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Dave S
Dave S Il y a 56 minutes
Thor God of Hammers
Thor God of Hammers Il y a 58 minutes
Friend: *fills up blinker fluid* Me: “what the hell happened here”
Gaming_ ManYT
Gaming_ ManYT Il y a heure
Its a hummer
GOD loves You
GOD loves You Il y a heure
Make sure to oil your tires properly.
Avery Dosal
Avery Dosal Il y a heure
Do a face reveal!!
Fernando Il y a heure
0:52 First time i saw this video thought that it was his hair...
Ben Dover
Ben Dover Il y a heure
Sounds like an 8yo But seems like a 29yo
Mutated__Donkey Il y a heure
I’m deadass gonna do this. Idc if this is an April fools joke
Moeez Ahmed
Moeez Ahmed Il y a heure
You are a legend
Robin Hemthon
Robin Hemthon Il y a heure
Chris fix is one of my favorite cars FRshowr because he is the best and he tell us how to do thing and save so much money
Dennys lopez
Dennys lopez Il y a heure
Suh Aan
Suh Aan Il y a heure
I have Toyota pruis
Xavier Cruz
Xavier Cruz Il y a heure
Got here via auto play while looking for hybrid repairs and now I'm officially jealous and have another dream car😂😂, belated grats!
Jp Il y a heure
Wow how do you know all of this?
Leo Lara
Leo Lara Il y a heure
You forgot blinker Fluid 🙁
J Rodriguez
J Rodriguez Il y a heure
Any reason why you didn’t grind down the welds?
agron agron
agron agron Il y a heure
i think you need to do a face reveal
eL_Alex Il y a heure
This guy is beyond our realm.....we must protect him
Space GhostX
Space GhostX Il y a heure
Can we get a update on the project car list because the last update was 2 years ago please
Vanish_Expert_YT Il y a heure
Lol he just told 7 million people how to take out his kill switch anyway!!🤣👌And they know where his kill switch is so they can just turn it on!!
Doug Macrae
Doug Macrae Il y a heure
My 2018 mini cooper calls 91 0ctane. Would it hurt if I ran 93?
mihai_brr Il y a heure
In my country it's not legal to use soap or detergents in public places unless you have a draining system.
Kavish Koomar
Kavish Koomar Il y a heure
Wow... found new respect for the H1 now!! My dream car however is the 05 Ford GT!! 🤤🤤🤤
Reydentor Tenajeros
Reydentor Tenajeros Il y a heure
Hello Chris! This video is great! Thumbs up to you man!👍🙌👏
Pete Il y a heure
This video had me questioning everything! Done so convincingly..
shaolin Justice
shaolin Justice Il y a heure
This dude just bought his pops his dream car 🤔 damn Y'ALL are paying this dudes way threw life !! 🤣🤣🤣
alameer's world
alameer's world Il y a heure
Can you do my mine?
Taylor Darling
Taylor Darling Il y a heure
Should do a video on window tinting
RaYvA Il y a heure
Thanks Chrisfix I just removed, painted, replaced my brakes z front and back... I had extra rust inhibitors and paint so I gave both cross members a good sand down and soapy water wash before applying rust inhibitor sealant, primers and ceramic paints. Woohoo you're one of the best instructors. Thank you! I'll post pics on insta because I can't here.
Luca Sandu
Luca Sandu Il y a heure
Hi Chris! I was wondering if u know any sites with cars from Europe where I could find hummers h1. I really like hummers h1 and I would like to get one myself. It would be great If u could let me know. Keep up the good work btw & love ur vids 😁
Rayaan plays PKXD
Rayaan plays PKXD Il y a heure
Chrisfix am a big fan I been watching u for 1 year ur vids are cool my dream is to become a call mechanic keep it up
Alastair Archibald
Alastair Archibald Il y a heure
I know how to stop brakes from squealing: put high-temperature grease on the pads and discs (UK sp). It's amazing the difference that makes. The brakes don't work any more? No, but they don't squeal, either.
hunter alber
hunter alber Il y a heure
0:06 you ment detroy chrisfish
hunter alber
hunter alber Il y a heure
Ps: kill is a swear word your cool your an adult
Reydentor Tenajeros
Reydentor Tenajeros Il y a heure
thank you Chris! I did my first oil change for the first time. This video is very helpful for those people who owned car and want to change oil themselves.
Brian Reyes
Brian Reyes Il y a heure
Idk any of what he's saying but this is so satisfying to watch
Aušra Konstantinavičiūtė
Aušra Konstantinavičiūtė Il y a heure
Very informative, thank you!
Baron Il y a heure
Great presentation. I did this as an inexpensive way to start troubleshooting spongy brakes. When I did this I didn't get a flow of fluid all the way into bottle Repeated at each line 10 or more times until no bubbles.. I got aquarium size bubbles out of 2 lines. Brakes improved. Should pedal be pressed quickly to get flow into bottle ? Thanks.
Not You
Not You Il y a heure
Road salt? Or perhaps that trip to the beach and driving through salt water?
Khalil Khalil
Khalil Khalil Il y a 2 heures
What you will say if a criminal watched this video 🙂
Richard Kendall
Richard Kendall Il y a 2 heures
i was told to disconnect the 12v battery 1st then the plug
Jackson Rodrick
Jackson Rodrick Il y a 2 heures
Knock sensors are made of piezo crystals that create voltage when the crystals are moved
Lubabalo Nqumse
Lubabalo Nqumse Il y a 2 heures
After how long or how many break pad replacements do you advice to change the rotar?
Jackson Rodrick
Jackson Rodrick Il y a 2 heures
Shell is the best gas by my experience.
Clorox 2
Clorox 2 Il y a 2 heures
Me:makes some soapy wooder with a few drops of dawn Chris:DO NOT USE DISH SOAP Me:well shit
tmolson461 Il y a 2 heures
I’m gonna say it right now everything about Jaguar X-Types is a design flaw
RegalPsycho Il y a 2 heures
Is there a good way to realign the pulleys, rather than changing the belt?
Red Phoenix
Red Phoenix Il y a 2 heures
I guess, there is no bolt on performance increase in general, especially if you want a significant increase. It might need some tweaking.
L M Il y a 2 heures
As a retired mechanic, I have met customers who are very smart and they don't know what a Transmission is. Can you believe that?
Kumpel Blase
Kumpel Blase Il y a 2 heures
at least the rear tires were mounted against the direction of rotation ^^
Rally Fan
Rally Fan Il y a 2 heures
U need to buy a Lada 2107 and make video with him 😁
Lord Lightskin
Lord Lightskin Il y a 2 heures
I dont know much about cars but work in production. I really cant stress how much you do NOT want to have oily substances or grease around rubber or plastics. We had a lines belt literally look like it was eaten after a little bit of grease had touched it. The belt was made of rubber and slid on a fine metal bar. Took 3 months and that belt was GONE
Ez edits
Ez edits Il y a 2 heures
Its a 1998 mustang gt
Mordy Eisig
Mordy Eisig Il y a 2 heures
Tysm really helpful!
huluminus Il y a 2 heures
Very excessive on the power steering oil
Jayden Grant
Jayden Grant Il y a 2 heures
I dont have a car because im 11 i want my first car to be a subaru wrx sti
ruessin Il y a 2 heures
Lol I work at advance auto
M Daver Abbas
M Daver Abbas Il y a 2 heures
Best videos i love him cuz of his great content
Billy Johnson
Billy Johnson Il y a 2 heures
Chevy Caprice ppv. Stock Ls2 block with LS3 heads the L77 motor. Slap sequential eBay turbos on and you're golden
Tranquilo Il y a 2 heures
Thanks Chris
BoZ AWe Il y a 2 heures
Great video Chris! Which part of the clutch do you have to replace if its slipping?
The Official Unofficial
The Official Unofficial Il y a 3 heures
IMPORTANT: I'm a car mechanic intern/trainee at a garage where i replace and fix a lot of leaking tires. All i want to say the plugs used in this video, and those that look the same, are mainly for temporary use. If you realy want to fix a leaking tyre, either replace it, or if it has a lot of life left, go to a tyre specialist garage, and ask them if how they mainly fix a flat tire. If they fix it like this, form the outside, you sould ask if the have a technique to do it from the inside, with the tyre removed from the rim, with something like a litteral plug, that looks like a long stem with a big circle at the end. If this thechnique is performed correctly, it should last the lifespan of the tire itself.
mihai_brr Il y a 3 heures
Is this a joke?
Tuco Benedicto
Tuco Benedicto Il y a 3 heures
Sounds good for the Northe east usa. Would you suggest regular rotors or drilled/slotted for regular car. OEM's heat up and can't handle it.
mitha vlogs and the kaders
mitha vlogs and the kaders Il y a 3 heures
whens the face reveal
vergel automotive
vergel automotive Il y a 3 heures
Great good job bro thanks for sharing video
Dallas Dirty Dozen
Dallas Dirty Dozen Il y a 3 heures
Lol 5 years old but when my guy said “when you pull out” the slight pause was funny idk if you meant that but it’s funny
lil Happy
lil Happy Il y a 3 heures
Audi RS7 sportback 🤤
TheDustEcosystem TheDustEcosystem
TheDustEcosystem TheDustEcosystem Il y a 3 heures
The idea and the plan for doing the job is best but the quality of welding is not the best as it is. Otherwise it not bad enough..... TheDust
Road Master
Road Master Il y a 3 heures
When I clean the inside glass, I remove the rear view mirror and also cover the dashboard and steering wheel with a towel or some type of cover. Been a gearhead and savior of sorry cars since the early (early) sixties and your videos are well thought out and helpful. I have all manner of tips that could only be called odds and ends, but not enough for a video. It's always a blast to plan a fix and see it happen! As always, keep it under a hundred around the corners if you can.
TheHoryzons TM
TheHoryzons TM Il y a 3 heures
my paint is ruined completely..
sam klotz
sam klotz Il y a 3 heures
i have always wanted a HUMVEE not a hummer
Umar Mayet
Umar Mayet Il y a 3 heures
What honda is this?
Aryan Il y a 3 heures
Make more video about h1 and add some mods.
not tryna argue but
not tryna argue but Il y a 3 heures
Project Farm tested all these including the homemade. Showed kroil was the most expensive but worst performing. The homemade is best but only a little better than liquid wrench if I remember correctly
Ajay Aquino
Ajay Aquino Il y a 3 heures
Hi sir chris.,i live in tropical country here in philippines,for that my headlamp lens is cracking due to very hot weather..can you give me some advice or tools to fix those sun cracks?sanding and coating is good for renewal headlamp but the sun cracks still visible...hopefully you xan help me..thanks in advance....
Jason Kaplan
Jason Kaplan Il y a 3 heures
Never hammer U joints. You can damage the new part. I’ve had it happen
quang anh
quang anh Il y a 3 heures
Great video. Tks
Gábor Bérczi
Gábor Bérczi Il y a 3 heures
Polishing by hand is not what we call "paint correction". You will not be able to remove, but the most superficial, barely visible "scratches" by hand. You need a machine polisher to do anything that can be considered "paint correction". Now, don't get me wrong: you can improve the appearance of the paint greatly even by doing a hand polish, but what you're doing there and the level you can possibly reach is not what the professional term "paint correction" means.
WarriorOfMetal RoadOfKings
WarriorOfMetal RoadOfKings Il y a 4 heures
Very good.
malvin Il y a 4 heures
i don't even have a license but i like watching these video lol
Christopher Il y a 4 heures
I have the electrical display one how do I fix that
uabloom ttv
uabloom ttv Il y a 4 heures
I just watch your subscribers grow and now your on 6.55M subscribers
Mio 521
Mio 521 Il y a 4 heures
My Dream car is a 70s Charger.
DreadfulErik Il y a 4 heures
Shouldn't you use an "rust converter" before painting it or is it not really necessary? :o
chelu prim par
chelu prim par Il y a 4 heures
Change the exhaust to make it sound like a demons best friend
RexyFan Il y a 4 heures
I’ve been cold soldering for years (on and off on random jobs). And it was always a pain cos it would take forever to get the solder to stick on. It would sometimes just fall off the wires. I wish I knew this years ago. The helping hands are a great idea too. Thanks Chris.
Hunter Stewart
Hunter Stewart Il y a 4 heures
charger hellcat redeye
Hellaku Abb
Hellaku Abb Il y a 4 heures
don't you need do vacuum the air out before recharging?
O V Il y a 4 heures
Lmao, vary funny I bet at least at least 2 people did or came close and someone told them not to cuz if you don't know car's right off bat you would think OMG when I seen that water in there AKA blinker fluid already knew this was a joke but who didn't
Amel Hankić
Amel Hankić Il y a 4 heures
face reveal cmon