The Lakers clinching the No. 1 seed in the West 'means absolutely nothing' - Stephen A. | First Take

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Il y a mois

Stephen A. Smith reacts to the Los Angeles Lakers clinching the top seed in the Western Conference after defeating the Utah Jazz and explains why he is still concerned about the Lakers' title chances.
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Heath Anderson
Heath Anderson Il y a mois
The only team with a better record is the Bucks, and they've been losing too. Lakers will be fine. Lebron's been down this road many times before. His will is stronger than Kwali's.
Logan E
Logan E Il y a mois
The blazers gonna sweep them😂😂
Jstayfly 2015
Jstayfly 2015 Il y a mois
All yall delusional Lebron fans are acting like Stephen A DIDN'T PICK THE LAKERS TO WIN THE TITLE. Lol yall in your feelings when people don't talk about Lebron like he's perfect. Lol He ISN'T. Look the Lakers are the number 1 seed because they are the ONLY team in the NBA with two TOP 5 players. That means 95% of the rest of the league isn't designed to compete with that. Lol That's like fighting a prime Tyson when he has brass knuckles on. Big ups to Lebron and AD for being that dope. but them getting the number 1 seed doesn't mean anything. THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO. We knew before the season started either the Lakers or the Clippers would win the chip, and it's still like that now. But the Lakers have big problem. They let Lebron have too much control playing point and running the offense. Too much of anything, even a good thing can be bad. Lol the Lakers don't even have a real or secondary point guard on the team. Rhondo was that, but he's hurt. Rhondo is one of the truest PG's to play the game, but he couldn't shoot or get major buckets. Lol The Lakers look clueless when Lebron isn't on the court playing captain, coach, and PG at the same time. Too late now, they should've either got a real STARTING PG, or designed plays where Lebron doesn't control the ball 100% of the time. That man is 6'8\6'9 250 all muscle. He needs to be slashing to the basket from the wing and banging down low at times instead of running around like he Chris Paul or something. Now when Lebron isn't playing point the Lakers look clueless. They in trouble. Hahahaha
Mark Christopher
Mark Christopher Il y a mois
We dont want to see him guive passes, we wt to see him focking play dam hard like with the cavs
Mark Christopher
Mark Christopher Il y a mois
He is the bess, sow i am weithing to see him play the sam game
Mark Christopher
Mark Christopher Il y a mois
Lebron i hope he got the bess part to show in the post season and play to the rim, dam 'it
Mark Christopher
Mark Christopher Il y a mois
Yes i am
HeyJesse Il y a mois
If the lakers beat Houston tonight tomorrow will be the exact opposite of this 😂
Just Fair
Just Fair Il y a mois
No. 1 Seed in the Western Conference it's Totally Nothing cause it's a Regular Season and looking at the History of the NBA Playoffs Being The Top Seed doesn't Make you Already a " Champions " Only a Homecourt Advantage La Lakers should be " Ready " in the Upcoming Playoffs.
Shmurda Hat
Shmurda Hat Il y a mois
SAS the person you love and hate.
Jeffrey Delos Santos
Jeffrey Delos Santos Il y a mois
I think lakers is not winning it. Someone else will, I think it will be Raptors all over again. Lakers may not even be a challenger, the Rockets is a serious team to consider and of course Clippers. The way the lakers play, the way lbj keeps playing passive and primadonna,always complaining with refs instead getting back on defense, Davis being less aggressive, they will not win it all.
Robertas K
Robertas K Il y a mois
Bradley should just retire..... Covid19 is not going anywhere any time soon. He let his team down.
Bishop Bishop 777
Bishop Bishop 777 Il y a mois
NBA ratings are way down
Bishop Bishop 777
Bishop Bishop 777 Il y a mois
LEBRON is xijipings house pet
Anthony Zarate
Anthony Zarate Il y a mois
I just seen that KD is picking the Clippers to beat the Bucks in the finals. He said he doesn't like picking because you never know what can happen. He said that you need wings who can shoot and defend in this league and the Clippers have 2 of the 3 or 4 best in the NBA (on both sides if the court) and their depth and skill players make them so tough. He also pointed out that they haven't even had time to get yet but they are still playing so well.
Βασιλειος Γκενες
Βασιλειος Γκενες Il y a mois
First and last time i will agree with steven a.
Daniel Radilla
Daniel Radilla Il y a mois
Accidentally ended up here
Dan Il y a mois
Lakers win chip steven a will say means absolutely nothing.
Dre Porter
Dre Porter Il y a mois
Now clinching #1 seed means nothing when Lbj does it with LA foh just admit y’all dont like Lbj
KushDaGreat Il y a mois
Lakers in 4
John Poon
John Poon Il y a mois
First it was Lebron couldn't do it in the west, now its the Lakers being #1 doesn't mean anything.... the foolery
Cody Kelly
Cody Kelly Il y a mois
Lebron is extremely overrated
tasoj Il y a mois
This show is so redundant, and boring.
Lyndon Fair
Lyndon Fair Il y a mois
if the lakers didn't clinch the spot it would be the end of the world
gianghongcuc uyentrinhtrung Group
gianghongcuc uyentrinhtrung Group Il y a mois
Kimbo Phillips
Kimbo Phillips Il y a mois
Laker Nation
Mark Harry Comba-as
Mark Harry Comba-as Il y a mois
Idiot Stephen
Gil Gosseyn
Gil Gosseyn Il y a mois
can you imagine being Stephen A Smith.... every day you have to wake up and realize that you are still Stephen A Smith.....
Jay Holmes
Jay Holmes Il y a mois
Can max please take a vacation a long one
phatswag100 Il y a mois
I think Anthony Davis deserves more credit
Ynic 4Lyfe
Ynic 4Lyfe Il y a mois
how it means nothing when the lakers just missed the playoffs the last couple years wym Mr.A give those guys some credit man they played they buts off all year with a new team nd a new coach it means something is a accomplishment now they have to finish strong
Trey Murray
Trey Murray Il y a mois
The Lakers have not looked championship caliber during these bubble games
Daniel Ridore
Daniel Ridore Il y a mois
Seeding matters my guy
michael hooper
michael hooper Il y a mois
Didn’t the suns expose the clippers? Last time I check the clippers can’t beat the suns.. George always go south for the winter when the lights is on. Clippers can’t keep players on floor let alone winning a ring. With lemon pepper Lou and Harrell not available lol..
StevenC32 Il y a mois
I think winning the West during the regular season serves one purpose, and that means that the Lakers will be playing the 8th seed. And avoiding the better teams in the first 2 rounds. They will not have to play the Clippers until the Western Conference Finals. But playing in a bubble robs them of the court advantage that they worked so hard for, but since the Clippers and the Lakers both play in the Staples Center in Los Angeles, there was not going to be a home court advantage for either team. The best team will win.
Lakers Going to The Finals Cant no Body in the West can mess with us In 7 games...
Zae Brown
Zae Brown Il y a mois
Sure now that you can rest your stars and others obliviously that isn't an advantage. 😔😔 this guy. You know if it was the Clippers clinching that #1 seed it would be a whole different energy..
Ray Whorton
Ray Whorton Il y a mois
Jalen is a hater so I won’t even listen to this. No cred
I can’t stand the media because if it was another team that would say other wise
DanInspiration Il y a mois
Stephen A is just stupid he is back tracking so if the Lakers win he can say he was with them all a long, but if they lose he can say he was worried and knew they could not win. Gotta stop listening to his non sense.