FEMALE WINNER - World Pole Dance Championships 2016 -Natalia Tatarintseva - UKRAINE

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Il y a 4 ans

Natalia Tatarintseva from Ukraine - Winner of the 2016 World Pole Dance Championships Female Category held in Bucharest, Romania on 16th September 2016.
The only truly global championships - World Pole Dance Championships is a Pole Sport Fitness events featuring the World's best pole performers and athletes from 26 Countries and 5 Continents.
Pole Passion Ltd, leaders in bringing pole fitness through education and accredited instructor training programs co hosted this event with Nadia Budurusi.
Photography and Video: Geoff Pegler

vivinski Il y a 4 heures
😲 Damn her feet are like hands!
саша локин
саша локин Il y a jour
So beautiful!!! But why is the video quality so low? Are you in poverty? Link to fundraising to purchase a professional camera. To shoot such beauty with such a camera is a crime.
james fiaco
james fiaco Il y a jour
Dancing is one of the most joyful ways one may express physical freedom. For it allows one to demonstrate their understanding of self control, discipline, loyalty, devotion, appreciation, respect, confidence by systematically, expressing flexibility, range of motion, eye hand coordination, timing, balance, explosive power, muscle response, stamina, agility, focused precision, strength , and joyful determination. Which are all fundamental elements of ancient warrior guardian soldier bodyguard protector messengers. Who were on the front line of the greatest empire civilized nations that have ever existed throughout the history of mankind.What is disappointing is people are not performing wearing clothes shoes make up) so forth and so on etc. etc. that is made to the highest standards of quality! Which is organic biodegradable earth friendly. I mean if you care about yourself and planet Earth. 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Which is sad, pathetic and ignorant beyond retarded considering we have always had the man/woman power, technology, resources, substances and capabilities to create clean high-paying jobs from coast-to-coast that would improve upon and maintain the quality of our air, water, foods, landscapes, working and living environment, every day home products, habitats and ecosystems.
SilverSkyCloud Il y a jour
it was a nice performance and obviously way better than i could hope to be, but "every woman will be a mother" really? so if females dont want/have children does that mean they're not women then?
Thorsten Schuchort
Thorsten Schuchort Il y a 2 jours
How incredibly beautiful and perfect !! Art and perfection in an incredible way .... my respect !!!!
black spektrum
black spektrum Il y a 3 jours
Распущенные волосы перекрывают разворот шеи и головы, это портит впечатление. Недаром в балете это не принято, шея и плечи всегда открыты.
Paula Adamsone
Paula Adamsone Il y a 3 jours
In third trimester with my second daughter, balled my eyes out. Motherhood is the toughest bitch in the universe, everything is hard, from pregnancy to breastfeeding to coping to house-wifing to guiding the little human into proper breathing, moving, eating and pooping, the ultimate self-sacrifice and life transfer, when a woman that births a child becomes a devoted mother, it is rare these days but seems this Champion knows the depth and sacredness of motherhood. Such stunning performance I forgot it’s a competition. Epic plasticity ❤️ I have a pole laying around for five years now, we’ve been moving around with high ceilings I didn’t get to set it up and somehow the detail of my now husband having dating a stripper in his youth cut that drive to pole dance for me as I felt uncomfortable, to me pole inspiration came from Felix Cane winning performance, I had never seen something like this. I have scoliosis and bowed legs and overall “body ouchies” that prevent me from manifesting my body’s full potential even having hyper-mobility syndrome, in theory I should be able to dance with such plasticity but in practice the arthritic side of things prevents it.. so I breastfed my daughter for 3,5 years to ensure she’s better off in life, and she’s done over splits since birth, she does splits so naturally it’s epic, she has my hyper mobility without the ailments, and maybe years down my daughters teach me some pole moves as I at her have them go to pole classes than any other dance, because anti-gravity exercises are the key to enhancing human growth hormone that’s key to longevity of human lifespan, and pole is sure less dangerous than rock climbing in Montana. if you have a healthy body, Dance your life away, this is so beautiful ❤️
Myah Whynot
Myah Whynot Il y a 3 jours
I love it girl you dancing with passion💗
Russ Hoppe
Russ Hoppe Il y a 4 jours
She looked like a ballerina on a pole beautifully executed performance and in great time with the music
Merlinever Il y a 4 jours
In this performance, Natalia Tatarintseva has single-handedly raised pole dancing to - or beyond - the status of fine ballet. I've never seen such an excellent singular performance; the beauty and depth of her expression of motherhood moved me to tears.
Sollustri Il y a 5 jours
This was actually really beautiful
Angie Ando
Angie Ando Il y a 5 jours
Sheesh! She is phenomenal!
Simone Barbosa
Simone Barbosa Il y a 5 jours
Que linda! Arrazou! 😍
Chrystal Newman
Chrystal Newman Il y a 7 jours
Such amazing muscle tone and control! Excellent workout! Thanks for sharing!
Suzhou AE
Suzhou AE Il y a 7 jours
This was hypnotising.
Alba Belvedere
Alba Belvedere Il y a 8 jours
incredibile , la leggerezza di una puma al vento
Christine Rosser
Christine Rosser Il y a 10 jours
Amazing!!!!! Bravo!!!
Gaetano Marino
Gaetano Marino Il y a 11 jours
Thank you!
Miss Maker
Miss Maker Il y a 11 jours
Why does everyone think this is sexual? The outfits are most likely for flexibility and sometimes swimmers ( Like me ) wear stuff like this to move fast in the water. I tried this and all I could do was spin in a circle and get dizzy-
Jennifer Howes
Jennifer Howes Il y a 11 jours
Absolutely amazing....
vanina s
vanina s Il y a 12 jours
Just breathtaking...
michael paulissen
michael paulissen Il y a 14 jours
It's fun to watch, but mostly it's sexy moves on a pole. I know it's hard to do, and takes strength to do. Not a whole lot different than the same stuff the girls down at the club do every night. Different music and lighting but essentially the same moves. Spreadies to the gods, spready twisties to the crowd, Flippies for the lighting guys. Slinking up and down a pole is not the kind of thing that makes people take you serious as a dancer. She's very talented, I'm sure in her spare time she can make a lot of money fast. It was very beautiful to watch but didn't see the mother child theme thing in anyway.
TLC Beauty
TLC Beauty Il y a 14 jours
WOW!!! Absolutely breathtaking and beautiful!!!
Gerardine Berry
Gerardine Berry Il y a 14 jours
Absolutely beautiful💜💕😉
Samanta Мальта
Samanta Мальта Il y a 14 jours
гибкая девчушка
krassos Il y a 15 jours
I did not search for this, I swear!
Loca 4 Nailz
Loca 4 Nailz Il y a 16 jours
I have seen better. Omg ashley fox is amazing. Look her up
R Mccully
R Mccully Il y a 16 jours
I want a date with her.
Hel Il y a 17 jours
i wander of she's a former gymnast because many of the elements she performed were similar to those of rhythmic gymnastics.. The most unsexual and beautiful pole dance I've ever seen
THIS IS SHAO 小昭 :D Il y a 17 jours
It’s so beautiful it makes me wanna cry 😭
Legally Insane
Legally Insane Il y a 20 jours
My question is if they were clapping when she was doing impressive moves, why were they not clapping the whole time? Like legit that takes a lot of strength
Lea Merrill
Lea Merrill Il y a 22 jours
I don’t know how or why this video came up on my recommend, but I am so pleased it did. Normally, I find pole “dancing” disgusting and rude and very boring. There is nothing beautiful or graceful about a woman rolling around on the floor, spreading her legs so far apart you can see her tonsils and fake fucking a pole. But you were so beautiful and graceful and feminine and your talent is absolutely amazing!! I wasn’t offended even once, but felt like I was watching true talent and beauty in motion. Thank you for sharing this talent, this amazing talent you have. PS No, this doesn’t mean I will start watching pole dancing, it’s still disgusting and rude. But I will tell all my friends about you. God bless you and keep you.
hauke powers
hauke powers Il y a 23 jours
true artistry,,,,bravo !!!!
Oleg Kharitonov
Oleg Kharitonov Il y a 25 jours
Putta dance
mozbius Il y a 25 jours
That was a fantastic performance.
scorpiogrrl9 Il y a 25 jours
That song is gorgeous .
Серёга. Я
Серёга. Я Il y a 25 jours
Я тебя найду нафиг и женюсь
gigi raquel
gigi raquel Il y a 26 jours
A gymnast, a dancer, an artist..Pole dancing!! That's why it's awesome and its perfect! All those talents working together to express through body language, through these fluid body movements the beautiful choreography with such fluidity.. I love it so much!! Bravo Natalia!! I adore you and I envy you why? Because I was a gymnast and a dancer and a singer but I wasn't able to enjoy music through pole dancing like you do. :) keep it up! You're great!
Celeste K.
Celeste K. Il y a 26 jours
Beautiful. But I don’t understand the bucket.
PolePassion Il y a 26 jours
It contains the ashes of her loved one she is dancing for :))
Olga Tomarevskaia
Olga Tomarevskaia Il y a 27 jours
You can't speak English Не настя соколова. Ноль
jacko oneil
jacko oneil Il y a 27 jours
4:15 uhm... what ?! how is she holding there
Sean Crosby
Sean Crosby Il y a 28 jours
Mesmerizing!! A beautiful and wonderful performance!
野良犬撮影隊 二大隊四中隊一区隊 第八任務群
野良犬撮影隊 二大隊四中隊一区隊 第八任務群 Il y a 28 jours
very sexy to you!
Allysyn Overton
Allysyn Overton Il y a 28 jours
Beautiful! I could watch her dance all day!
Paul Arc Flash king
Paul Arc Flash king Il y a mois
Very graceful! Thank you.....
Chrysippus Il y a mois
In this comment section, you can observe self-righteous individuals condemning the imaginary pervs who, in their heads, are saying pole dance needs to be sexual. You may hear a loud, squeaky buzz; it is the "virtue signal". This is normal due to the echo chamber effect, which is used to make a closed mind feel spacious and open.
Robert Edulan
Robert Edulan Il y a mois
I now see the art in pole dancing...
Alice fait des carabistouilles
Alice fait des carabistouilles Il y a mois
3:19 when you broke your back at your deadlifting session.
Zabeth González
Zabeth González Il y a mois
Muy buena la chica, pero se acerca más al circo y la gimnasia que a la sensualidad del Pole.
james fiaco
james fiaco Il y a mois
judgment that is not physically, mentally, and spiritually beneficial is useless therefore has no true value. Without judgment progress cannot be made. For no one can express or receive love or any other desired emotion in its entirety if the don't know themselves. We are all not created equal however we all have a equal obligation to living up to the pleasure, potential, and responsibility of femininity and masculinity. So do your best to become physically fit, mentally sound, and spiritually balanced being able to express physical freedom. Which can be accomplished through clean air, water, fitness, and high sources of nutrition organic and non-genetically modified would be best. Plus formal education or real hands-on experience. When one learns the body's capabilities and limitations by fully engaging with all their senses to their extreme limits in the most efficient way that is humanly possible. 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Not to add insult to injury for the last hundred and 50 years or so the mass majority of the population has been living and dying yielding the worst spiritual kickback that has ever been manifested since the beginning of life only getting worse. And that has nothing to do with everybodys so-called charming personality and everything to do with the standards of quality pertaining to our air, water, foods, landscapes, working/living environment, every day home products, habitats, and ecosystems. Which is ignorant beyond retarded (no offense to any disabled people.) When you consider for the last 490 years Give or take we have had the manpower woman influence or vice versa to have created clean high paying jobs from coast-to-coast globally that would improve upon and maintain the quality of our life in such a manner. 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james fiaco
james fiaco Il y a jour
@SilverSkyCloud Seriously you will never be smart enough to offend me. And you demonstrate this stupidity. By your minuscule complaint assumption that nobody is going to read. As if you can speak on behalf of everyone.
james fiaco
james fiaco Il y a jour
@SilverSkyCloud You're not smart enough to be offensive. One reason you constantly are assuming presuming falsifying on your own behalf. Taking whatever is most convenient instead of what is needed to make real physical mental spiritual progress. Example there has been many people that have read this. And explained what the agreed with. More importantly how they came to their conclusion of belief. In part by giving examples of things they did that coincide with this message in their everyday life prior to this message. And how the may incorporate some of the wisdom and knowledge from this message into their everyday life moving forward.
SilverSkyCloud Il y a jour
sorry no offence, but NO ONE is going to waist their time reading this
Jessica Evans
Jessica Evans Il y a mois
This is so beautiful, I kept holding my breath.
ImaMonaKnight Il y a mois
Amazing 💯💞
Sara Cooper
Sara Cooper Il y a mois
Years of ballet.
Elena Sanchez
Elena Sanchez Il y a mois
Beautiful pole dancers are usually referred to as sluts or strippers but that's not true this is beautiful
Aurora Aurora
Aurora Aurora Il y a mois
Очень красивое выступление!!!👍 Пластика, постановка, музыкальное сопровождение, смысловое исполнение, всё на высоте!!!! Удачи тебе, девочка, и творческих успехов!!!!! Мне оч.понравилось! 👍👍👍 Смотрела на одном дыхании!!!! Умничка!!!🌺🌷🌹
Rosi Voordouw
Rosi Voordouw Il y a mois
ÆØÅ Il y a mois
The music, the body control, the velvet soft movements that result in a synergy between her and the pole is just breathe taking.
Emanuel Santos
Emanuel Santos Il y a mois
Great routine. If I'm not mistaken, that's Dulce Pontes singing, even better 🥰😍
Scarlette Lee
Scarlette Lee Il y a mois
Her-her back! How she bend it like that?!
Valerina Schmirkovich
Valerina Schmirkovich Il y a mois
She's great but that song. Yuck.
Valerina Schmirkovich
Valerina Schmirkovich Il y a mois
Well not all women become mothers Ukraine
Devyatisilnaya Natalia
Devyatisilnaya Natalia Il y a mois
Волшебно по трюкам очень мощно💪💓👍
tonya fokas
tonya fokas Il y a mois
She is very talented! Sho fluid and graceful!! I can see why she won the championship, that's for sure! I can't help but wonder if she took ballet at some point in her life...
SeaJay Oceans
SeaJay Oceans Il y a mois
God Blesses Ukraine with strength, talent, and beauty.
Irv Watts
Irv Watts Il y a mois
Your simply amazing the moves you do are so graceful. and I saw other pole dancers and even though they have good figures your is tops as it took lots of work to get all the proportions and the Calves some dont have any meat or muscle on the lower leg. Your beautiful and worked hard for being tops. Irv
Daniela Leone
Daniela Leone Il y a mois
Bravissima lei ovviamente e stupenda la musica!!! Bellissima atmosfera!!!
Ashlie Day
Ashlie Day Il y a mois
shrtlink.ca/xxxbeautifulsexual65 ර විට ජෛව රසායන විද්‍යාව පිළිබඳ වෛද්‍යවරයෙකි මට විශ්වාස නැත ඔහු සාමාන්‍ය වෛද්‍ය විද්‍යාව ගැ
Mackenzie River Casey
Mackenzie River Casey Il y a mois
I wonder if pole dancing triggers something very old in our primate nature from our ancestors. Starting with A young tree sapling and young woman?...she might have climbed and hung off of it showing off her flexibility, grace, strength as well as their bits to young men? As children we often practice hanging off things and showing off and trying intricate forms of falling and climbing.. Of course it wouldn't be so technical, probably lots of giggles and shy glances, but maybe something traditional from back then...because this form of dance seems to trigger a sense of competition and a feeling of instant sexiness in all woman who try it which I find fascinating? Kinda weird theology hahah....but the idea is beautiful to me and just makes me think the connection woman have with nature echos on even in the most odd and obscure of places! :)
WildKittyCat Il y a mois
*Gravity has left the chat*
Therese Israelsson
Therese Israelsson Il y a mois
Wow! Thats so beautiful and cool! Love from SWEDEN
John Smith
John Smith Il y a mois
This is more a display of fitness than anything else. Lean and strong and agile.
Jerry Rajotte
Jerry Rajotte Il y a mois
Wow. This forces me to redefine "talent". I think we can retire those balance beams and uneven bars.
Maxine Leibowitz
Maxine Leibowitz Il y a mois
I Love pole dancing, I am tired of people making it out to be a sleezy dancing form. It is a skill I can only dream about. I don't even think I have half of those muscles.
davinci Il y a mois
The Pole dancing title should be removed from the sex industry...........its a sport and art and years of painful practice...........
Linda Lauer
Linda Lauer Il y a mois
I am very impressed!
JC CR Il y a mois
Impressive and beautiful. Such dexterity and flexibility with energy and tender sensuality combined.
M Livingston
M Livingston Il y a mois
I’m confused- do these women start as strippers?
George Jetson
George Jetson Il y a mois
Wow Spider-Woman😎👍
comunista da usp
comunista da usp Il y a mois
I almost cry
ne1snitemare Il y a 2 mois
Damn..She's VERY good, no wonder she won. Timing was fantastic, She was smooth- every movement counted. She has amazing strength. And.. the way she made it fit with the music was PERFECT. This should be a sport for sure.
Janiya Lewis
Janiya Lewis Il y a 2 mois
Yall fo know a stripper probably makes more money in a week then you make month. suck on that bitches!
Cheryl Budrewicz
Cheryl Budrewicz Il y a 2 mois
I-10 exotic dancing for 12 years it took me about four years to learn how to do smooth tricks on the floor but I have never ever look like this we can always tell the girls that were ballerinas because they were so fluid and so absolutely perfect this girl's a ballerina my hat's off to you honey Keep On Keepin On
Emo PurpleTurtle
Emo PurpleTurtle Il y a 2 mois
26 countries is hardly the world but okay
Sophia M.
Sophia M. Il y a 2 mois
This is a ballet dancer. 100%
Cantetinza17 Il y a 2 mois
I love how you make all your transactions look so easy! Just beautiful.
C L Il y a 2 mois
That was unbelievable amazing wow so flexible an very beautiful
Lila Smajic
Lila Smajic Il y a 2 mois
I wish she didn't explain what she was dancing for :|
Zanicuh Zandoval
Zanicuh Zandoval Il y a 2 mois
Why can I hear children
Christopher Ronk
Christopher Ronk Il y a 2 mois
That is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen
Kim Stahl
Kim Stahl Il y a 2 mois
Laura Vali
Laura Vali Il y a 2 mois
Martin Colwell
Martin Colwell Il y a 2 mois
“How every women will become a mother” What? Maybe she should take a break from dancing and check in with reality a bit. About 15% of women never have children.
La'Tasha Marie
La'Tasha Marie Il y a 2 mois
Noir Fit
Noir Fit Il y a 2 mois
So beautiful and graceful
indeqo Il y a 2 mois
Make Me Sway
Make Me Sway Il y a 2 mois
TheQuietOne Il y a 2 mois
This is nothing I do this as my workout warm up
NAGENDRA SINGH Il y a 2 mois
silent fire flowless perform with proper expression 💓🔥💓🔥💓🔥💓🔥🔥💓🔥🔥💓🔥💓🔥💓🔥💓🔥
Pepah Beckford
Pepah Beckford Il y a 2 mois
Brendan Creaven
Brendan Creaven Il y a 2 mois
Is that thing she's holding a big cork?
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