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emma chamberlain

emma chamberlain

Il y a 16 jours

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Shan & moin Vlog
Shan & moin Vlog Il y a 2 heures
The white thing In the egg grosses me out too!!
Planet Elielle M
Planet Elielle M Il y a 3 heures
Heyyy everyone hope thus second half of the year is great for you. I just started a FRshow channel. So start something new be happier, love laugh, let's make 2020 better than it's beginning.
Israel Hamlin
Israel Hamlin Il y a 3 heures
💞I love you, and you are SO FRIGGIN gorgeous💞
Madison Tadros
Madison Tadros Il y a 4 heures
Emma’s the only FRshowr that I consistently want to be friends with
syna gupta
syna gupta Il y a 5 heures
i don’t understand how she looks beautiful in whatever she wears
Celina Anglemyer
Celina Anglemyer Il y a 5 heures
The white thing in your eggs is sperm LMFAO
Gay Youngzy
Gay Youngzy Il y a 5 heures
You should of stayed brown
Lawrence Ospina
Lawrence Ospina Il y a 5 heures
Keep searching for the wrong person. Where the brroklyn tshirt you were curtsying too stupid
Steph Juriga
Steph Juriga Il y a 6 heures
Umhsbsve vb
Umhsbsve vb Il y a 6 heures
5.50 i thought that she s vegan
Im from Venus
Im from Venus Il y a 8 heures
Jay Moon
Jay Moon Il y a 11 heures
If I had to describe Netflix and Chill as a sound, it’d be something like 4:17
monika laosi
monika laosi Il y a 13 heures
Alys Cody
Alys Cody Il y a 13 heures
i just started watching you and FELL IN LOVE!!!!!!!
Nobody ;O
Nobody ;O Il y a 13 heures
I love how she so honest enough to tell us she wiped with a face mask lol
Paige Il y a 14 heures
The white thing in the egg is the start that starts to grow into the little chick!!!
Hannah Il y a 15 heures
she looks pretty either way but i LOVE her as a brunette
monika laosi
monika laosi Il y a 13 heures
OhhHhh My GoD cRacK hEad ENERGY
Jordan Reid
Jordan Reid Il y a 15 heures
amazing that an LA hairstylist made ur hair more orange than SF hs you
Jordan Reid
Jordan Reid Il y a 15 heures
still a look but girl use toner
Nakuul Puniyani
Nakuul Puniyani Il y a 15 heures
Wow! Rubbing/cleaning ass with a sheet mask is such a cool idea. I will try to do the same
Sara Parnell
Sara Parnell Il y a 15 heures
you probably wont see this but just know you are beautiful despite what others think
Rachel Hershey
Rachel Hershey Il y a 15 heures
the sweatshirt when she was making eggs, where is it from??
Eva Akopyan
Eva Akopyan Il y a 15 heures
omg i love ur hair and im not lieing
krista oliver
krista oliver Il y a 15 heures
Helen Il y a 16 heures
I love how she likes her eggs fully cooked cuz same
katy s.
katy s. Il y a 16 heures
You bleach it!!! not dye it!
Lilly Bell
Lilly Bell Il y a 17 heures
I laughed so hard
Ania Nicole
Ania Nicole Il y a 17 heures
I love Emma like she’s literally my main source of entertainment and like she soo prettyyyyyyy
Trina Kagige
Trina Kagige Il y a 17 heures
ever freaking pretttttty you. the blonde totally suits you
Ava Paroda
Ava Paroda Il y a 18 heures
it looks so good oh my god
Creative Crafts
Creative Crafts Il y a 18 heures
Nooooo!!! Brunette was better
Brigi Bowes
Brigi Bowes Il y a 18 heures
OhhHhh My GoD cRacK hEad ENERGY
Jessica Leanne
Jessica Leanne Il y a 19 heures
369 subs no video before coronavirus ends?
369 subs no video before coronavirus ends? Il y a 19 heures
her not realizing how pretty she is this whole video just called me ugly in so manylanguages don't read my name
Jessicka David
Jessicka David Il y a 19 heures
Not gonna lie i did not like it at first but once you were getting ready i loved it!!
Matthew Sotomayor
Matthew Sotomayor Il y a 20 heures
Why is this on the cooking section?
iz Il y a 20 heures
pls give suggestions where to get cute jeans 🥺🥺
Saura Sai
Saura Sai Il y a 21 heure
Me: reads title My brain: plays "NOBODY CARES" theme...
aola wili
aola wili Il y a 21 heure
when she’s brunette, her profile pic is blonde, but when she’s blonde, it’s brunette
Eliana M. Mesa
Eliana M. Mesa Il y a 21 heure
Is it just me or does she really look like the Emma girl from "Jessie" when she's blond LMAO *nostalgia from 2010s*
Jennifer Tatom
Jennifer Tatom Il y a 22 heures
Blonde hair Emma! Finally! Thank you! James Charles was pulling a shady move ever dying your hair brown! I love Blonde Emma!!!
Leah Scott
Leah Scott Il y a 23 heures
i need both those outfits
aola wili
aola wili Il y a 21 heure
@ brad mondo
julian crespo
julian crespo Il y a 23 heures
Nina L
Nina L Il y a jour
5:54 does anyone know where she bought her shirt?? i need it!
Crybabyx Char
Crybabyx Char Il y a jour
Emma do u model Bc u would be a great one!!
Stella bobella
Stella bobella Il y a jour
ava m
ava m Il y a jour
“i wiped my ass with a face mask today.”
isabella deceglie
isabella deceglie Il y a jour
2:55 I’m crying
Serena Smith :]
Serena Smith :] Il y a jour
can you give us a house tour?
chelsea Il y a jour
ive been waiting for blonde emma for foreverrrrr
Banana :D
Banana :D Il y a jour
Jojo: goes brown Emma:goes blonde
Tatiana Montgomery
Tatiana Montgomery Il y a jour
🤣🤣😂I’m crying about the face mask
Caution !!!
Caution !!! Il y a jour
Can U Make Your Profile Pic Blonde Too?
Mafalda Sousa
Mafalda Sousa Il y a jour
She looks so good
Gia Corsini
Gia Corsini Il y a jour
I love blond Emma. She is so beautiful and doesn’t realize it.❤️
А Il y a jour
лучшая 😂 😍
Bali White
Bali White Il y a jour
@ brad mondo
Alix Blanchard
Alix Blanchard Il y a jour
2:43 Guess you could call that a shit mask then
Flavia Brc
Flavia Brc Il y a jour
Me living in Italy with a bidet in my bathroom 🧘‍♀️
Asha P
Asha P Il y a jour
Am I the only one who had a mini heart attack when I heard the alarm?
Tahji S.
Tahji S. Il y a jour
You look like jennxpenn
Anna Cristobal
Anna Cristobal Il y a jour
Why don’t u talk about the time james colored ur hair HAHAHAHAHA jk
Damree Yarsoneea
Damree Yarsoneea Il y a jour
It's great but a bit darker could've nail it and the eyebrow as well...but it's still beautiful
Emma Davenport
Emma Davenport Il y a jour
“Ew there is cat litter in my bed......aWeSoMe”
allayna castillo
allayna castillo Il y a jour
apparently that white thingy in the egg is the part of the chicken that started to grow
Maria Evans
Maria Evans Il y a jour
shorturl.ca/lovesex451womanm උදෑසන අට අසල ඔහුගේ මහල් නිවාස අසල පිහිටි
Emma Gomez
Emma Gomez Il y a jour
Emma should go black and she should get like a ceptum ring and she would look badass
Stephanie Ayala
Stephanie Ayala Il y a jour
Where is that sweater from though ?? It's fucking lit
EM & TESS Il y a jour
it looks so pretty! and can you the Dolan twins and James Charles pls do another colab like you use to???
marissa rogers
marissa rogers Il y a jour
Is this the same place she’s lived or did she move? That closet! 😍
Emma Sanchez
Emma Sanchez Il y a jour
any one else watch that one episode of bobs burgers were linda goes blonde and feels weird like this is it in real life
Abby Love
Abby Love Il y a jour
You look like high fashion
Adrianne Il y a jour
dome Il y a jour
no one: emma: 👁👅👁🖕🏻
Abby Gonzalez
Abby Gonzalez Il y a jour
From what she shows dude her house looks so nice and spacious
vay laine
vay laine Il y a jour
Tatum Beernink
Tatum Beernink Il y a jour
it"s so pretty
Ines Gomez
Ines Gomez Il y a jour
I feel like brown hair made her seem like a badass (which she is) and the blonde is like chic and cute
Joseph Rodriguez Rivera
Joseph Rodriguez Rivera Il y a jour
Wait if Emma is vegan than why she eat eggs. ??????
All that Rylee
All that Rylee Il y a jour
Is it mean to say I don’t like it I just feel like it doesn’t look blonde kind of yellow
alida flus
alida flus Il y a jour
everyone saying. “ no one : “ and then the other shit. uhm stop. we know what happened. we watched the video too 🧿👄🧿
All that Rylee
All that Rylee Il y a jour
Honestly I want to see her with pink short hair
alida flus
alida flus Il y a jour