Skip & Shannon react to LeBron & the Lakers clinching the West's #1 seed | NBA | UNDISPUTED

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Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

Il y a mois

The Lakers are officially the number 1 seed in the West after an 8-point win over the Jazz last night thanks to Anthony Davis’ 42 points and LeBron’s 22. It’s the first time the Lakers are the top seed in the conference since 2010. After the game LeBron said that he proved his doubters wrong, saying “They said I can’t do it. I can just say it feels damn good to be the number one seed in the West. For me, personally.” Hear what Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless have to say about LeBron's achievement.
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UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.
Skip & Shannon react to LeBron & the Lakers clinching the West's #1 seed | NBA | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED Il y a mois
What are your thoughts on the Lakers' win over the Jazz?
Haley Odom
Haley Odom Il y a mois
Damian Presha has
Zed Cee
Zed Cee Il y a mois
@Doug CollinsIf Donavan Mitchell no longer with em
Doug Collins
Doug Collins Il y a mois
Jazz wont make the playoffs next season
Sugit H
Sugit H Il y a mois
Clinch the final
muchos Il y a mois
We wining it all
Pete Hall
Pete Hall Il y a mois
Why don't you guys show the video that you watch
NXSA Il y a mois
“And the rockets didn’t have Olajuwon” 😂😂😂
Renzo Viray
Renzo Viray Il y a mois
skip baseless
MultiFRINK Il y a mois
I’m confused. So having great teammates somehow devalues a win?? How can you undermine Lakers being 1st seed because Lebron and AD are teammates but have no problem with kawhi and pg or the gsw dynasty for the last few years. Not to mention all of the other duos/trios in the west. At some point there has to be some consistency.
Will Jackson
Will Jackson Il y a mois
Yeah skip the drp bayless eat your heart out yes baby
Michael Maloney
Michael Maloney Il y a mois
Lebron is a racist.
Fat Man
Fat Man Il y a mois
Lemon Pepper Lou 🤣😂😭 dawg this man Shannon is goat fr
Misa Jr
Misa Jr Il y a mois
Lebron literally cannot win
jay liel
jay liel Il y a mois
Hey Anti patriotic Shannon, I'm Boycotting MLB NBA . Why watch? Ratings down for good. Thanks!
ReGal Ron
ReGal Ron Il y a mois
"Lemon pepper, Lou, Magic city all these excuses" 🤣🤣😭
J08 IV-BUCKETS Il y a mois
*BUt HeREs Da tHaNG SkIp*
JAX Jr Il y a mois
Shay Sharpe is a national treasure that should be guarded at all times!!!
Jontus Il y a mois
Skip is the clown !!!
Daniel Gentile
Daniel Gentile Il y a mois
Lebron is a clever guy, reading into it the statement is made to give an excuse if he doesn’t win the title. Lebron: they said I couldn’t win the west Lebron: they all said I couldn’t win a title He is as scripted as a any Hollywood actor. Lebron made in China protecting his reputation and Yuen. 😂😂😂😂
DyLemma Il y a mois
Not having rondo is a blessing, terrible defense, terrible shooter
T Reese
T Reese Il y a mois
Like Kobe said mane the job ain’t nowhere near finished we locked up the number one seed ok cool but in the bubble it really doesn’t matter when we hoist that trophy up that’s when you can be happy Lebron that’s when you kick back mane until then ya feet stay on the gas BOTH OF EM!!!
deeyungbull deeyungbull2019
deeyungbull deeyungbull2019 Il y a mois
16:48, skip cant be serious
Greatest Ever
Greatest Ever Il y a mois
Skip relying on Montrezl Harrell lmao
Ab Mo
Ab Mo Il y a mois
skip sounding ike reggie miller with his 'HMMMMMM's
Ben The Window Cleaner
Ben The Window Cleaner Il y a mois
I cant wait till all these current laker players are gone i am looking foward to a laker roster refresh !!
Ben The Window Cleaner
Ben The Window Cleaner Il y a mois
Skip and Shannon have a man crush on Lebron
Kris Fambrough
Kris Fambrough Il y a mois
Lebron didn’t say I’m so happy for myself I can’t believe “I” did it all by myself. He said I proved them wrong which he did, he brought the lakers back to the playoffs and number 1 seed. You think AD could’ve done it without Lebron...oh wait cause he never has. So it’s a joint process a team effort, 1 can’t do it without the other. But Lebron has been doubted his whole life, that’s all. That’s all he was saying, he proved people wrong
lphjustin Il y a mois
Skip really said Spurs didn't have Tuncan, Parker and Ginobili LOL Even if the Spurs have them, they would be 100 years old. Skip's just ran out of arguments to hate on LeBron
Virdin Barzey
Virdin Barzey Il y a mois
Skip is clearly a LeBron hater.....and a Lakers hater. But more of a LeBron hater
Richard Goller
Richard Goller Il y a mois
CBfrmCrystalAve Il y a mois
LeBron hits 38 points 14 reb and 18 assist in the finals Skip bayless : he went 9/10 in free throws Jordan would never miss that 🤷🏽‍♂️
mattyoblobber Il y a mois
take a seat skip and eat some humble pie
james d
james d Il y a mois
I'm not even a LeBron fan but this has gotta be skips worst argument lol
Ryan Currier
Ryan Currier Il y a mois
Yo Shannon what skip and all the lbj haters dont see is lebron is in his old-school caddy just cruising down Santa Monica and letting AD get accustom to taking over but when its time to flip that switch he will put the fear of god in the league remember he is washed-up lol he fixing to break bad he done gave u a small tast wate till he gives u the whole damn kings feasts
CLASSYMUSIC1 Il y a mois
Skip lol always talking about “ how lucky” someone is when plays get made.
Stephen Il y a mois
What did Skip mean by “lemon pepper” at the end? Lol
Isaac Garcia
Isaac Garcia Il y a mois
If lebron wins finals skip will explode
Robert Magee
Robert Magee Il y a mois
They need to show the replays for us to see too
Wax2theFuture Il y a mois
Show the clips you are looking at!!! Get an editor!
Tristan Ranera
Tristan Ranera Il y a mois
They forgot last year before lebron's injury they had the number 3 seed
Doug Collins
Doug Collins Il y a mois
Gobert is trash
Victor Hardin
Victor Hardin Il y a mois
MrCorner21 Il y a mois
Did Skip just expose point shaving?
Michael Brown
Michael Brown Il y a mois
Your show is good, however is this the tom brady, lebron james if this is the only athletic y'all will cover. I'm suggesting to your Sr Mgmt to cancel this show. You are severely over paid for doing Nothing