MARINA - Man's World (Official Music Video)

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Il y a 14 jours

MARINA - Man's World (Official Music Video)
"Man's World", available now! Download/stream:
Written by MARINA
Directed by Alexandra Gavillet
Creative Direction & Story by MARINA
Song Produced by Jennifer Decilveo, Co-Produced by MARINA
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Zaneta Berkyova
Zaneta Berkyova Il y a 48 minutes
This made me cry... One of the most powerful songs this decade.
knurd cantdrink
knurd cantdrink Il y a heure
The title speaks volume.
Kein Il y a 2 heures
you literally have a boyfriend but ok
Kein Il y a 2 heures
this is a JOKE, i literally feel numb most of the time🤒
TheBloodfarmer Il y a 4 heures
Political Correctness Overdose. BLM, Me too, Man in dress, masks. It´s sick that "artists" nowadays only try to sell political statements rather than their music.
Mia Ozera
Mia Ozera Il y a 2 heures
The masks seem to be more an (admittedly topical) reference to being silenced, especially since they're only worn during the "thought I was a witch/now you just call me a bitch" sequence - i. e. the point she makes is that while times change, women are still punished for "misbehaving", it's just the accusation that has changed. That seemed like the main point of the video/lyrics to me; I'm curious about the BLM reference you seem to be finding? I must have missed it.
Damir Asanov
Damir Asanov Il y a 5 heures
Not enough politically correct video. No Asian included.
Maria B
Maria B Il y a 5 heures
I love marina ❤️
Emma Ejwertz Music
Emma Ejwertz Music Il y a 5 heures
Ashley Mitchell
Ashley Mitchell Il y a 6 heures
Marina is ICONIC.
Natlie Rogers
Natlie Rogers Il y a 6 heures
All hail the queen MARINA !!
Vaio Boy
Vaio Boy Il y a 6 heures
I am a big diamond. But songs like this just makes me roll my eyes. There's so much nuance and layers to the issue, and this is just one perspective, driven behind identity politics, and if we are serious to learn from history, I would stay away from this oversimplified view of the world.
Uleses Alexander
Uleses Alexander Il y a 2 heures
Just think of the violence that still exists from men against women. Just think of women's place in so many African and Asian parts of this planet. Unless you live in your own perfect world-wide you open minded good thoughts
Oklahomann M.
Oklahomann M. Il y a 7 heures
Mother nature’s dying....🥺😔 Marina❤️
Penelope Il y a 9 heures
can they stop zooming in on the gay
Penelope Il y a 9 heures
feminist queen
LUCHO ZAV Il y a 9 heures
Marina I love you .... you are doing well honey
Marina Sol
Marina Sol Il y a 9 heures
I loved this!!
Erica Soria
Erica Soria Il y a 10 heures
Marina is an inclusivity queen 💖
L80 Productions
L80 Productions Il y a 10 heures
Pakito Cruz
Pakito Cruz Il y a 10 heures
Love ❤️❤️❤️
Maria Eduarda Diniz
Maria Eduarda Diniz Il y a 11 heures
my God, finally, a famous one with a nose similar to mine, most are thin noses
Marvin Music
Marvin Music Il y a 11 heures
Mind Peace 17
Mind Peace 17 Il y a 11 heures
I’d be open to seeing what a woman’s world would look like, if no one wants a man’s world. I personally it shouldn’t be a man’s nor a woman’s world but a world of growth
Only Nisa
Only Nisa Il y a 11 heures
Doc Dickinson
Doc Dickinson Il y a 12 heures
This song makes me wanna cry. Thank you Marina.
Edward Spears
Edward Spears Il y a 12 heures
Esta joya me recuerda la Marina and the Diamonds del finales del 2014 y inicios del 2015
Be a good bean the universe gives it back
Be a good bean the universe gives it back Il y a 13 heures
I don't think you understand, I'm obsessed
That Cat From the German Ad
That Cat From the German Ad Il y a 13 heures
Oh yes I do, me too. I loved it on first listen!
Lucas Il y a 13 heures
a administradora do quebrando o tabu
Floricuenta Il y a 14 heures
Γιατι ειναι τοσο underrated?
Jenna K.
Jenna K. Il y a 14 heures
Marina has made another masterpiece. Everything about this song is awesome besides one thing...There absolutely NO WAY that any of us could know for an absolute fact that “Mother Nature is dying” but when Marina says this in a song, I feel as if it just confirms in the minds of her fans that don’t know a lot about it or haven’t really looked to the situation for themselves, that Mother Nature is in fact really dying, when we have no way of truly knowing this is an actual true fact. We only know what we are told to believe.
Andisha Sabri
Andisha Sabri Il y a 14 heures
"do you really want me to write a feminist anthem..." YES
BUZZ Il y a 14 heures
Good set of lungs on the Welsh girl 👍👍
Fernanda Mazzotti
Fernanda Mazzotti Il y a 15 heures
I don’t wanna live in a man’s world anymore
Paris Io
Paris Io Il y a 15 heures
Beautiful 🇬🇷
Nora Martínez
Nora Martínez Il y a 15 heures
The Queen is back
Ian B.
Ian B. Il y a 16 heures
Wait am I the only one who just now noticed they were wearing masks?
ouji Il y a 16 heures
ICONIC!!!! FEMINIST!!!!!! GODDESS!!!!!!!!!
Honey X Lavender
Honey X Lavender Il y a 16 heures
the queen's back
Watch Me Do
Watch Me Do Il y a 19 heures
One of her best. A true Greek Goddess.
João Pedro Damásio
João Pedro Damásio Il y a 19 heures
This is not just a song. But she's screaming HELP too :(
Galova Il y a 19 heures
Jass Il y a 21 heure
The eldery woman reminds me of "Megs" from the Tribute of Panem o.O
YDS official
YDS official Il y a 21 heure
This wonderful woman will blow up definitely, I can feel it. She is far too talented.
Rikk Hyo
Rikk Hyo Il y a 22 heures
Daniel koons
Daniel koons Il y a 22 heures
Marina you are our Goddness of Music. the world needs you 🍃🥰💞♥️
Henry Mieles Borja
Henry Mieles Borja Il y a 23 heures
Your song captures the reality of the human being during our time under the Sun......Mother nature will self correct and end life on it's surface in the process...... The good news is that we will be alive and conscious again in about a billion years from that cataclysm, it will be like a blink of an though it never happened......or who knows, never be able to think about how we got to this messed up global situation..... I no longer believe in saving others from the fate that has befallen them, I now understand that everything is being implemented perfectly, not even the dirt on this planet is innocent, as we come from it...........and return to it...... Live the moments that life offers, but with out stepping over others to do it, as what you do to your brother or sister will have to be lived out, here or in the next life....... Don't lend yourself up to evil or you will live it down.....the higher the slope up, the more miserable the fall on the other side..........Money is the root of all evil.....learn to mitigate it's perception of your reality, value things for their true intrinsic value and not a numeric figure that means NADA.......but takes you for all you got.....ending with your Zul........... Enjoy the end of the ride, while you can......I'll take white sand beaches, a Corona energy drink add ? +Lime +Salt.......My Suga' Boo.....and her girlfriends, cause things have changed and sharing is caring.....right? No bueno.....I'll take one, just like my beer, any more and Shnit goes south.......the cat fight can't be avoided....... Relax, why stress? We are ALL Eternally Resurrected, the Christ was and is real.......though without faith....blessings on that misarable last few till the big can keep it.....I chose Heaven versus man's's all in your head, chose involves doing right by others, the other doing right by your selfish instinct...... Best of luck to you Ms. Marina..... -Azul
panos 89
panos 89 Il y a 23 heures
Sorry but this is Masterpiece
Herzens Wärme
Herzens Wärme Il y a 23 heures
I LOVE IT😍😍😍😍😍❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️
David Wilder
David Wilder Il y a jour
Is this shakira? or Catherine Zeta?
Naruto Usamaki
Naruto Usamaki Il y a jour
Best song 2020 and ALL word
Alyumin Il y a jour
There is a lot of things I love about the song and the music video, but one of them that I would like to point out is the swinging, wine holding, in the line on the hill standing dance. So simple but effective. I could watch that scene for hours straight.
Kim Fawcett
Kim Fawcett Il y a jour
Love God with all your heart and love thy neighbor as thyself
Kim Fawcett
Kim Fawcett Il y a jour
Let's be kind. For everyone's sake. XxX
Sofie Gielen
Sofie Gielen Il y a jour
if only we'd have the same media outbreak asking if this is empowering the way they did with wap
ecemn Il y a jour
dimensions... they are opening guys...
Daemon Sumpter
Daemon Sumpter Il y a jour
2:29 I have a sister... :/
Lana Rose
Lana Rose Il y a jour
*LOOK AT ALL THE PRESSED TOXIC PEOPLE IN THE COMMENTS, read the lyrics before you actually come here and make ignorant comments smh*
Joan of Arc
Joan of Arc Il y a jour
I can't decide what's the most genius thing about this song... the lyrics, the melody, the video, the message etc. Another masterpiece by Marina 💗
Onan Gante
Onan Gante Il y a jour
#MARINA Me llamo Alejandra y desde que tengo 13 años he oído y adorado tu voz, tu estilo, tu trabajo, tu gran trayectoria y carrera artística. No creo que existan palabras para definir tu grandiosa y bella existencia. Has sido más que solo mi idolo, mi guía o inspiración. Ojalá puedas leer esto. Tengo todas tus canciones y álbumes grabadas en mi corazón 💞🎶🎙️✨💟❤️👌 desde the Family Jewels, Electra Heart, Froot, Love and Fear, y ahora está hermosura de canción y álbum que es Men's World. Llevo esperando desde el anuncio de hace una semana y nunca me has defraudado. Eres mi modelo y mi musa de inspiración. Ojalá esto no te asusté jaja pero deseo con tanto fervor y esmero poder asistir a un concierto por primera vez en mi vida desde que tengo 18 quise ir a verte pero por el covid, dinero u etc no ha pasado. Deseo de verdad que pronto puedas venir a México, sería tan grato. Suerte y todo lo mejor del mundo para ti y tus diamantes, tu equipo, tus seres queridos!
Xsa A
Xsa A Il y a jour
This was absolutely stunning
Corrynn Soukup
Corrynn Soukup Il y a jour
Robert Gunnarsson
Robert Gunnarsson Il y a jour
we all need to wake up great song as always.
Alhorus !
Alhorus ! Il y a jour
So relaxing 🖤
Delilah Fouquet
Delilah Fouquet Il y a jour
I really hope those dresses are thrifted or recycled, for the sake of textile workers in Bangladesh. These songs are always painfully ironic. I don't want to hear rich celebs whine about climate change, make a massive one-time production that leaves incredible waste, then go back to their mansions and vote for the globalism that pushes "capitalism" into overdrive. Just fuck off already.
bitterrsweet Il y a 11 heures
@Delilah Fouquet this is stretch and embarrassing for u its not too late to delete
Delilah Fouquet
Delilah Fouquet Il y a 17 heures
@Lana Rose I'm being toxic? Do you know the labor and materials involved in living in a mansion home. Celebs barely live in them because they are out and about for their day job, what is the point in that? Good for Marina on this ONE video for making her own props. It does not negate her current political views or her Hollywood sphere of buddies that ARE actively harming the environment. I want transparency from these people before I ever take their content seriously.
Lana Rose
Lana Rose Il y a jour
Wow you are being very toxic. there is nothing wrong with having a mansion, and marina made these outfits from a small fashion studio in LA, and they were made from re-used materials. Instead of appreciating the beautiful song, you are pointing out stuff that should be told to billionaires like Kylie Jenner. Marina doesn’t enslave workers in Bangladesh. You have a point, but marina is genuinely trying to spread a message
X S.V Il y a jour
Clever Girls Paint
Clever Girls Paint Il y a jour
I don't want to live in a man's world anymore too Marina! Great song ^_^
Kimberly Beth
Kimberly Beth Il y a jour
She back
T. Il y a jour
Lol why do they f'd up the audio in the official video. Everything is totally mono.. is it for aestethical purposes? (Just listen to the official audio and you will get what I mean)
Aaron Montiel
Aaron Montiel Il y a jour
Reina del mundo
bella issa
bella issa Il y a jour
this and to be human are literal masterpieces
STRAYnger Things
STRAYnger Things Il y a jour
This gives some mama Mia vibes
RYAN MILLER Il y a jour
FROOT 2.0??????
Crystal Pistey-Lyhne
Crystal Pistey-Lyhne Il y a jour
Liz Karina borda liberona
Liz Karina borda liberona Il y a jour
cancion qla buena !!!
italianstllion93 Il y a jour
It should be clear that this is NOT against being a straight male. We love a good hearted straight guy. It's against tyranny, corruption, power abuse, and discrimination.
Lana Rose
Lana Rose Il y a jour
italianstllion93 Il y a jour
maybe "exposure" is a better word...."against" can sound's not about turning the minorities into the new tyrants.
Anna Staja
Anna Staja Il y a jour
I love you marina and your music keep doing what you do 💙
C. Nehuen Sosa Pralta
C. Nehuen Sosa Pralta Il y a jour
Me gusta
Cipher Il y a jour
Wow! Keep it up!
Alternative Production
Alternative Production Il y a jour
Marina has written way better than this. I love the message of the song but, I can’t pretend like it really flowed well.
Alternative Production
Alternative Production Il y a 13 heures
@Lana Rose Thanks for the respectful reply. I still think this is high quality in all of its other regards, just a little janky lyrically lol.
Lana Rose
Lana Rose Il y a jour
I agree. These aren’t her best lyrics, but they’re still amazing considering she is talking about climate change and feminism in a classic way
Inna Trotsky
Inna Trotsky Il y a jour
Powerful. Needed. Awesome.
ExpiredMilkk !
ExpiredMilkk ! Il y a jour
I really don’t want to live in a mans world anymore. The female essence makes me feel so safe.
jihad rafia
jihad rafia Il y a jour
And of course marina makes yet another legendary song. Why? Because she's a legend that doesn't want to live in a man's world anymore 🥰🥰🥰
aya Il y a jour
you are perfect thank you for everything miss goddess marina
jayzok420 Il y a jour
Do you really want me to write a feminist anthem? Guess she did then.
Walid Moncef
Walid Moncef Il y a jour
GINGERbloodSUGARsex Il y a jour
THIS IS SERIOUSLY ONE OF THE BEST SONGS OF THIS AMAZING 2020 (Most terrible year for the pandemic but the BEST IN MUSIC since, at least, 2011)
Liíasy L Martínez Ruiz
Liíasy L Martínez Ruiz Il y a jour
MyPeHas Il y a jour
Love Marina! Love her new song! There are many points in the song that I agree with, but also many points that I disagree! And I like that :)
jhosio_on_tour Il y a jour
These lyrics! 💝
QueenVisenya Il y a jour
love the lady with the guitar
Louis Espi
Louis Espi Il y a jour
Im addicted
Diego Hernandez
Diego Hernandez Il y a jour
Damn this song is amazing and I wanna sing along but I CAN’T. It’s not an easy song to sing sadly. Only Marina lol.
Elviro Il y a jour
She’s still trying? I honestly think she’s a has been.
guilherme borges
guilherme borges Il y a jour
10 M veeeeem❤
owo uwu
owo uwu Il y a jour
I just simply love Marina! Not enough artists out there sing about real world problems.
Amy Thompson-Lancaster
Amy Thompson-Lancaster Il y a jour
Ahsen Akıllı
Ahsen Akıllı Il y a jour
Giselle Il y a jour
Hari Verma
Hari Verma Il y a jour
Hello Marina Ma'am, First of all I know that you won't see this comment but You have a very beautiful and lovely voice...Baby was first song that I heard and then I listened all of your songs and interviews after that, my second favourite song is superstar. Hope to see you live some day. I only wish that you come to India and write songs if you see something new because you will and I wish to hear those songs as well .... Lots of love from India🇮🇳
Nefarious_096 Il y a jour
Do you remember what you did in 2012?
Jimmy Biemans
Jimmy Biemans Il y a jour
The shorter green outfit Marina wears looks like the first transformation of Aisha/Layla from Winx Club. 🧚‍♀️
martha richler
martha richler Il y a jour
I'm highlighting this song on my show, 'Night Train', on Radio Winchcombe, 107.1 FM and online (Sonos and Mixcloud) this coming Thursday night, 10pm - midnight.
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