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Music, a cinematic experience from Sia, starring Kate Hudson, Leslie Odom Jr. & Maddie Ziegler arrives in early 2021.
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Antonina Rusinek
Antonina Rusinek Il y a 7 minutes
Is the ableism for me 😐
k q u i e t - doll 예민
k q u i e t - doll 예민 Il y a 8 minutes
friendly reminder, if you're not autistic it's not your place to talk about how autistic people should be reacting :)
Lovely Lovely
Lovely Lovely Il y a 12 minutes
Bisquino Il y a 17 minutes
So y’all couldn’t find any autistic people for this? No actresses on the spectrum?
desiree gianna
desiree gianna Il y a 23 minutes
sia literally is making a mockery out of people with autism i expected more and i’m disappointed
Noa Koretzka
Noa Koretzka Il y a 43 minutes
Jay Il y a 46 minutes
can y’all just let her be happy? if u don’t like the film, don’t watch it, no ones forcing you. there’s literally no affect in your life whatsoever.
k q u i e t - doll 예민
k q u i e t - doll 예민 Il y a 5 minutes
You clearly don't understand how offensive this is to autistic people and neurodivergent people. People are here to tell Sia that she's being offensive.
Chai Il y a heure
i don’t have autism, i have ADHD, but them casting a neurotypical to play an autistic girl is kind of really offensive and feels like mocking rather than representation
W Il y a heure
me muerooooooooooooooooo no puede ser,una peliiiiiiiii cada dia amo mas a esta mujer la verdad la adoro es mi idola totaaaaaaaaaaaaal
Alyssa Il y a heure
Doesn't the guy from the series "The Good Doctor" have autism or is be just playing a rols of someone who has autism
Livia.k Il y a heure
No. We get that sia loves Maddie but just no! Get an actual autistic person. They don’t see autism right. Enough with Maddie already!
Dimond Cullen
Dimond Cullen Il y a heure
The problem isn't that an autistic person should be playing the role because no one had a problem with the "Good Doctor" or "Wonder" the problem is Maddie isn't acting right.... Even though I love, her the acting is off.
Tasha C
Tasha C Il y a heure
Yeah I don’t have autism but it’s not like everything she did was “wrong”
Mạnh Phạm
Mạnh Phạm Il y a heure
Love Sia From Vietnam with love
Viridiana Alejandra Zapata Miranda
Viridiana Alejandra Zapata Miranda Il y a 2 heures
@asriel dreemurr jajajaja no señor se equivoca completamente de nuevo el autismo no es un padecimiento ni enfermedad como usted cree, ni es mas leve ni mas fuerte es diverso y lo unico que padezco yo es su pésima ortografia jajajajaja agarre un libro y vea como se escribe de forma correcta, ya ve como si hay q estudiarle tantito aunq no tenga título , el ayudar a las personas implica poner ciencia arte tecnica experiencia alma y conciencia, que desgracia para las personas que supuestamente usted cree que va a ayudar pobre de ellos. Mejor ayudese usted mismo y si de acuerdo con el cariño y comprension pero póngalo en usted primero. Jajajajajaja Y si yo sé que no lo sé todo en el mundo y tampoco del autismo pero por lo menos me he esforzado en ignorar menos en cambio usted se conforma con ser un mediocree ignorante que cree que todo lo puede aprender por su propia experiencia jajajajaja faltaba mas Mire los ojos no ven lo que el cerebro no conoce , jajajajaja pobre ayudese usted antes de intentar arruinar la vida de los demas creyendo que los puede ayudar es una responsabilidad enorme la vida de otras personas Que desconsiderado es jajajajaja paguese unas terapias.
Sarah Morgan
Sarah Morgan Il y a 2 heures
This looks awful
Luchia Gherardi
Luchia Gherardi Il y a 2 heures
Wow this is beyond ableist and offensive, I’m not autistic but there was supposed to be an actual autistic person wasn’t there, and maddy is representing autistic people and she making wide eyes with an open mouth acting like autistic people are stupid, Sia should have changed the environment the other girl was working in, it’s not Maddy’s fault, it’s Sia’s and this is just bullshit
Ash Gardiner
Ash Gardiner Il y a 3 heures
There's diffrent types of autism that's why there's a spectrum. I'm autistic and my autism is completely different to my cousins. My cousins Autism is how it's repsented in the film. Without the singing and dancing obviously. And if people read the tweets Sia put she put she casted a girl with autism but it became stressful for her, and she had 2 people on the spectrum working with her. I think this film is educational, about understand the higher end of the spectrum. But that's my opinion you can base yours off the facts...
Siva TheXpandable
Siva TheXpandable Il y a 3 heures
What were all these trollers doing when Freddie Highmore played Dr. Shaun Murphy in Good Doctor series 🙄 ! Every person is unique and it applies to an autistic person as well, let's watch the movie and then decide whether it's a bad acting or a bad choice!
Viridiana Alejandra Zapata Miranda
Viridiana Alejandra Zapata Miranda Il y a 3 heures
totalmente equivocado, ese es el motivo principal del por que nos ofende el video de Sia y tu comentario es desafortunado. Soy una mujer autista de 34 años de edad, soy medico especialista en Rehabilitación, y una persona autista puede ser un excelente actor, por ejemplo Antony Hopkins y Daryl Hannah son autistas y excelentes actores, no creo q deba ser autista el actor para poderlo representar pero si debe ser muy bueno para poder empatizar, procesarlo, meterse en el papel, investigar y poder transmitirlo en el cine para q sea autentico. Es mas en mi vida diaria de hecho tengo que actuar para encajar socialmente es lo que las mujeres autistas hacemos se llama masking o usar mascaras , los hombres autistas tienen mas problemas con esto. Ese video de Sia solo se basa en el estereotipo de un niño autista que no es lo mismo para mujeres autistas y el actor de The Good Actor es muy mal actor no me gusta la serie ni la pelicula de Sia, por q no veo a mi familia , a mis amigos , a mis pacientes y mi misma todos con autismo representados, no digo q deba ser una representacion fiel sino q pueda abstraer la verdadera esencia del espectro autista y mostrar algo genuino. Incluso el video de Sia es molesto por el abuso de los estimulos visuales y auditivos de hecho creo que pocos autistas lo aguantaremos hasta que acabe. Entonces Sia solo se agarro de la historia de un niño autista que conoció en alcohólicos anónimos que acompañaba a su mamá. Sia los conoció ahí por que ella es alcohólica en rehabilitación, Soy fan de Sia, solo escucho su musica sus videos no los aguanto son muy bizarros y me ponen tensa, pero su musica me agrada. Sin embargo creo q esta vez se equivocó, se aprovecho de esta historia sin haber madurado su proceso creativo, y sin hacer investigacion del tema aunque diga q investigó 3 años y que tuvo asesoria de autistas la verdad es que no se nota. De hecho al contrario parece que esta hecha para excluir a personas que vivimos en el espectro autista , En mi opinion hizo la pelicula simplemente por q creyó que seria redituable economicamente. NO por que tuviera un interes genuino en el tema.
Nirvana Touri
Nirvana Touri Il y a 4 heures
Helana Rekae Gravil
Helana Rekae Gravil Il y a 4 heures
God, this is painful to see. I have to go through my life suppressing and forcing down my stims and mannerisms and here you are mocking them for your inspiration p*rn. This is horrific to anyone who experiences the things you are awfully imitating
Jaythe90skyd Il y a 4 heures
Wtf is this bs 🤦‍♀️
Madelyn Il y a 5 heures
after i heard maddie would b playing this part i didn’t think it was a big deal but seeing this like.. sheesh idk feels wrong especially since they kicked off the actual special needs actress
Elizabeth Arnold
Elizabeth Arnold Il y a 5 heures
Ummm no thanks
Pinkhairedhaley Il y a 5 heures
It’s the people who think that Sia could do no wrong and think the people who are raising concerns about how autistic people can’t watch this and it’s not even an autistic actress are haters for me.
Buster the Cub
Buster the Cub Il y a 5 heures
Welcome to 2020 where everything you do offends everyone. I'm pretty sure this comment will offend lots of people 🙄 Ready...set...Get offended!!!!
V VISHNU DATTA Il y a 5 heures
Plz don't get mad at SIA....
Spencer Kelly
Spencer Kelly Il y a 5 heures
Jesus fuck even the trailer alone is a sensory nightmare
Faith Omemine
Faith Omemine Il y a 5 heures
This is ableist
lily jones
lily jones Il y a 6 heures
Lol being autistic doesnt mean you see the world like it's a rainbow fun land, I would know. Very disappointed in the inaccurate and offensive way sia has decided to present her view of neuroatypical people's perspectives. What a joke.
chicken soup
chicken soup Il y a 6 heures
theres so much wrong with this...
yung bean
yung bean Il y a 6 heures
Sia, did you do your due diligence in research? Evidently not.
Mathilde McFadden
Mathilde McFadden Il y a 6 heures
There’s a lot to unpack here
Misty Skyz
Misty Skyz Il y a 6 heures
Why would they get my dear Leslie Odum Jr. in this 😭 In all seriousness, I have multiple autistic friends and they did not act nor see the world the way it is portrayed, this is just offensive 👎
Callen Predinchuk
Callen Predinchuk Il y a 6 heures
lmfao what in the hell is this
Katelyn Dawn
Katelyn Dawn Il y a 6 heures
Well this felt uncomfortable.
Micaela Silva
Micaela Silva Il y a 6 heures
No me la critiquen a Sia que se meten conmigo también perros
lorre lorer
lorre lorer Il y a 6 heures
there is so much to unpack here i-
Kira la perra
Kira la perra Il y a 7 heures
Porque le dan dislike
Heavyn Carmack
Heavyn Carmack Il y a 7 heures
Okayyyyy but this movie actually looks good
Ufuoma T
Ufuoma T Il y a 7 heures
Umm good idea but this is proplematic and disrespectful
Marshall MacDonald
Marshall MacDonald Il y a 7 heures
Never go full
Ryrocks99 Il y a 7 heures
I’m not trying to defend this film, I’m just curious as to why everyone is so mad at this film for having a neurotypical person portray an autistic person when the show Atypical and Rain Main have already done this.
Fricken Il y a 7 heures
Why she called music and also why does she smile with her teeth forward and her chin back
Lauren Collins
Lauren Collins Il y a 7 heures
I hope my fellow Hamilton stans were disappointed to see Leslie in this piece of garbage...
Stephanie Mendoza
Stephanie Mendoza Il y a 7 heures
Ya know, i don't expect sia to even fullly understand why we're mad, but if she acts like these peoples voices don't matter shes dead wrong.
seven stinks
seven stinks Il y a 7 heures
Autistic people aren’t on drugs. Idk why y’all are acting like they see the world like they’re taking coke.
Starie X the Glitter Force and Megaman Fan
Starie X the Glitter Force and Megaman Fan Il y a 8 heures
As a person with ASD, this offends me.
PUNMPKIN Il y a 8 heures
The only thing that can save us now is Beyonce.
divinuminfernum Il y a 8 heures
So I assume the movie will mostly be a vehicle for the musical performance parts? Being that it looks like some hyper-romanticised version of autism that is portrayed, that few, if any people who are on the spectrum can relate to, I don't see why the character needs to supposedly be autistic at all if it's not going to a depiction that does anything to disabuse viewers of the hollywoodised misconceptions, or am I missing something?
Chris C
Chris C Il y a 8 heures
As someone who is on the spectrum it doesn't upset me........ it is a representation of some of the more savvier people on the spectrum we shouldn't attack her because she deiced to represent someone other than your certain disorder, we should celebrate that it is getting representation.
jiji mo
jiji mo Il y a 8 heures
I think the representation is good, always see movies with autism linked with savant syndrome or they portray someone who understands nothing, quite nice to see a positive movie about someone with higher needs and non-verbal. I can see why some people with autism might be offended, but this movie is just a movie about someone in a different part of the spectrum. The thing about how bright it is, there's two types of sensory needs, one is sensitive and one needs strong sensory input. I know some kids with autism that will have a field day watching the dancing and bright colours, and I know some who will be over stimulated and probably have a meltdown. Also, I do know girls with autism that have those expressions and stims etc. It's quite upsetting to see so much negativity about this film because what people are upset about is unfortunately, and I don't want to be rude, but a representation of their own ignorance about how broad autism is or insecurity. The character is not representing you, you don't need a communication system and can write or talk about your opinions, she's just representing someone else who maybe understands everything but can't write long comments and is non-verbal, may only know makaton or uses pecs etc. and loves bright visual sensory input and whatever else, I don't know. Not an uncommon autistic character profile I think. And if you're going to say non-autistic people don't have a say in this, then I'm sad you don't know someone neurotypical that really sees you as you are without judging you, who don't need you to ''appear normal', and appreciate what you're worth in their lives (as you would with any human being). But seriously, it could be a terrible movie, watch it then judge.
Lila Lee
Lila Lee Il y a 9 heures
there is so much wrong with this
Nate EatsCake
Nate EatsCake Il y a 9 heures
At the looks of it, It’s unknown whether it’ll be in theaters, Video On Demand, or stream it exclusively on its respective streaming service
Lillian Reagan
Lillian Reagan Il y a 9 heures
I am an abled person who doesn’t have autism, but i can tell this isn’t right, something sets me off they should have picked a true autistic person to play her
Maddie Adler
Maddie Adler Il y a 9 heures
You know when this a bad movie when you've been scrolling the comments for at least a third of your hour and a half math class and not a single one is positive (Also, just saying, to anyone saying that this is a super bad representation of autism, it's not meant to be a portrayal of all autistic people. It's meant to be about one autistic person. Who was a real person. His name is Stevie. Assuming his last name wasn't named for privacy reasons.)
Kevin Poe
Kevin Poe Il y a 9 heures
this is a movie for theater majors who listen to ben shapiro and have never met an autistic person
Kevin Poe
Kevin Poe Il y a 9 heures
it’s incredible so many people worked on this project without ever seeing anything wrong
Jaime Carpenter
Jaime Carpenter Il y a 9 heures
Hey!! This is actually pretty ableist and Sia was working with Autism Speaks (basically a hate group) to make this. She isn’t taking any criticism that is actually from autistic people... don’t watch this.
Kaddy Crew
Kaddy Crew Il y a 9 heures
:00 :D
Riley Il y a 10 heures
first you cast a neurotypical actress, and then you make neurodivergent people (specifically autistic people) seem like a joke?? and the movie isn’t even autistic friendly. the bright colors and quick movements and loud noises will make me definitely not feel good. let alone even watching this movie. you didn’t do anything progressive. especially calling autistic people “bad actors”.
pxstelclxuds Il y a 10 heures
Shit....I loved Sia but now... I’m rethinking my respect for her. This is not realistic at ALL. I’m not autistic but i’m cringing watching this trailer. How did an entire team of people put together this insensitive film?? At first I thought this movie was going to just be a celebration of music. It would have been perfect like that. And then when I learned it was about somebody with autism I was hopeful that Sia would have produced something realistic. Instead, she brought in a bunch of actors and producers who DONT have autism and made a movie that would overwhelm many people with non-verbal autism. This should never have been approved.
Montravius Daniel
Montravius Daniel Il y a 10 heures
Academy Award “Winner” Kate Hudson. She was robbed back in 2001 for Almost Famous.
Yumii 13xo
Yumii 13xo Il y a 10 heures
Oh hell yeeeaahhh im excited!!! Im so ready to watch this
Grace Atherton
Grace Atherton Il y a 11 heures
Zahra Guezzar
Zahra Guezzar Il y a 11 heures
This is a movie trailer looks like their just doing a bunch of dancing with crazy costumes
Islandgirl POV
Islandgirl POV Il y a 11 heures
Sia leave the autistic community to tell their own stories.
Jaclyn Jenkins
Jaclyn Jenkins Il y a 11 heures
you’re never gonna make everyone happy. people just need to stop bitching about everything. fucking chill
titty fish
titty fish Il y a 11 heures
Leslie why :(
Dalia Januskis
Dalia Januskis Il y a 11 heures
Good concept, I just wish she had chosen someone that was actually autistic to play the role. She always chooses maddie XD
Maddie Weisblatt
Maddie Weisblatt Il y a 11 heures
I am not on the spectrum and don't want to speak for those who are. However, this seems really offensive. She is capitalizing on her perception autism (which she doesn't have) without actually using her platform to help those in the community speak out about it. This is really disappointing.
sloaneyboo Il y a 12 heures
this is absolutely disgusting
G2 APELANCA capudo
G2 APELANCA capudo Il y a 12 heures
hi sia I really like you and Maddie I watch chandalier until today please note me amooo🥰
Nicolette Thornhill
Nicolette Thornhill Il y a 12 heures
i don’t have autism or know really anything about it but this is terrible, i feel like she’s trying to portray people with autism like their just down right dumb like wtf is this.
Rebeca Pereira
Rebeca Pereira Il y a 12 heures
Ahhh ctz q esse filme vai ser perfeito 💕
PerriPoo Il y a 13 heures
Casting a non autistic person is like getting a straight person to play gay. White to play Black. If you want progression you should have given this role to someone on the spectrum, such a shame that someone with less opportunities than most won't even get the chance.
Esteban sotelo martinez
Esteban sotelo martinez Il y a 13 heures
Art. ♥️
Thankurado Il y a 13 heures
Focus on the point of the film
Madina Smith
Madina Smith Il y a 13 heures
Morgan Zayas
Morgan Zayas Il y a 13 heures
it isn’t that hard to get real actors who have autism, like maybe ask them how they see the world and not just assume too
Emma-ly Sanchez
Emma-ly Sanchez Il y a 13 heures
This reminds me of simple jack
Walawe Thusitha
Walawe Thusitha Il y a 13 heures
Noëlle Il y a 13 heures
(I speak for myself, not everyone else) As an asd person myself, Autism is not something happy, it’s not something bad either. It’s something exhausting. It makes us see detail, not wonderful glitter like you make it look. To me personally, I’ve had to switch to 5 different schools because of teachers who bullied me, students who bullied me and exhaustion issues due to sensitivity overload. We see the world the same way, though we experience it differently. The clip where that woman went into the music clip, made it look like the ‘autistic’ person saw her that way, when really, autism doesn’t work like that. And instead of listening to autistics themselves, you went to an autism hate group (autism speaks). If you did your research you’d know this group is horrible and spreads misinformation on autism. This gives me the feeling you wanna make money off of our backs. And if you wanted to include us, then include *us*.
Ken Seeker
Ken Seeker Il y a 14 heures
As an autistic person I find this stereotype very offensive and insensitive. And who put all this sensory overloading stuff on here?! Has Sia ever talked to an autistic person? How did this pass through an entire crew without a good dose of criticism?! Fuck off, I'm not playing your music again nor this dumb movie
kenny Il y a 14 heures
As a person whose friend is autistic, she does not act like this....
martina llambi
martina llambi Il y a 14 heures
I think that the movie is going to be really good, and for all the people saying that is too much color or that autistic people dont see the world like that it is just Sia's style
Danni Wolverton
Danni Wolverton Il y a 15 heures
so tell me why your movie is a sensory overload for people with autism.
TuesdaySugary Il y a 15 heures
lavender_flannel Il y a 15 heures
I don’t have autism, and I’m all for representation, but I don’t feel like this is good representation for the community.
mtb yuh
mtb yuh Il y a 15 heures
i’m not even on the autism spectrum but if all the actual autistic people in the comments are saying that this is offensive and rubs them the wrong way, they probably know more then no-autistic people. Also if a film is about a autistic girl, maybe a autistic girl would play her. And many autistic people have sensory issues, so why the flashing lights, colors, pounding music and overwhelming amount of action. It also has a savior vibe to it, “your the only one she was left.” kinda sus mate.
Oli Il y a 15 heures
As a neurodivergent person, I really don’t think Sia has even ever seen a neurodivergent person before. If sia would’ve given someone with actual Autism a role in this movie, it could’ve been much better- example: -casting a real autistic person -making it more realistic and not making it seem like all people with autism are constantly tripping on acid and shit, and making this movie less of a sensory overload
Chelsea Donatello
Chelsea Donatello Il y a 15 heures
This is literally so offensive
Amaya N
Amaya N Il y a 15 heures
this is so messed up
Claire P-B
Claire P-B Il y a 15 heures
Me, a girl with autism, hearing that Sia made a film that has an autistic girl in it: 😁😁😁 Me after watching this trailer:😢💔
Izzy Watson
Izzy Watson Il y a 15 heures
The teeth over the lips thing is actually so offensive to the autistic community as it’s usually a face used to mock autistic people, and the way she walks is unnecessary. Also if this is about someone who is autistic surely it shouldn’t be so bright and loud and colourful, many autistic people have sensory issues. The actor should be autistic, and you can’t change my mind
Eila Devaih
Eila Devaih Il y a 15 heures
Sia your my favorite singer your so good best singer in the history. Love you!!!
Mcyt Geek
Mcyt Geek Il y a 16 heures
What the hell is this- this is such bad casting-
Lindsay Batarla
Lindsay Batarla Il y a 16 heures
I’m neurotypical & that trailer was a sensory overload for me.
Hot stuff
Hot stuff Il y a 16 heures
this is so wrong 1. No caption 2. Loud noices which can trigger 3. Letting an non autistic person play someone with autism This seems like a mockery and Im not even autistic, Imagine not listening to a whole community, this is not spreading awareness, this is just ignorant, this is just so wrong omg
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