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Moseem Khan
Moseem Khan Il y a 13 heures
Zizi Top
Zizi Top Il y a 13 heures
Thank you Paris, I never realized how much trust I don’t have for people And the coping mechanisms used to protect myself. Family what’s that?
Joshua Nash
Joshua Nash Il y a 13 heures
Hello I watched this and really enjoy and love how you carry yourself ! We met once at a party in 05 you were so involved then that I didn't realy engage or tried ! at least!!lol but i really like the person and woman you've become i would love to talk if you want !xoxoxo
jonathen bowen
jonathen bowen Il y a 13 heures
I didn’t see a sincere response from her mother. She knew what she was inflicting the moment she let two men abduct her in the middle of the night. That’s pure abuse. Paris, never be sorry for making someone feel uncomfortable expressing the trauma they caused. Even family.
CherchezPas Il y a 13 heures
Its such a shame such extreme results had to happen just out of a difference between life choices.....who decides the person you should be...its amazing Paris is so close to her family now...I admire that....Im surprised it didnt cause and irreparable end...
mobile movies TEJA Films
mobile movies TEJA Films Il y a 13 heures
Watch this amazing thriller short film shot on iphone
Cordelia Il y a 13 heures
litigate against that school ASAP
Arianne De Los Reyes
Arianne De Los Reyes Il y a 13 heures
I wont stop until i got a billion dollars
Agnieszka Górzkowska
Agnieszka Górzkowska Il y a 13 heures
Her boyfriend was clearly way too drunk at Tomorrowland
Romiz Mazumder
Romiz Mazumder Il y a 13 heures
DJ P Il y a 13 heures
I finally gave in. But yeah, Paris’ voice is very natural and comforting.
Taylor Mae Garner
Taylor Mae Garner Il y a 13 heures
We love and support you Paris! I am now officially a new fan 💚
Silvia S
Silvia S Il y a 13 heures
What an amazing brave girl !!!!!!! Sending you so much love
asep saifulmilah
asep saifulmilah Il y a 14 heures
Mantap guys
Hannah Il y a 14 heures
I’m 18 and I know so many friends and people who have been sent to these schools and camps in Utah & Arizona. They’re the worst kind of punishment ‘parents’ could do to their child. It is such an easy cop out for rich parents who don’t want to deal with their kids ‘misbehaving’, because they have other priorities and choose to neglect their children. I never knew this about Paris and I’m usually someone who hates pop culture, celebrities and influencers but this has given me so much more respect for her. Her parents need to be held accountable for what they did too.
Gov Ind
Gov Ind Il y a 14 heures
Christian Farrales Vlog
Christian Farrales Vlog Il y a 14 heures
I blame the parents who enrolled their children there.
Cristobal Dicdican S.E.
Cristobal Dicdican S.E. Il y a 14 heures
#cristobaldicdican #cebumotorcyclecompany
elisheva rosenfeld
elisheva rosenfeld Il y a 14 heures
OMG HER PARENTS...... and the abuse.... insane.....her life was a nightmare!!!!
TECHNICAL ADI Il y a 14 heures
I only click this because I m tired of this ad😭
SmileswithOra Il y a 14 heures
Kim K was Paris's Assistant 😨😨💀
sarah j.
sarah j. Il y a 14 heures
Signed it Paris. what else do you want us to do? just say the word sister 💗
Praveen Creations
Praveen Creations Il y a 14 heures
Praveen Creations
Praveen Creations Il y a 14 heures
Pnanglebeans Il y a 14 heures
I can't with the puppy gloves and no handwashing and that hair needs to be pulled back....wait a is your lasagna infamous if you "haven't done this since I was a little girl, with my mom".... and why did you stick the pasta in water that isn't boiling??? Is she serious or is this a joke?
Dolly Yadav
Dolly Yadav Il y a 14 heures
Naveen Mahajan
Naveen Mahajan Il y a 14 heures
Naveen Mahajan
Naveen Mahajan Il y a 14 heures
Please support this song your one like can help him thanks public
Pristine Space
Pristine Space Il y a 14 heures
This is great you are doing this and #breakingCodeSilence is a powerful hashtag! Though I would like to ask Paris that you take this even further on breaking the silence. I am sure you know of much more abuse and crimes in other areas and maybe even experienced that world of abuse even deeper. #savethechildren You are brave and have a huge platform to help expose alot of hidden travesties. Bless You!
Magenta Il y a 14 heures
@ 21:45 she really called me broke i-
Tubey Tube
Tubey Tube Il y a 14 heures
LETS GET THIS IN TRENDING!!!! Keep posting comments, liking comments and sharing!
Aamir Qureshi
Aamir Qureshi Il y a 14 heures
Nikki Anderson
Nikki Anderson Il y a 14 heures
I'm autistic... it's so interesting that Provo Canyon School is here to HOPE, HEAL AND INSPIRE. First of all, I'm autistic, what are you 'hoping' for? That I won't be autistic or that I'll mask for the rest of my life? Secondly you can't 'heal' autism. What needs to be healed? Thirdly who tf are you inspiring? Inspiring me and other autistic people to mask? WTF?
Jaimee Liddell
Jaimee Liddell Il y a 14 heures
her boyfriend really pisses me off, like Paris was clearly distressed and nervous but her bf kept on freaking her out before the biggest thing of her life. love you Paris!!!
milly moe
milly moe Il y a 14 heures
As she got older she got so so so much more beautiful she looks amazing ❤️
Daiana Godoy
Daiana Godoy Il y a 14 heures
THIS, this is a woman taking her story back. If you ever experienced any kind of abuse, for being a woman or for other reason, you are not alone we believe and we have your back.
kaleem a
kaleem a Il y a 14 heures
working on
working on Il y a 14 heures
Guljar Ansari
Guljar Ansari Il y a 14 heures
Lisa Vradenburg
Lisa Vradenburg Il y a 14 heures
So brave to share your pain that can help others. May your new path reveal much peace, love, and joy~
Moth of Yuggoth
Moth of Yuggoth Il y a 14 heures
I think a trashy billionaire is coping just fine. We don't need to hear egomaniacs bragging about their luxurious lives while 90% of the world is in poverty.
kaleem a
kaleem a Il y a 14 heures
Bandhan Jha
Bandhan Jha Il y a 14 heures
Still she doesn't have enough courage to remove all that makeup
Vaishali Yadav
Vaishali Yadav Il y a 14 heures
Garage Recordings
Garage Recordings Il y a 14 heures
This is what we need. More rich folk complaining about how hard they have it...
China Phone
China Phone Il y a 14 heures
Cc defect VB. Epudu to get BC But. Epuducvbb CV Z's v CV CV v CV v BC
Perfect Stranger
Perfect Stranger Il y a 14 heures
she dnt need to clean the kitchen aftr cooking n make a mess..must be awesome lol
XOGxTwillzX Il y a 15 heures
Alzheimer's gang wya
ISHWAR LAL Il y a 15 heures
Woken Millennial
Woken Millennial Il y a 15 heures
This was a brand ad whilst a promo for the advocates against child emotional abuse camps.
hariprasad sharma
hariprasad sharma Il y a 15 heures
michelle furneaux
michelle furneaux Il y a 15 heures
loved it & the great song at end .
Alttgh Alttgh
Alttgh Alttgh Il y a 15 heures
Indadul Hoque
Indadul Hoque Il y a 15 heures
Amy Millen
Amy Millen Il y a 15 heures
I am so proud of you and everyone else for speaking up about this ♥️I am also proud of you for doing everything you can to make sure that that disgusting place gets shut down so that they can't hurt anymore kids .well done Paris 🥰 ohh and I've just signed the petition .this is support all the way from Scotland xx
annie H.
annie H. Il y a 15 heures
This is boring 😌,,,,,going back to watch Queen😍
yasio bolo
yasio bolo Il y a 14 heures
Her mom is toxic.
meximatt hardin
meximatt hardin Il y a 15 heures
So in a world where there’s a pandemic and isolation. People are struggling we are supposed to care about a person born with a silver spoon in her mouth.
Haseena KhaDC v would cry &18th and ovn
Haseena KhaDC v would cry &18th and ovn Il y a 15 heures
Faris Rais Rais
Faris Rais Rais Il y a 15 heures
Can’t sleep ? Why don’t you open and read bible quran Torah etc whatever u pick one you’ll find the light the nightmare will gone
yasio bolo
yasio bolo Il y a 14 heures
Adam Eget brought me here
Lana Kane
Lana Kane Il y a 15 heures
Bobbi Groves
Bobbi Groves Il y a 15 heures
I never used to like her, I always thought she was a ditzy rich kid, and tbh I still think that but I truly do feel so bad for what she has gone through in her life with those schools and the torture she endured, however I still think that she's too "entitled" because of her name, if she didn't have the "Hilton" last name she would be a "nobody", but I don't condone "child" abuse in any form and for that I feel truly sorry for her! I hope that she will and can find peace and be able to sleep without being afraid anymore.
Keiko Bushnell
Keiko Bushnell Il y a 15 heures
You are Amazing Paris. I’m a fan now. 🙌🏻🙌🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🦄🩹
andreamillerlite Il y a 15 heures
I always knew Paris was smart. However, how her feelings have been disregarded throughout her life is inexcusable. I, too, went to one of “those schools” back the same years she did. AWFUL experience. (Not as bad as hers, but definitely relatable). I hope she can let herself out of the mental prison that her mind is holding her hostage to and live the life SHE wants to live. HER life. Not what social media thinks she should be. She really has a beautiful, caring soul and I hope the world sees this side of her. Sometimes, glitz and glam are just the bandaids for the trauma that’s happened. She, like anyone else, deserves to live her life as happy and peaceful at heart as anyone else. Thanks for sharing, Paris. You are a warrior and I am confident you are going to be just fine. Day by day my dear 💖
Samantha Egurvide
Samantha Egurvide Il y a 15 heures
I can't imagine how hard creating this must have been for you, but just know we are always going to be here for you. I'm wishing you nothing but the very best always and forever. <3
Gypsy Woman
Gypsy Woman Il y a 15 heures
"This is so awkward. What is happening?" 😂 probably would be like a daily mantra if any one of us lived her life
Annlt220 T
Annlt220 T Il y a 15 heures
She’s like a kid. Wow 😯. Um he’s not the one.
Rebecca Hopkins
Rebecca Hopkins Il y a 15 heures
I came here to give Paris a virtual hug 🤗 after that documentary, all I want to do is hug her.
Sparks Fly
Sparks Fly Il y a 15 heures
Can anyone tell me what on the earth is happening with her? I was busy with semester exams so totally unaware:/
Leona Lace
Leona Lace Il y a 15 heures
We ❤ you Paris !
Woken Millennial
Woken Millennial Il y a 15 heures
ok the MacBook for every boyfriend...and the hundreds of MacBooks - madness.
Merajul Khan
Merajul Khan Il y a 15 heures
John Doe
John Doe Il y a 15 heures
Money comes with false identities without knowing it! Making a buck because you have none compared to making a buck because you don't need it is not comparable. Average people don't make money living off there most extreme fantasized dream life and Paris does. She didn't start from the bottom and built the Hilton empire and to her working hard in the mud wouldn't be working like an average person in the world but living like an average person for 10 min to her is working hard and very stressful. Anybody else doing the exact same job doesn't get nearly paid the same'' I don't think she knows this.. Average person maybe $20-$25 an hour with expenses.. Paris..lump sum that is over the top with all included luxury and for what really!? What Paris needs to recognize is that the way she works hard and the money she earns for it.. is truthfully false and this is why when people see her complain about what she is going thru is a life dream to others to even have those issues as they are mediocre and immature! Somebody who makes an issue out of nothing because they have everything and don't know it!! Not her fault really but she would need to go on a show for maybe 6 months to 1 year and live like an average joe, be paid like an average joe, pay her own bills with an average basic pay like everybody else. Doing the same job she does now but being paid in reality money. Only way she will get rid of those false identities around her and maybe have an understanding that her life and problems are 7 Billions dream who can handle these problems with a flick of a switch! Making this documentary was part of her 1 Billion dollar scam. What does she really say in this Documentary? Absolutely NOTHING!! Do we really want to be rich and become like this to be so desperate to make a EXTRA Billion Dollars when you already have it?. So people ask your parents how they work or worked hard, ask your grandparents how they supported 10 plus kids with 1 person working on a average pay. Ask them how they keep or kept a smile for 30 - 40 years and still smiling and never complained!! While this one has a Billion and cry's like a toddler without a sucker in her mouth 24/7.. Paris... Seriously! GROW UP! YOUR HITTING 40 and start looking and acting like it and stop talking like a baby and choose friends who act there age! I am 100% that you already dealt with this issue LONG AGO as you are not 20 anymore! Go make your easy extra Billion dollars somewhere else! I hope nobody falls for your media friends that are writing below with false comments to heighten this scam documentary with BS! FYI: The men taking her out of her bed and the cell picture... That was rehab for excessive drugs! Her interpretation is over the top extreme as her 2 friends Nicole and Lindsay also went but at least they took ownership of there actions today! But they were sent by a Judge her parents took ownership like a parent should do because they new they were the cause!
Keiko Bushnell
Keiko Bushnell Il y a 15 heures
Those girls you went to Pervo I mean Provo with, are awesome chicks. The kind of real people I’m talking about. Keep them in your life.
rose Wilson
rose Wilson Il y a 15 heures
Her mother looks like Caitlyn Jenner
Undefined D
Undefined D Il y a 15 heures
This video doesn't explain anything but I don't want to watch your stupid movie to research it further
William Erasmus
William Erasmus Il y a 15 heures
Yes Britney please! But to Paris ... she looks so much more beautiful without the old-school young girl persona. Her maturity really makes her more attractive wow.
Envy Lopez
Envy Lopez Il y a 15 heures
I knew I related to you for a reason and loved you no matter what people said thanks for making this 🥺❤️❤️❤️
John Sellas
John Sellas Il y a 15 heures
Adam Eget brought me here
pcmihai8 Il y a 15 heures
Saba Khan
Saba Khan Il y a 15 heures
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