2018 PSO U.S. National Pole Champion, Ashley Fox

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Il y a 2 ans

Ashley Fox representing Foxy Fitness and Pole Training Studios
2018 PSO U.S. National Pole gold medalist, Qualifier Professional women’s division
2018 PSO U.S. National Pole Championships
August 11 - 12, Los Angeles, CA
A Pole Sport Organization event
Video by Alloy Images

Asifa Ulima Kafin
Asifa Ulima Kafin Il y a 2 jours
What's physics, once again?
Gaia Buntić
Gaia Buntić Il y a 2 jours
Mystral Mys
Mystral Mys Il y a 4 jours
Her dance it's perfect with ruelle song. 😭 So talented!!!!
Morgan Widdison
Morgan Widdison Il y a 5 jours
Wow. Now that. Is pole dancing. Never seen a more fluid, powerful and incredibly, beautiful pole dance before. I couldn't have torn my eyes away if my house was on fire.
Rocio Saldana
Rocio Saldana Il y a 6 jours
Whomis giving thumbs down? This amazing! This to me is art and not sexual.
Devj Kaiser
Devj Kaiser Il y a 6 jours
Every single one of her hair strands can flex harder than me.
Amy MH Chan
Amy MH Chan Il y a 7 jours
Wow beautiful 🖤
yui !
yui ! Il y a 7 jours
this is pure art
suno lili
suno lili Il y a 9 jours
Gravity is no more guys. Newton lied to us
Withtheseprovisions Il y a 10 jours
She has a perfect body structure for this sport.. very light weight structure.. but also very strong. Absolutely crazy gravity defying moves...
Park Jisung
Park Jisung Il y a 11 jours
Park Jisung
Park Jisung Il y a 11 jours
I am absolutely gobsmacked oml
ENDER360Hz Il y a 12 jours
This is truly an amazing and difficult sport
reginek31 Il y a 12 jours
La première femme que je vois grimper à la force des bras, elle est fantastique
Brendolyn Taylor
Brendolyn Taylor Il y a 12 jours
I notice u have to be skinny or with no ass this would be hard to do for a fat big girl with boobs and ass !!!!!
Анастасия Афанасьева
Анастасия Афанасьева Il y a 12 jours
Как же это смотрится нежно и легко, и сколько это силы, мощи и духа на самом деле стоит.... красота!
Lars's Wig
Lars's Wig Il y a 12 jours
People think pole dancing is only sеxual.. but it's an art just like gymnastics and ballet
Kris Wang
Kris Wang Il y a 13 jours
love the absence of heels
Dawn Dawnkueneman
Dawn Dawnkueneman Il y a 13 jours
So cool nicely done pole dancing 🕺🏿 with class
Lilith Bentley
Lilith Bentley Il y a 14 jours
damn i love when women
random stuff
random stuff Il y a 15 jours
Oh god imagine how painful it actually is
CaleyTheBoss Il y a 16 jours
I break my spine just bending over to get my pop-tart crumbs...
Howlie 90
Howlie 90 Il y a 17 jours
Lawsofphysics.exe has stopped working
Lisanne Smit
Lisanne Smit Il y a 18 jours
Ashley fox nr 1😍✨✨✨✨
AllergicRants Il y a 18 jours
Look at that body, that strength. She probably doesn’t have any back pain.
Lucresia T
Lucresia T Il y a 19 jours
Guau your performance was beatiful.
Nikki Il y a 19 jours
X pole fantastic
Malgorzata Ratajczak
Malgorzata Ratajczak Il y a 19 jours
Timberlyn Miles
Timberlyn Miles Il y a 20 jours
I'd love to see men who are traditionally athletic pull this kind of thing off.
fantasyqwest Il y a 20 jours
That was beautiful. She brought tears to my eyes 😍
Paula Thompson
Paula Thompson Il y a 21 jour
That was a beautiful performance. She also owned that pole.
Yeşim Karaosman
Yeşim Karaosman Il y a 22 jours
Muhteşem 👍👍👍👍💯💯💯💯💯👍👍👍👍
Lexo Getti
Lexo Getti Il y a 23 jours
The strength this woman has is incredible and envious. She truly killed this routine Great Job.
D Bloom
D Bloom Il y a 23 jours
What grace and beauty
Joy Leonard
Joy Leonard Il y a 23 jours
nombre apellidos
nombre apellidos Il y a 23 jours
lxnxly _
lxnxly _ Il y a 23 jours
2:18 what what what wHAT.
wetfishbits Il y a 25 jours
Just a thought, pole dancers probably make good contestants on ninja warrior
Karleigh Fraser
Karleigh Fraser Il y a 25 jours
Is it just me that only recently realised that the pole spins!!!!
The_ Silver_Siren
The_ Silver_Siren Il y a 25 jours
Ar_ tiny
Ar_ tiny Il y a 25 jours
I admire her core strength, it's just WOW
Sherry Jee
Sherry Jee Il y a 26 jours
Unbelievable and incredibly beautiful
Kittie Knight
Kittie Knight Il y a 27 jours
You made that look like art in motion Ashley. Simply wonderful.
Alba Smaranch
Alba Smaranch Il y a 28 jours
this woman is literally doing magic
Nastya Zarnitsyna
Nastya Zarnitsyna Il y a 28 jours
Я восхищаюсь ей, она такая сильная! Выглядит очень красиво, аж дух захватывает 🔥
T U R I A Il y a 29 jours
3:10 that part is still awesome after watching it 100 times
Maxine Leibowitz
Maxine Leibowitz Il y a 29 jours
MONORIFF Il y a mois
to all non-pole dancer who thinks this is easy because she made it look so easy
Медавик Il y a mois
ОЧЕНЬ красиво, пилон это инструмент для тех, кто птицы, когда люди перестанут жить только инстинктами и к телу станут относится как к храму, который может практически всё
MONORIFF Il y a mois
Daizy Uschi
Daizy Uschi Il y a mois
beautiful song, beautiful choreography, beautiful woman. wow!
Catarina Brito
Catarina Brito Il y a mois
Aidan Cairns
Aidan Cairns Il y a mois
What category is this? Dramatic? Artistic?
brianna carpenter
brianna carpenter Il y a mois
I want to be her
Нурбакыт Амреева
Нурбакыт Амреева Il y a mois
Wow😍,איזה הוויה
rob dunn
rob dunn Il y a mois
holy ...... she is incredible
Mary Samson
Mary Samson Il y a mois
Gabrielle Dilligard
Gabrielle Dilligard Il y a mois
Wow, that was so beautiful!!
Devyin P
Devyin P Il y a mois
I love how everyone thinks pole dance is only like strippers sometimes it’s like the types of dancing you would see at a dance competition with an acrobatic twist to it like this girls routine
Annaleigh Holloway
Annaleigh Holloway Il y a mois
This was simply beautiful
TOM PIPPS Il y a mois
Doth Il y a mois
I’ve seen a sht ton of pole dances lately but this is the one I keep coming back to!
Doth Il y a mois
The sheer power, oh my god 🥺😭❤️❤️❤️❤️
Vane Reyes
Vane Reyes Il y a mois
👏😍Hermosa presentación!
Work Horse Boxing
Work Horse Boxing Il y a mois
Excellent! Absolutely rainworthy! Go head and make it rain, for the little sister!
Markus Müller
Markus Müller Il y a mois
Tanz frshow.info/goPL7tB6qL0r-AYHUT9tCadPB6_RN32tedtC.html
STOPH8-N-TRYLOVE Il y a mois
This performance was EVERYTHING !!! the floor show was amazing and the pole show was breathtaking
Mz. Lyons14
Mz. Lyons14 Il y a mois
Idc what anyone says this is ART!! 👏🏻👏🏻
Sam Day
Sam Day Il y a mois
Sure, the woman was amazing, but there were two poles and neither of them danced!
Calamity Natalie
Calamity Natalie Il y a mois
This reminds me of FKA Twigs, she would move perfectly to her music
Bee. Happy
Bee. Happy Il y a mois
Sad that pole dancing is stereotyped only as a sexy dance when THIS is the level to look out for
MONORIFF Il y a mois
have to change that perspective a step a time
darkangel kitty
darkangel kitty Il y a mois
Reathety Il y a mois
I thought she'd be on a different type of pole...
Melanie Stapp
Melanie Stapp Il y a mois
and people say that this is not art, is not a sport!!! i say that those people are people are a special kind of blind. blind of the mind and not the sight.
YouDamnSkippy324 Il y a mois
I was screaming so much as I watched this that my dog thought something was wrong with me.
Garth W
Garth W Il y a mois
I bet she takes a daily multi-vitamin...
Otaku Sings101
Otaku Sings101 Il y a mois
And they say strippers are dirty/sluts etc. No, they are exotic dancers and they get their stuff done. Not all of them do sexual favors. The way they dress revealing or not, it DOES NOT make it okay to touch them. Respect still applies no matter what industry it is.💯
bobo caterpillar
bobo caterpillar Il y a mois
i'd give her a $5 ... she earned it
Mona Jenks
Mona Jenks Il y a mois
Holy moly. She is good I had to show my husband this video ❤️ such beautiful talent.
Doth Il y a mois
Haven’t even been a minute in and I already jaw dropped :O Edit: I just finished the video, I lost my jaw
mellowenglishgal Il y a mois
And I struggle to even get into my sports-bra... She must be a goddess.
Valerie Dessar
Valerie Dessar Il y a mois
Venice Witch
Venice Witch Il y a mois
How the FUCK is she doing that?? Just insane
Sherry Johnson
Sherry Johnson Il y a mois
I kept having to remind myself to breathe
Sherry Johnson
Sherry Johnson Il y a mois
She’s stunning perfection
Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams Il y a mois
Adele Martin
Adele Martin Il y a mois
WOW!! That was seriously beautiful.
Drachen König
Drachen König Il y a mois
Not sexy!
Lirika Plenn
Lirika Plenn Il y a mois
Орущие люди на фоне Вы мешаете
c video
c video Il y a mois
This is an amazing form of dance. Ashley Fox is an athlete
SpiritofChaos Il y a mois
Bruh she's so strong! If you tried to stab her, the knife would BEND
Kat M
Kat M Il y a mois
Absolutely Brilliant!!!!
shanaynayb Il y a mois
First thoughts - Her control & lines are on point! 😁 Not that i know what the hell im talking about, I've never pole danced or danced competitively at all but it sounds right to think this. 😂
People are people
People are people Il y a mois
I am deceased
Antoinette Lee
Antoinette Lee Il y a mois
I hate pole dancing. But, after watching this young woman, I HAVE to say, OMG! I've seen such before, but NEVER like this. I have to say, this is the most talented, most amazing, she is actually, working that pole so effortlessly, as if, she was a cat, or something. WOW! What skill/talent. Simply amazing!
Mikhail Samoylov
Mikhail Samoylov Il y a mois
No gravity... Fantastic
Briana Miller
Briana Miller Il y a mois
Wtf.... does gravity not exist for her!?! So beautiful!
Maggie Il y a mois
Margarita Shepard
Margarita Shepard Il y a mois
Whoa she is strong
barryschwarz Il y a mois
How do pole riders deal with the friction so that they can spin but not slip? If there something they use, or is it just technique? What happens when they sweat?
R. Goodblood
R. Goodblood Il y a mois
I think the pole spins with them
roc Gifted
roc Gifted Il y a mois
I'm on beginning level but working daily to become great. omg I would love to leave from you
2019 PCS Championship Pro Finals - Ashley Fox
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