Celebrities That Tried To Warn Us About Ellen Degeneres

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Celebrities That Tried To Warn Us About Ellen Degeneres
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The Cat’s officially out of the bag. Ellen might actually be mean. After a twitter thread went viral where comedian Kevin T Porter called her one of the meanest people in the world and asked people to reply to the thread with stories about her being mean, people are looking at ellen in a whole new light. Not only did this twitter thread have hundreds of replies, There are even examples of ellen being mean on camera as a part of her show. But the fact is, there are celebrities who have been trying to warn us about ellen for years, i guess now people are actually listening.
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Martin Rodriguez
Martin Rodriguez Il y a jour
Onyinye Madu
Onyinye Madu Il y a jour
Your video has not shown me how mean she is yet just a lot of postulations
Jean Neige
Jean Neige Il y a jour
"the good has Ellen has donefor the world" wtf?! she is not a messie who save people she is just a tv host
mik Il y a jour
the whole caitlyn jenner thing is so hypocritical and i agree w ellen on that one
meda hager
meda hager Il y a 3 jours
Man this journalist is hot
Marcy Il y a 4 jours
I don't like Ellen, I don't like Joan Rivers & now I'm not a fan of Kathy Griffith or you for defending Joan Rivers. Joan was a disgusting Racist. I say this as a Native American Trans Woman. Very sad the way she handled Mariah Carey.
How zer
How zer Il y a 4 jours
Ellen was healous of Joan because she had more funny in her little toe than Ellen.
JoeyWyss junior
JoeyWyss junior Il y a 5 jours
So, 3 people no one has ever heard of, Sherri Shephard thinks the Earth is FLAT and that gays shouldn't have equal rights, Caitlin Jenner is a Trans woman who supports a party that DESPISES the LGBTQ community (including the most racist homophobic transphobic "president" ever) and is a member of a family that is famous because of a "leaked" porn tape, helped OJ get away with murder and actually bred with lunatic Kanye, and you're slapping around Ellen because of their opinions? Get real.
schedarr Il y a 5 jours
I don't like ellen but I also don't care about the bs in this video. What I care about is that she is sometimes entertaining.
Natria C.
Natria C. Il y a 5 jours
I noticed that I watched Ellen because of the celebrities not because of her actually.
Jessie McGuire
Jessie McGuire Il y a 5 jours
They aren't good people. Oprah and Ellen are both involved in child trafficking.
Jessie McGuire
Jessie McGuire Il y a 5 jours
She is not just mean she worships satan and eat babies.
Canadianlady2012 Il y a 5 jours
I love watching you lefties eat your own. BTW, it's gross to burp like that whether you're male or female.
Michelle Il y a 6 jours
Oprah is getting too big for her britches.
Okorie Ogba
Okorie Ogba Il y a 6 jours
Terrible, total misinformation and out of context
DaChaGee Il y a 7 jours
I honestly didn't know Ellen is a comedian? Is she funny?
Marwa N.
Marwa N. Il y a 7 jours
Wish it stopped at being mean..
Ahmad Alroz
Ahmad Alroz Il y a 7 jours
the facts are nice but you are super gorgeous simply beautiful 😍
Priyokumar Ningthoujam
Priyokumar Ningthoujam Il y a 8 jours
Ellen is the Karen of all Karens.
Jorge Diaz
Jorge Diaz Il y a 8 jours
Yeah woman comedians are so funny every single one of them funnier than men in my opinion and is it me or does Ellen sound like a real jerk
Belky Hernandez
Belky Hernandez Il y a 8 jours
So which male host are we going to excoriate?
Emily Sarah
Emily Sarah Il y a 8 jours
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Ren cn
Ren cn Il y a 9 jours
honey no need to be mean.. just give the news without ur personal opinion.. trust me ur too small to be coming for Helen..
Me World
Me World Il y a 9 jours
That is why I hate Ellen.
So Unsure
So Unsure Il y a 10 jours
To bad the “reporter “ unpleasant too
jj sa
jj sa Il y a 10 jours
Joan was vulgar and not funny...I cant blame Ellen for that...
Brian Jackson
Brian Jackson Il y a 10 jours
I think it's ok for her to be mean.
Ashely Green
Ashely Green Il y a 10 jours
Ellen has certainly pi..ssed off someone at the top. All of this - all of a sudden?
Patty Chero
Patty Chero Il y a 10 jours
bighand69 Il y a 10 jours
So is it a case that Ellen appeared with Bush and now all the activists are freaking out and attacking her.
Shobna Iyer
Shobna Iyer Il y a 10 jours
What's wrong with you This whole video is mean
Rozai TZA
Rozai TZA Il y a 11 jours
My Instagram was hacked by a cybertrooper bcoz of one comment which get thousands of likes and comments which doesn’t agree with something and I still can’t open it .
genie Il y a 11 jours
Wondering if Ellen is taking male hormones. She looks so much more manly than she ever did. The hateful satantic expressions seen on her face lately are a change. She also used to have breasts. I'm done with her.
Cara James
Cara James Il y a 11 jours
None of what you said here is anything more than opinion, no fact to this bs
Anne Garcia
Anne Garcia Il y a 11 jours
Who are you to judge a person...so what's your purpose?? Are you happy now?
We Believe
We Believe Il y a 11 jours
Spoiler alert it’s all about money when he comes to Ellen and Oprah nothing else.
Johanna {NOT a christie Fan !}
Johanna {NOT a christie Fan !} Il y a 11 jours
Wait; Oprah cut off Deepak Chopra? I thought he was a Guhru to her? Nasty!
Marina williams
Marina williams Il y a 12 jours
always been so abvious that shes MEAN
80sbabywild Il y a 12 jours
Joan unapologetically herself 🥴
David V
David V Il y a 12 jours
"Sometimes people are complex" I used to use a similar line about a girlfriend that I convinced myself I was in love with and nobody in my life could stand. Several female friends described her as "gross". And she was very physically attractive. They weren't talking about that. Sometimes we over complicate things and want to give people the benefit of doubt or make excuses for them. Sometimes a monster is just a monster. No need to overthink it. i've read on more than one occasion that she is abusive top her girlfriend as well. Seems pretty obvious Ellen is just garbage.