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Il y a 2 mois

Do you have a moment to talk about our lord and saviour Xax'gadoth?
While Antrius heads home to visit his totally alive family, mysterious Warlock / method actor Annandale takes his spot in the party.
Written & Directed by Elliot Ryan - @technotropism
Director of Photography: Goldie Soetianto - @vysanthe
Produced by Goldie Soetianto, Elliot Ryan, and Vincent Power
Dungeon Master / Patrick: Kendall Drury - @kendallthehuman
Nixie / Nicole: Fall Cosplay - @fallcosplay
Evandra / Eva: Eva Devore - @eva_devore
Annandale: Sam Wade - @wadeisaverb_
Cat Percer: Lumi -
Sound Recordist: Marc Giammetta
Camera & Lighting Assistant: Lucky Dreamer
Stills Photography: Etienne Reynaud
MUA: Soylent Cosplay - @soylentcosplay
Editor: Elliot Ryan
VFX: Ken Abbott
Colourist: Goldie Soetianto
Sound Design: Ned McPhie -
Composer: Ned McPhie
Logo: The Wonyo
Sound recording equipment provided by RØDE.
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Deerstalker Pictures
Deerstalker Pictures Il y a 2 mois
You might have noticed the lack of a certain bard in this episode. Turns out that Antrius is currently in an extended lockdown due to a spike in COVID-19 cases in Melbourne. We'd love to get him back as soon as is legally possible, however in the meantime we've had to come up with a Plan B. Hope you enjoy the first guest character on the show, and let us know what other classes and races you'd like to see! Also we're still a little while off beginning production on Season 3 as funded by Screen Australia, so the next few episodes will still be entirely self-funded - any support you could throw our way on our Patreon would be greatly appreciated! ► Patreon:
James Il y a 19 jours
I'm sure he's just fine now. Good ol Australia and their authoritarian government. Masks don't work. The virus is a joke. Hope yall get your buddy back soon
Kimmie Greer
Kimmie Greer Il y a 27 jours
A goblin paladin, no one believes he or she is actually good. They try to do good, but something goes Vash the Stampede
Michael Smith
Michael Smith Il y a mois
@Deerstalker Pictures that is good news. I just wish the police were treating people better over all this. I have friends there that told me some horrific stories. I just wish everyone could get back to normal. Including our Bard buddy. Thanks for taking the time to reply and good luck to you all.
Deerstalker Pictures
Deerstalker Pictures Il y a mois
@Michael Smith They've had 0 cases for the last couple of days! Absolutely amazing, considering the UK and Melbourne were both at similar numbers two months ago.
Michael Smith
Michael Smith Il y a mois
What's going on in Melbourne is absolutely insane.
mia mia
mia mia Il y a jour
Well, at least he is not that edgy rogue that every campaign have 😂
Evgeniy Litvin
Evgeniy Litvin Il y a 3 jours
Warlock looks like Powerwolf fun
oliver Il y a 4 jours
"there's a fucking demon behind me but yknow, depression amiright" 😂
Horton Crow
Horton Crow Il y a 6 jours
I sincerely hope there is more Annadale.
Stephen Howell
Stephen Howell Il y a 6 jours
ThatTieDyeGuy Il y a 7 jours
These were all really funny... thank you
KXchibi Il y a 9 jours
Im gonna have nightmares today, thanks Annandelle
Burning Shine
Burning Shine Il y a 9 jours
As always, great acting, and great content, guys! Side note, Nixie is getting cuter and cuter
Fatih Erdal
Fatih Erdal Il y a 9 jours
please more warlock episode!!! lol
Qilin X
Qilin X Il y a 9 jours
Please, more Annandale. Please. :'3
Andrés Cisterna
Andrés Cisterna Il y a 10 jours
Siempre puede ser el que salve al bardo cuando intente seducir al Dragon
GigiSan Il y a 11 jours
Great... Now I'm in love with angry Nixie.
Jimmy Selsmark
Jimmy Selsmark Il y a 12 jours
Even though I feel like one of "the baddies" for liking Annandale I really think he was awesome, well played Sam Wade, I totally want to know ALL about your backstory. Isn't there someway to get him in as part of the team/party... I know whit this episode that would seem kinda difficult, but please, pretty please?
Olo lol
Olo lol Il y a 13 jours
Спасибо,часто вас смотрю. Очень качественный подход к созданию видео.
Gert Frank Avendaño
Gert Frank Avendaño Il y a 15 jours
kill him loved nixie!!!
Carlos Il y a 17 jours
I just stumbled on this video and I’m very confused
QqQ Il y a 18 jours
Nixie needs to go Hollywood.
TheGodTell Il y a 19 jours
Annandale has to be a permanent party member. I vote him to stay!
Ryan Franklin
Ryan Franklin Il y a 21 jour
I like Lovecraftian lore lol unexpected
George Gogo
George Gogo Il y a 21 jour
There something adorable abouth Nixie lisp...its pure genius honestly XD.
Verdant Thoughts
Verdant Thoughts Il y a 21 jour
Annandale! I got a friend who IS this Warlock. Yes he really likes Ghost
kaledvoulc'h 56
kaledvoulc'h 56 Il y a 22 jours
Pas de sous-titres en français... ? :'(
AlexEy Il y a 23 jours
I love this character. I wait him in next episodes
Kayse Nix
Kayse Nix Il y a 25 jours
Am I the only one that wishes this was a full on show?
michelepana Il y a 26 jours
Annandale is basically Papa Emeritus from Ghost lol
Илья Омельчук
Илья Омельчук Il y a 28 jours
Russian subtitles!? Sumptuously! Thank you!!! You are awesome!
J Lord
J Lord Il y a mois
Is it just me, or does Evandra's hair in this episode kind remind anyone else of Velma from Chicago?
NeRethil Wolfsson
NeRethil Wolfsson Il y a mois
Annandale: I cast charm person! Spell: Makes a very disturbing illusion, tearing the halfling's psyche apart. Me: ... Hey, that's not charm person! He's just cast Terror and/or Dominate on this poor little man!
NeRethil Wolfsson
NeRethil Wolfsson Il y a mois
When the new guy makes you want the archetypal bard back, you know you're in deep shite x)
Gaelic Snake Charmer
Gaelic Snake Charmer Il y a mois
Pinky is always a bombshell in these... & the clown who put his foot on the table is always... A clown!... LOL...
Ginro Nebula
Ginro Nebula Il y a mois
This foolish creature does not know what he has done! No one outfireballs a tiefling pyromaniac. May he have good breath when he has to outrun our demonic friends!
Dee Bowmer
Dee Bowmer Il y a mois
where's antrius?
Vinny Piazza
Vinny Piazza Il y a mois
Heh.. Willy
Blackstar of The Moon
Blackstar of The Moon Il y a mois
I didn't know Papa Emeritus played D&D
Yuval Birman
Yuval Birman Il y a mois
What about collaboration with Larian Studios to promote Baldur's Gate 3? Could benefit you both!
funnyblog100 Il y a mois
I use minor illusion for interrogation. Basically I use it like scarecrows fear toxin and cause the victim to see bugs or snakes crawling over their body. Scared the shit out of a goblin and forced him to take us to his camp.
Владимир Васильев
Владимир Васильев Il y a mois
Nixie is the best
MonkeyStar 365
MonkeyStar 365 Il y a mois
When you've met this guy tho 😅
뚜룻뚜뚜 Il y a mois
자막 기다려야지 ㅎㅎ...
Mithniir Wolf
Mithniir Wolf Il y a mois
Still waiting for a Magus to show up in here..
Blue/Two Paint/Hands
Blue/Two Paint/Hands Il y a mois
J Pelkey
J Pelkey Il y a mois
This is as funny as that one time I came up with a Cleric Character named "Plung'Er" who followed the MIGHTY SCRIM'SHA'DAD LORD OF TOILETS! And if you dissed him he'd overflow your toilets across the city. DUN DUN DUN.
r r
r r Il y a mois
I love him.
heylookits thatonedude
heylookits thatonedude Il y a mois
I like how the dm is like a faux Matt mercer
Yutah1981 Il y a mois
the Annandale music is cool!
Luis Aguilar
Luis Aguilar Il y a mois
Annandale did the only thing that this party hates the most: actually being usefull without blowing the whole situation.
Giske Großlaub
Giske Großlaub Il y a mois
izleyici Il y a mois
ı loveeeeee this anandaleeee please more more more:)
HalasterBlackmantle Il y a mois
To be honest, I would really enjoy a player like that as a DM.
louis fiset
louis fiset Il y a mois
No vostfr?
NegaZxyz Il y a mois
Ironically the guest while annoying was more effective at getting what the party wanted then the normal players.
Johny Dragonborn
Johny Dragonborn Il y a mois
hehe willie...
DarkFate Inc
DarkFate Inc Il y a mois
Where did you get the Post Malone clone?))) LoL)
infilho Il y a mois
Everybody knows a player like this guy!
Ralph Ticona Miranda
Ralph Ticona Miranda Il y a mois
I love AnnandaleQ notrsure why... uf it is mis pele skin....or the wey he tells mis background, jajaja
Steve Ross
Steve Ross Il y a mois
Wot was this about? Got distracted by the word "Boobies" on the blackboard by the door....
cloud maker745
cloud maker745 Il y a mois
Pinkie is the true wifu
KVixen Il y a mois
._. Antrius, get your arse back here!
Slaneesh Daemon
Slaneesh Daemon Il y a mois
I would really like if annandarle would still come on the next vid
Deitie Ofall
Deitie Ofall Il y a mois
I may have been a wee bit tipsy one night and I may have out done this guy.. A dwarves thurgamist isn't something you see too much I know but you must understand the I come from a long line of priests of Thor, it has been an honour in my family that the first son born on a Thursday will become the priest on my father's side and as I was the first son to be born on Thursday day I have graciously accepted this honour but on my mother's side the 1st born in the first month or on the 1st of the month to be a sorcerer to Bahumut. I was born on the 1st of the first on a Thursday and was the first son and took up both rolls as was my born duty. Why am I in the human lands well my new friends that short start was just the beginnings of my troubles let me tell you....
Anita Lun
Anita Lun Il y a mois
Great effects guys!!
Kev M.S
Kev M.S Il y a mois
Please bring them back he's amazing the wizard dude
Briansgate Il y a mois
I mean, I wonder what its like to be such a smoking hot Tiefling.
Enfad The Fangirl
Enfad The Fangirl Il y a mois
An halfling would never make a comment about someone's race :(
Friendly Neighborhood ToFu
Friendly Neighborhood ToFu Il y a mois
Wait is that charm person or a fear spell
Schattenvolk Official
Schattenvolk Official Il y a mois
I love how the chief goes casually Scottish! 😂💪
Tzu Il y a mois
Grinsso Gray
Grinsso Gray Il y a mois
Oh Mann, Doppelter Feuchter Fuzzi :P wie gemein...
Creepy Charisma
Creepy Charisma Il y a mois
Actor was trying to torture the man with annoyance.
Andrea Brandini
Andrea Brandini Il y a mois
i want more warlock
Matthew Collett
Matthew Collett Il y a mois
Awwwww man I really wanted to know more about Xax'gadoth
Andy Warhol
Andy Warhol Il y a mois
In the name of Xax'gadoth i hope we will see Annandale again.
Сергей Томиленко
Сергей Томиленко Il y a mois
Бедная Никси. Как я ее понимаю
Saintbow Il y a mois
If i had the choice to pick who was going to torture me... Pinkie and the Stain on Elvish History would be my first choice.
777Kassiopeia777 Il y a mois
Patrick... you poor thing xD
P Il y a mois
I love Annandale. Please bring him back!
Ken Taylor
Ken Taylor Il y a mois
The warlock is the best
Leshiq Il y a mois
She's not a demon! And tifflings usually get offended by such mistakes.
CandyStudio Il y a mois
Как же вы шикарны!!!
0AmiLena Il y a mois
Котик просто украшение стола))
Raphael Sparda
Raphael Sparda Il y a mois
4:05 This is the best Warlock I've ever seen
rorkul D&D
rorkul D&D Il y a mois
Spock The Builder
Spock The Builder Il y a mois
The halfling has been watching Outlander
Atanor Il y a mois
This channel really loves charisma based classes.
Brian Bowman
Brian Bowman Il y a mois
Cottard Il y a mois
Love your series, keep it up!
Ilya Valeev
Ilya Valeev Il y a mois
True story bro! Faced this type of players as a dm many times
Дмитрий Кручинин
Дмитрий Кручинин Il y a mois
Почему так мало подписок ?o_O Это же шикарно!!!! Правда я могу смотреть только с субтитрами xD но все же )))
Kiki the pupper
Kiki the pupper Il y a mois
I want Annandale in my crew. What a delightful chum
Catherine Cao
Catherine Cao Il y a mois
Xax’gadoth has chosen ... poorly 🧙🏻‍♂️
Bruno Rech
Bruno Rech Il y a mois
How do you marry Fall? She is too admirable. ^^
Marginis Il y a mois
I mean, at least the bard's replacement still has tight pants.
Lucas Rivera
Lucas Rivera Il y a mois
I really wish you guys did recorded D&D sessions in a podcast format lol, I would never miss a session! I know these are skits and such, but you guys have so much fun together and the chemistry is definitely there party wise too (I enjoy the blooper reels just as much as the episodes). I'm 100 subscribed, keep up the good work! Ive been wanting to DM for a long time put was too nervous and kept putting it off. Your videos have inspired me to finally just get up and do it! Im planning on doing it this week and I hope my players enjoy playing my campaign as much as I enjoy watching your videos! Thank you =)
Mephiestopholes Il y a mois
Of course it's a Warlock..
Eiko Final
Eiko Final Il y a mois
" I got a fucking demon behind me. But , you know.... depression...." Imma use this!
JeKeScy Il y a mois
Hey, FRshow didn't tell me there was a new video, come on. Keep it going, it's still a great pleasure to see that!
Eko Prasetyo
Eko Prasetyo Il y a mois
... They don't wear masks...
8mad Il y a mois
I kind of hope to see other player archetypes like the power players, the rule lawyer, etc. That'd be so much fun.
Poochie Collins
Poochie Collins Il y a mois
Am I a bad person if I really like this new guy? I want to see him just talking about things in that voice.
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