 mois
I think, I can't love this anymore than I do now... then, I hear it again for the first time🖤🎧
Lisa Emily Fox
Lisa Emily Fox Il y a 9 mois
It’s just stunning, can’t stop listening and watching it😭
Wicked Liz
Wicked Liz Il y a 9 mois
Hypnotically beautiful 👍❤️
Christina Jackson
Christina Jackson Il y a 9 mois
Beautiful song. I wish her and Anderson Paak do a song together.
Liv Yeandle
Liv Yeandle Il y a 9 mois
Rolling goosebumps keep coming for the entirety of this song. Insane.
Shai Shai
Shai Shai Il y a 9 mois
KoldTony Debonaire
KoldTony Debonaire Il y a 9 mois
Eartha Kitt's Ghost
Eartha Kitt's Ghost Il y a 9 mois
You just know some of the people clapping for this performance were the same idiots that were hoping theyd break up.
AngelMarie Millione
AngelMarie Millione Il y a 9 mois
Real tears...
mogznwaz Il y a 9 mois
Know nothing about FKA Twigs but this is nice
miss melmel
miss melmel Il y a 9 mois
Wow Her skin is amazing flawless
João Manuel Veloso Bárbara
João Manuel Veloso Bárbara Il y a 9 mois
Adorável, mágico, viciante. Extremo, perfeição! Obrigado
Nulka Pończoszanka
Nulka Pończoszanka Il y a 10 mois
She is a godess, living breathing godess
christie webb
christie webb Il y a 10 mois
Heartbreakingly beautiful 💖
Yunuel Vázquez
Yunuel Vázquez Il y a 10 mois
Just fucking wow
shmoo Il y a 10 mois
great but why do female artists feel they should perform naked?!
Marilyn MonHoe
Marilyn MonHoe Il y a 4 mois
Why do you feel the need to comment on how women choose to present themselves?
Ira iraira
Ira iraira Il y a 10 mois
Damn gurl
SweetenerGoat Il y a 10 mois
OMG Sampha! I just noticed!
SweetenerGoat Il y a 10 mois
Amazing. It's a masterpiece. Is this about someone? I thought maybe Robert? Could someone tell me?
Cron Aon
Cron Aon Il y a 10 mois
All these comments about Robert Pattinson leaving her...the gravity that she has is crushing to mortals. He is only, well, him. She is music realized
Paul Blenkiron
Paul Blenkiron Il y a 10 mois
J. G.I
J. G.I Il y a 10 mois
Wow at this song live! Her voice is so powerful here! Song of the Year indeed! (Pitchfork).. shout out to king Sampha
Martin Curtis
Martin Curtis Il y a 10 mois
Tom Samadhi
Tom Samadhi Il y a 10 mois beautiful speak directly to my soul...
Paul Blenkiron
Paul Blenkiron Il y a 10 mois
Serena Seymour
Serena Seymour Il y a 10 mois
Who is the designer for this dress?
Samuel Arteaga
Samuel Arteaga Il y a 10 mois
These FKA Twigs live performances are pure magic ❤️
Andrew Donoghue
Andrew Donoghue Il y a 10 mois
music for the soul. love it.
Brandon Il y a 10 mois
Angel visiting earth
Allison Og
Allison Og Il y a 10 mois
I’ve never experienced heartbreak but this song makes me feel like I’ve been it😭
Au Sauvage
Au Sauvage Il y a 10 mois
Not of this generation.
vic ark
vic ark Il y a 10 mois
Costas K
Costas K Il y a 10 mois
The last line gets me every time, but even more so during this performance, it killed me. The look in her face as well, right after saying it...
Mount Swervemore
Mount Swervemore Il y a 10 mois
channeling some Kate Bush vibes
Rich Avery
Rich Avery Il y a 10 mois
Stunning everything notes lyrics Accompaniment. And this dress. Perfect again
amy simpson
amy simpson Il y a 10 mois
One of the best performers,ive ever witnessed x
caly Il y a 10 mois
i get literal chills. her vulnerability, her emotion, it’s so raw and unapologetic. she makes me feel human, and that what i’m going through is okay. her performances are truly art, and i am so thankful she shares her heart with us.
Ally H.
Ally H. Il y a 10 mois
This song makes me cry 😭
alex alex
alex alex Il y a 10 mois
Tin Garaus
Tin Garaus Il y a 10 mois
I fell in love with her freckles!
Frank Roberts
Frank Roberts Il y a 10 mois
Ahhh that's Sampha on the piano!!!
Asha Il y a 10 mois
WOW this is talent
Rhianna A.S
Rhianna A.S Il y a 10 mois
Tears. Ever single time. I love her.
swingAE86 Il y a 10 mois
Oh hey sampha didn't see you there
Private Private
Private Private Il y a 10 mois
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 you are so beautiful and talented !!!! 🥰
Tiffany Il y a 10 mois
Saw her in concert definitely made me appreciate the full album. Literally cried when she performed this song.
Liz Aram
Liz Aram Il y a 10 mois
I need the pole rutine
Tiisetso Moreki
Tiisetso Moreki Il y a 10 mois
My first virtual tear :')
Raymond Sawyer
Raymond Sawyer Il y a 10 mois
Very beautiful lady with loads of talent
otisberlin Il y a 10 mois
Sacred monster
Ploy Il y a 10 mois
this is so legendary
Melisa Cāi
Melisa Cāi Il y a 10 mois
She poured it all out into this. Angel, we see you; you're enough. This performance hurt, goddamn. 💔
Chris Ngb
Chris Ngb Il y a 11 mois
Did she tell sampha we want new songs from him
Half Alligator
Half Alligator Il y a 11 mois
I'd love to see her do somethign with Thom Yorke. I think their combined outpour of emotion would be something to behold. I get "True Love Waits" (studio version) vibes from this. Just how stripped back, fragile and human it is.
bhamacuk Il y a 9 mois
They would suit and compliment each other wonderfully. Like Cave and PJ Harvey.
Neal Mccann
Neal Mccann Il y a 11 mois
Wow! What else is there to say....?
TomiexxL Il y a 11 mois
FKA twigs? More like WTF ismywig.
Marcelle Il y a 11 mois
lee haywoOd
lee haywoOd Il y a 11 mois
All hail! Ms. Lucinda Chua!!
Marfil Forteza
Marfil Forteza Il y a 11 mois
2:16 Me: bursting into tears
Christopher Ambroise
Christopher Ambroise Il y a 11 mois
Her voice is so beautiful
seanomatopoeia Il y a 11 mois
Excellent, but that's a criminal underuse of Sampha.
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