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Il y a mois

We have a hilarious collection of the worst divers we've ever seen! These people are going to have some very red bellies!
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I had a laugh a lot because of this video.
Sabrina Pederson
Sabrina Pederson Il y a 13 jours
eins2001 Il y a 14 jours
Jumping through ice is stupid. That shit can *cut you up*
Slater Biggers
Slater Biggers Il y a 16 jours
No leroy jenkins?
꧁Адонис Кастильо꧂
꧁Адонис Кастильо꧂ Il y a 19 jours
That 205c almost was good, just needed faster rotation
Eskimos 69
Eskimos 69 Il y a 28 jours
There should be a death penalty for recording vertically
Garcia Poppy
Garcia Poppy Il y a 29 jours
piratexxxking Il y a 29 jours
Fun Fact: You can go into cardiac arrest and die from jumping into extremely cold water
My33T Il y a 28 jours
How is that fun
Caleb Bellows
Caleb Bellows Il y a mois
6:25 that is just cool not a fail
therealeverythingbagelboy Il y a mois
1:32 and that is why they say no running
Joseph Ramirez
Joseph Ramirez Il y a mois
there is an epidemic of poor diving board maint across america.
Ana Paula Audisio
Ana Paula Audisio Il y a mois
We laugh
We laugh Il y a mois
It would be bad if today was the worst day
B Il y a mois
0:33 could easily have broken his neck. Really dumb thing to do
Ingos Welt
Ingos Welt Il y a mois
0:57 The coolest laugh ever 😂
Joe Kerr
Joe Kerr Il y a mois
Why do people act like belly flops and back flops are the worst thing ever? Yeah they look back but they don't really hurt like how people assume they do.
GZK PZi Il y a mois
0:57 big classic :D:D
Sam B
Sam B Il y a mois
5.58 Just letting everyone know that that was German for Sh**
Sashka Chernikov
Sashka Chernikov Il y a mois
=3 is here (1:00)
Sadath Ghouri
Sadath Ghouri Il y a mois
FRshow is becoming more comfortable with two ads. It's painful.
Maiko Il y a mois
5:50 I thought that was some kind of monster with black longer hair and long arms
William Benavides
William Benavides Il y a mois
yo no hablo español
Sakonema Il y a mois
5:36 Scared reflex
GeorgeJansen Il y a mois
5:42... 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸And now we know we're that great big nose came from
GeorgeJansen Il y a mois
3:22. Yes. And that's why they call it ice. Silly
Dive Monster
Dive Monster Il y a mois
HAHAHHAHA watching this while in quarantine. Nothing beats a good laugh! I love the confidence 4:19 had, but sad for the guy in the pool.
McKavian Il y a mois
6.20 she made such an adorable noise hitting the snow.
McKavian Il y a mois
@Hannah Lobegeiger it may have shown 3min for you, just it was shown a day ago for me.
Hannah Lobegeiger
Hannah Lobegeiger Il y a mois
The video was posted 3 mins ago? And your already up to 6:20?
Chad Mower
Chad Mower Il y a mois
Diving head first into shallow water is how one ends up with a complete spinal cord injury
eins2001 Il y a 14 jours
Or dead
yenifer taveras
yenifer taveras Il y a mois
lil baby
BienAgiter1 Il y a mois
Was that Nathan Fillion?
Dr.Monkey Il y a mois
0:50 you used that clip 3 years ago
Anthony Z
Anthony Z Il y a mois
I don't know if I could call them all "fails"; I would call half of them "beer"
Anthony Z
Anthony Z Il y a mois
Definitely had to blur out the water.
TLS Il y a mois
Fail army isn't funny any more
jahidul islam
jahidul islam Il y a mois
Lucky citizens.. 🙂
Cursed JoJo Image
Cursed JoJo Image Il y a mois
0:23 𝙊𝙊𝙊𝙐𝘼𝘼𝘼𝘼-- **𝙊𝙤𝙛** 🤣
RIXRADvidz Il y a mois
When You Learn : Water Is Not Soft. the only difference between slapping the ground and slapping water is you won't drown on the ground
Shelby Seelbach
Shelby Seelbach Il y a mois
2:02 The gayest dive in diving history.
Veronica Starre
Veronica Starre Il y a mois
0:43 That guy on the left started dying and then acted like he was doing push-ups when the big guy came up from the water 🤣
Sports Cars
Sports Cars Il y a mois
These might hurt a lot😳🙈🙈🙈
Sakib Anjum
Sakib Anjum Il y a mois
04:57 😂😂😂
bowser5678 Il y a mois
2:32 “D’oh I missed!”
Karim Mohamed
Karim Mohamed Il y a mois
Felipe Guilherme
Felipe Guilherme Il y a mois
VEndo esses vídeos percebo que to ficando velho. Não faria 1/3 das coisas que as pessoas fazem.
Gushers Il y a mois
Where the 20th special premier
HarryManI3ack Il y a mois
6:38 Is that Ericsurf6 ?
Matt T
Matt T Il y a mois
That's EricSurf6 from FRshow at 6:35
That guy who makes obvious comments
That guy who makes obvious comments Il y a mois
3:18: No, it already does
Skyler Walker
Skyler Walker Il y a mois
Hunter S Thompson
Hunter S Thompson Il y a mois
2:31 Lol
Joe Cook
Joe Cook Il y a mois
None of these are bad. They all broke the water with arms or legs.
lllRadVoodoolll Il y a mois
The ads of 2020 are the failure
heaintloveu Il y a mois
Men in little bikinis is so distracting
inesis Il y a mois
5:26 SHE'S MINE GUYS !!!
Alexander Rom
Alexander Rom Il y a mois
I like how the guy in the black shorts at 4:45 starts doing push ups because he laughs so much
Luke Holman
Luke Holman Il y a mois
I love these kind of fails
Chinmay Kumar Ojha
Chinmay Kumar Ojha Il y a mois
Finally some new stuff
WAYZE Il y a mois
Sa sert à rien de refaire des vidéos si il y a exactement les mêmes fail que tout le monde connaît
Abradolf Lincler
Abradolf Lincler Il y a mois
5:00 what you blurring? did he have a ball hanging or something
warz0ne Il y a mois
2nd clip lmfao
hotdog human
hotdog human Il y a mois
6:30 I laughed at the way the guy dived into the pool.
Rafael Vieira
Rafael Vieira Il y a mois
4:35 Arent they Dude Perfect??
Sidney Richardson
Sidney Richardson Il y a mois
Why does this channel still have 14M subs after all these years??
Impostor Il y a mois
Me at every painful fail: Rawr
Impostor Il y a mois
6:00 a german guy
LoKIE-- Il y a mois
More like Fake Army
Ezra The Human
Ezra The Human Il y a mois
Fairplay, I don't even mind seeing the one where the wooden railing breaks, and the guy falls face-first into snow. It's such a classic!
muzluqrep Il y a mois
Patrick Il y a mois
Oooooooh! It is the lord, the messiah of all bellywhackers!
Raz Cann
Raz Cann Il y a mois
5:00 i was laughing just as hard as the guys in the video when i saw this for the first time.
Railer 666
Railer 666 Il y a mois
There people be crazy..😂🤣
Vivien Szigetvári
Vivien Szigetvári Il y a mois
General.E.Shady Il y a mois
■■■ One of my favorite sayings... If you can't set a good example, be a horrible warning.
Fun and Cute
Fun and Cute Il y a mois
God I really laugh to death, love this video
Maddox 1507
Maddox 1507 Il y a mois
5:55 die deutschen😂
eingemaischt e
eingemaischt e Il y a mois
Niklas Huster
Niklas Huster Il y a mois
0:47 the guy on the right: "that was so funny imma start doin push ups"
SorinPro Il y a mois
17 clips in this video are those that are reused to shit. Once again, reused and unfunny garbage.
Tejas Mhatre
Tejas Mhatre Il y a mois
Very Funny 😂
AlpacaBoi7 Il y a mois
Sometimes you shouldn't dive Ed Fust.
Dèvàńg 7
Dèvàńg 7 Il y a mois
I was expecting more of dive fails but it turned out to be "driving board fails" .
gregory thompson
gregory thompson Il y a mois
Yeah good thing they blurred out that's guys ass on the frozen pool. Other wise we would have to alert the church elders! Imagine the scandal. Only in America. SMH
Jarred K
Jarred K Il y a mois
I like how it's 2020 and we blur a mans arse but a woman wearing a thong or bathing suit up her arse is fine. Double standards for sure.
Kelsea Nova
Kelsea Nova Il y a mois
These people are still braver than me
Luis Fernando Vazquez Venegas
Luis Fernando Vazquez Venegas Il y a mois
The funniest so far!!
RCP9ty Il y a mois
In 2020 can you please stop with the vertical cell phone videos...
Jona Puncore
Jona Puncore Il y a mois
Me duele la mandíbula. Wue que risa
Joshua Il y a mois
Lessons that you get from this video: Don't try this at home and do if you are proffesional
Jumpcut Jimmy
Jumpcut Jimmy Il y a mois
I want them all to drown.
Deanna Rose
Deanna Rose Il y a mois
This is one of the many reasons I won't go cliff diving with my husband 😂
Flybynick Il y a mois
I could watch daredevil chicks in bikinis all day long...
Ash Cassel
Ash Cassel Il y a mois
3:56 what the heck is happening to the water?
Alonso Queiroz
Alonso Queiroz Il y a mois
2:49 did she survived?
Zacchaeus Ezra
Zacchaeus Ezra Il y a mois
0:31 rainbow splash
zuhn Il y a mois
i watched this
Eternals Bro's
Eternals Bro's Il y a mois
Isaac Precht
Isaac Precht Il y a mois
I'm sure you did
kakita 23
kakita 23 Il y a mois
Idk who u are but ima say I’m second like
Lucifer gaming
Lucifer gaming Il y a mois
Big fan
Brandon Fuhrmann
Brandon Fuhrmann Il y a mois
3:40 that is Chris Pratt. I was at that party...
rieychardo Il y a mois
Instagram; @rieychardo
Nick Peluso
Nick Peluso Il y a mois
don't dive at the beach. Someone i know did that as a goof and ended up a quadriplegic.
Aburri2 Il y a mois
Repiten tanto los videos que ya me los sé todos
Reggie Cluggins
Reggie Cluggins Il y a mois
4:42 lizard :D
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