FKA twigs - Two Weeks

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FKA twigs

Il y a 6 ans

Taken from the new album, LP1.
Directed by Nabil.

Greg J Satan's Lover
Greg J Satan's Lover Il y a 3 heures
_There once was a conman named Billy_ _Who thought he was god, though that's silly._ _He diddled some kids._ _And hated on Yids_ _Now he spends eternity sucking willie._
Bree the bae
Bree the bae Il y a 11 heures
Came back to this in 2020...cant believe I was listening to this song back then, still in love.😍❤❤❤
Randa Naim
Randa Naim Il y a jour
Her energy is intoxicating 🙌
asiakrk1 Il y a jour
What do YOU think about my music miss FKA?
dream hope keep going
dream hope keep going Il y a jour
Arlee cess
Arlee cess Il y a jour
I will forever thank Mr. Robot for showing me this beautiful piece of work!!!
Randall Moore
Randall Moore Il y a 2 jours
When someone loves you, the way they talk about you is different. You feel safe and comfortable.
Rachel Meuree
Rachel Meuree Il y a 2 jours
Exceptionnel ❤❤❤
Cristina Correia
Cristina Correia Il y a 3 jours
Discovered this amazing very hot song from Netflix show " Baby" , I absolutely love it.....😍
Aishu Laali
Aishu Laali Il y a 3 jours
Am I the only one who discovered this magnificent song on the show "The Originals"? 👀
Cindy Il y a 3 jours
Can't ever just listen in one tab while doing things in other tabs. Takes your full attention 💖
Edward Yeung
Edward Yeung Il y a 3 jours
Dua Lipa collab
Edward Yeung
Edward Yeung Il y a 3 jours
I discovered this from Fantano's top 100 songs of the decade playlist
Cyndee Cook
Cyndee Cook Il y a 4 jours
I always think of her and Rob Pattinson when I hear this song. It makes me think of when Kristen Stewart had supposedly cheated on Rob and Twigs like basically telling him that in 2 weeks he wouldn’t even be thinking about Kristin if he gave her a chance. This is all just speculation and my head and I never heard this anywhere, just to be clear..
Mel W
Mel W Il y a 5 jours
W. O W
Katy Tarantino
Katy Tarantino Il y a 5 jours
that was not a dream? this song and all this really exist..
J.A.V Il y a 5 jours
Yang milih allah like yg Mili dajal hirawkan 1:39.........m.
h4rp4g4n Il y a 6 jours
Most sexy video ever
AckzaTV Il y a 7 jours
"I can fuck you better than her" brought me here
Jose Luis Lopez Diaz
Jose Luis Lopez Diaz Il y a 7 jours
So I heard this song years ago on the originals and loved it but never really looked into it but my goodness this artist is amazing
Johni Quid
Johni Quid Il y a 7 jours
Mr Robot brought me here, such a powerful song.... wow
oldman old
oldman old Il y a 9 jours
this song is breath taking Il y a 9 jours
i always forget this song's title
cheese borg
cheese borg Il y a 10 jours
Her voice is just something. Damn
chris jens
chris jens Il y a 10 jours
an all timer
Brianna Howell
Brianna Howell Il y a 11 jours
Who else think about Tyrell's scene BAGAHJSAHDJ
Em ._.
Em ._. Il y a 12 jours
What you mean 6 years ago?? Damn she's ahead of her time.
Matt Greer Music
Matt Greer Music Il y a 12 jours
We were going in a good direction with creative pop songs for a while in the early to mid 2010's. Now we're at WAP threshold. SMH
Sagar Dwivedi
Sagar Dwivedi Il y a 13 jours
who came here after Mr. Robot?
Stieve HL
Stieve HL Il y a 13 jours
The best series ever
Calvin Butler
Calvin Butler Il y a 14 jours
Anyone else bang to this song? 😍😬
N H Il y a 14 jours
Well, I've just fully discovered FKA tonight. Hey everyone. Thank goodness l found her music cos l need uniqueness in my music collection. Just found out about her relation with Patterson . Makes me sad how humans beings are unwilling to allow others to be happy and in love.
Bubba 007
Bubba 007 Il y a 14 jours
Big Power vibes when they was fuckin n shit
Munchkin DM
Munchkin DM Il y a 14 jours
She reminds me of kate bush
lala neve espolly
lala neve espolly Il y a 15 jours
😍😍love single
Alice Tibbetts
Alice Tibbetts Il y a 15 jours
I'm getting Aaliyah from Queen of the Damned vibes
Cray2mass Il y a 15 jours
Hello! I have a remix of Twigs 🎶 I just released not too long ago along with an Ambient Version 🎶 if anyone wants to listen: Thank you and have a great day!! 🎶
tlotliso Ranthimo
tlotliso Ranthimo Il y a 16 jours
this song makes me feel ...just feel.... it's sonic imprint on me is nothing if not majestic's cathartic almost ..i can't even tell you what weight it alliviates but it brings about an ease , a relief of sorts ...i can't even say i've dissected the subject matter that well but her voice and the production just induces these profound feelings beyond my ability to be speechless is to have a million nothings to say and i must say i am speechless.....
jearomy thomas
jearomy thomas Il y a 18 jours
I wonder if she knows who I am?
Kakola Kalia
Kakola Kalia Il y a 18 jours
yes I did search for this song watchu gon do about it
Daisy Assauw
Daisy Assauw Il y a 18 jours
how did she capture the feeling of longing for someone so perfectly? like, she's just so in touch with herself and so unafraid of intimacy and vulnerability, it's unmatched anywhere else in the music industry
davinci Il y a 18 jours
There is a lot of similarity to Toyah's music from 80' much talent/adroit
Vocaloidz Il y a 18 jours
This is the best song ever I think
carl 8
carl 8 Il y a 18 jours
i love it
Claire Guillon
Claire Guillon Il y a 20 jours
I discovered that song dancing in a heels masterclass the teacher did a gorgeous choreo on it (@claire_kissedbyfire_ if you wanna see it).. But.. That scene is Mr Robot is just disturbingly beautiful
Renee Dedman
Renee Dedman Il y a 20 jours
Just heard this on Power season 2 damn beautiful song
Zuluki Ji Ji
Zuluki Ji Ji Il y a 21 jour
zhipei chen
zhipei chen Il y a 23 jours
can't believe this song is 6 years ago now
Carmella Brooks
Carmella Brooks Il y a 23 jours
Love this song
Zack Wood
Zack Wood Il y a 24 jours
How was she so far ahead of her time???
Sarah Olson
Sarah Olson Il y a 24 jours
I think I broke my replay button lol HOT SONG!!!
Eddie Montana
Eddie Montana Il y a 24 jours
Question: Can I trust my eye-view? Saw this clip on a 4k tv just now and all the 'dancers' look like her ( I mean: are her)...
Huy Yang
Huy Yang Il y a 25 jours
I found this artist from that one Munchies video
Scarlett Eyre
Scarlett Eyre Il y a 26 jours
I can't believe I've lived 6 years without this song in my life.
Raquel Viviane Mesquita
Raquel Viviane Mesquita Il y a 26 jours
Jerminah M
Jerminah M Il y a 26 jours
Heard from from Italian series Baby 🥰❤️🥰😫
ONCEXARMY Forever Il y a 21 jour
Same 😝
sl ut
sl ut Il y a 26 jours
this was ahead of its time
ٍSeif Eslam
ٍSeif Eslam Il y a 27 jours
Fuck you
Veronica Robinson
Veronica Robinson Il y a 27 jours
I really like this song, im just now hearing this tonight on the Netflix show Baby I'm so late this song is 🔥
ONCEXARMY Forever Il y a 21 jour
Same 😝
Femme Brulee
Femme Brulee Il y a 29 jours
Here from the tv show "Hightown" season 1 episode 3 titled Rebellion Dogs features this song
Nadir Salemas
Nadir Salemas Il y a mois
Baby ......................................
sumona mojumder mojumder
sumona mojumder mojumder Il y a mois
She is ridiculous
PR_GMR Il y a mois
The sample at the beginning of the song is a heavily-processed, abstracted ‘Higher than a motherfucker, dreaming of you as my lover’. For the longest time, I thought it was some chant or mantra, but once you listen to the song a thousand can hear it.
Ania Hunczak
Ania Hunczak Il y a mois
god damn
Luh Chris
Luh Chris Il y a mois
Here from Hightown the fuckin melody of this song is beautiful man 😭
Aaron Roberts
Aaron Roberts Il y a mois
One of the best....the thumbs down can sod off!
Aysha Calhoun
Aysha Calhoun Il y a mois
when 2020 been kicking your ass so you have to break out ol' reliable FKA twigs jaw dropping ecstasy all over again
55 57
55 57 Il y a mois
This is my first time hearing this, im 6 years late and yes Power brought me here and also I just finished season 1 now im on season 2 episode 7.
Peanutcupp Il y a mois
Who’s here from Netflix Baby italia 🇮🇹❤️🇮🇹
Alica Ljungberg
Alica Ljungberg Il y a mois
Randa Naim
Randa Naim Il y a mois
This is my favorite song rn. She's amazing ❤
marcos lopes
marcos lopes Il y a mois
i get harry potter vibes with the birds flying in the background
Pathik Ahmed
Pathik Ahmed Il y a mois
Thanks for making my first acid trip better girl ❤
Cristina Marie
Cristina Marie Il y a mois
She is absolutely F**king stunning . I can’t stop looking at her , her eyes are hypnotic . Her face is a masterpiece ❤️. Bellissima .
MadCircle01 Il y a mois
She's a Nephilim seducing humanity.
Eddie Montana
Eddie Montana Il y a mois
This clip is a real master-masterpiece! Most people just see a beautiful woman sittin in da middle, surrounded by a few dancers.. Btw, the lyrics, as always in her productions!, deep, etc.
Starson Kurbah
Starson Kurbah Il y a mois
She's unique 😍
Miss Jo-Ann Lewis
Miss Jo-Ann Lewis Il y a mois
Not clickbait it was every bit as amazing as thought it be👌
tomcat 69
tomcat 69 Il y a mois
Syx Treasure
Syx Treasure Il y a mois
Why you never straight guys in your video?
Heather Marriott
Heather Marriott Il y a mois
How am I just now here.... never mind that, I ain’t leaving🤍
Amanda Il y a mois
The beat is craaaaazy
Stevii Lal
Stevii Lal Il y a mois
So this is what Beyoncé is copying her ?! Lol
José de Jesús Jiménez
José de Jesús Jiménez Il y a mois
Mesmeraising Fatal Woman.
Kayla Wheeler
Kayla Wheeler Il y a mois
Munchkin DM
Munchkin DM Il y a mois
This gives me the tingels
Nichoal King
Nichoal King Il y a mois
Showed this song to a dude ....literally like a week and a half later he was trying to tell me about some other chick lol and how she was better fit for him ......clown
KEVIN STURM vekdnabeauty
KEVIN STURM vekdnabeauty Il y a mois
holy shit... just found this... instantly in love.
Van Vador03
Van Vador03 Il y a mois
That's even the position Akasha died in, in queen of the dammed in this water scene
Deven Solanki
Deven Solanki Il y a mois
I just cried to a song about Fortnite
fallen alien
fallen alien Il y a mois
this got me pregnant
baconkon Il y a mois
Mr. Robot
Shay Magro
Shay Magro Il y a mois
Divine Goddess. So amazingly talented.
Paul Aiello
Paul Aiello Il y a mois
Queen of heaven isis, purely satanic careful on what you idolize it will get you straight to questions
Wekabird Il y a mois
what crap!!
NIles Clark
NIles Clark Il y a mois
I’ve been asleep. Big time...
Ootie Goonya
Ootie Goonya Il y a mois
This was on Power. 👌
Thots and Football
Thots and Football Il y a mois
I'm in love 💘. Oshun's daughter. Like sweet water.
Ike Murry
Ike Murry Il y a mois
This sound is so Dope, just started listening to FKA Twigs mins ago. Truetallent.
Nyah Jones
Nyah Jones Il y a mois
This never gets old
audin zamra
audin zamra Il y a mois
I wonder how many of You, gents knows the lyrics to this song, That of course the Queen interpret for US! :) 🤴🏻👸🏿🤴🏽
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