BET Awards 2020 Performances!
Niya NeverSoBasic
Niya NeverSoBasic Il y a 3 minutes
Queen can we get a song wit Airi
GTRenegade04YT Il y a 4 minutes
I mean her child might did hit his kid but I would of made my child apologize and buy the kid a dessert or something then it would of been ok
Olaanaa Tookko
Olaanaa Tookko Il y a 14 minutes
LILLYWAYNA Il y a 15 minutes
👍🏼❤❤❤❤🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Black american female singers have the best vocals of all times
Preston Herron
Preston Herron Il y a 24 minutes
Mister Il y a 26 minutes
I can't see Nas and Chuck D on the same track.....he never came like Chuck did....he was all about money and bullshit....that's why they need to change the beats, which is also wack.....shoulda had Ice Cube
Khotso Mosia
Khotso Mosia Il y a 30 minutes
Who came here after yg said nicki's cancelled 🙄
Marcus Foe Nobody
Marcus Foe Nobody Il y a 30 minutes
How old is he
yourfave Il y a 32 minutes
Beautiful performance
Anthony Oden
Anthony Oden Il y a 36 minutes
I just hate myself and I don't know why and my sister is really annoying it's just so boring with her you weren't like the her she doesn't like germs
Wenona Russ
Wenona Russ Il y a 37 minutes
DIS my joint! Lets CONTINUE to FIGHT THE POWER! @x3xs
Anthony Oden
Anthony Oden Il y a 38 minutes
I can still love the song even if it's old
Anthony Oden
Anthony Oden Il y a 38 minutes
I like Old Town Road
Aécio Luiz
Aécio Luiz Il y a 40 minutes
They’re so talented, I’m shocked 🤩❤️👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Black Economics
Black Economics Il y a 41 minute
Im loving yall comments.
3broers Il y a 41 minute
looks and sounds like a missy rip off
MD Builds
MD Builds Il y a 42 minutes
Imagine how it was for the kids then?
sdiallo372 Il y a 45 minutes
Lil Wayne just being Tunechi...still lacing tracks.
John Smith
John Smith Il y a 47 minutes
*Um no..... Even by his definition and his standards, he has to ignore the fact that there is representation of every ethnicity, creed, or culture in all 3 branches of the US Govt.... There is representation of every single ethnicity, creed, or culture that proposes the bills in the legislative branch of the govt.... There is representation of every single ethnicity, creed, or culture in the judicial branch that reviews those bills, and there is representation of every single ethnicity, creed, or culture that not only advises the president and gives the president guidance on whether or not to sign the bill into law, or veto the bill, but there is also representation of every single ethnicity, creed, or culture that enforces these laws, in every single law enforcement agency in the US......* *All what this guy is doing is effectively just putting people down, and putting them in a place by saying that they will never go any where or do anything, my guess, is to keep is source of income to continue, because there are unfortunately people, blind, ignorant or stupid enough to actually believe what this guy is saying....*
Toniaalwaysnforever Il y a 51 minute
I didn’t no whether to cry or scream I’ve listened to this woman since I first started talking my mom and my grown cousins would cry together listening to her I feel like she was always apart of my family with her story and her voice omg omg omg
Cory Browne
Cory Browne Il y a 51 minute
Cory Browne
Cory Browne Il y a 51 minute
I love the babby
Love Monstera
Love Monstera Il y a 55 minutes
She's such a gorgeous lady 🤗
Sarah Snell
Sarah Snell Il y a 58 minutes
bigg brown
bigg brown Il y a heure
Dennis Ondati
Dennis Ondati Il y a heure
I like dababy
fried chicken
fried chicken Il y a heure
She’s bubbly here than on Flavor of love
Delano DYLONIOUS Il y a heure
Who is that woman performing at 14 mins in and whats the name of her song. Im going through that and I wanna use this to ask her my ex girlfriend. Can anyone help?
Mikayla Malchione
Mikayla Malchione Il y a heure
How are there only 2 comments on here? And on if them is me
Rashonda Oliver
Rashonda Oliver Il y a heure
I’m so Shook up babe from the love you give 🗣🗣🗣🥰🤫🥰🥰🥰
SparklezandSweetzTV Il y a heure
Jessie Frye
Jessie Frye Il y a heure
None of the 3 shots that hit 2pac, were "kill" shots, They removed his right lung. THAT was the damage shot. I don't believe he's dead.