carolinajedi Il y a heure
The older I got ,,, the more respect i lost for Michael Vick ... He's full of s#:+
Truth Sports H
Truth Sports H Il y a heure
Mike you was black and had conrows
GavinGavynLyric Il y a heure
Better athletes doesn’t equal better players unc
Nyjah Hurst
Nyjah Hurst Il y a heure
Hasn’t he broken his thumb like 3 years in a row??
CliffBeenOfficial _
CliffBeenOfficial _ Il y a heure
Shannon be talkin
Reggie Simpson
Reggie Simpson Il y a heure
They not asking him to do certain things because he’s incapable of doing so mr Cromartie
The Englishman
The Englishman Il y a heure
The world has gone PC mad - it's nothing to due with racism - he's been injured and looking to get a lot of money - so is s risky investment. The fact he's willing to drop his wage demands says a lot about the man - good on him. Lay off the race card though, it's getting embarrasing
IsaacGDAWG Il y a heure
Miles like 10% black lol that’s why he’s been saying
Gold Lucario
Gold Lucario Il y a heure
Thank you Shannon for keeping it real. Mike was off during the interview. Scary that even Skip was making more sense than Mike.
Jaylen Tate
Jaylen Tate Il y a heure
Mike is more worried about his job than speaking the truth
youngbuck0911 Il y a heure
But if Mahomes signed for a minimum of 50 mill for the first year and kept going up, everyone would say he killed the cap and their potential to be a dynasty.
Rick CBG
Rick CBG Il y a heure
Call them The Washington Kneelers
Jenkins BJM
Jenkins BJM Il y a heure
Racism is fixed now
Odell Goodman-Bey
Odell Goodman-Bey Il y a heure
Not Surprised he disrespected Muchael Jai White 🖕🏾him
Jeff Dixon
Jeff Dixon Il y a heure
Why would I support an organization full of 1. Cowardly owners who bend to tyranny and thus in doing so give it their implicit support. 2. Bigoted players who hate people who do not look like them. 3. Rich communists who hate America. and have no gratitude but only greed. 4. People who want to support and further the tyranny of PC SJW BS. 5. Companies who endorse and support all of the above.
Bill Younker
Bill Younker Il y a heure
Boo hoo Shannon the race baiter
I have microscope videos
I have microscope videos Il y a heure
Damn Mike Vick sounds like he’s trapped on the plantation still 😟
Chloe Chen
Chloe Chen Il y a heure
Fox Sports 1 have figured out the formula for staying on the good side of the woke outrage mob: Declare any adversity experienced by an African-American person a clear cut-case of Anti-Black Injustice (TM), regardless of the actual facts and context, and book the good Reverend Shannon Sharpeton to come on and 'do his thang.' 👨🏿‍⚖️
baby lai
baby lai Il y a heure
Shannon.. you talked louder didnt mean you are correct.. lebron is show without substance.. period
mike hunt
mike hunt Il y a heure
Cowboys killed the Indians..........Cowboys name must go. Part of cultural eradication by design. A public hatred of another culture brought to you by the COWBOYS
Derrick Kimsey
Derrick Kimsey Il y a heure
Who cares I see now why I quit watching this
tom bob
tom bob Il y a heure
I'm 30 years old and I grew up in a Time when I was taught sticks and stones will break your bones but words can never hurt you
carlos Gonzalez
carlos Gonzalez Il y a heure
What you expect in a country the in an job application ask a question what race you consider yourself White amerucan Afro ameriican Latino Asian Arab What race doesnt matters the job requires ment ? And thats why u.s. is going what they going thorough
mike hunt
mike hunt Il y a heure
Keep talking Skip....cowboys are next and this conversation seals the deal
mike hunt
mike hunt Il y a heure
Skip NEVER runs out of air. Blowhard at its finest. Change entire name. Virginia Bulldogs.... Chip just made the case to change the cowboys name....Who killed the Indian culture.....white cowboys
Scott Isarock
Scott Isarock Il y a heure
Where's T. O. When you need him? I can hear him saying "I'm out here in these streets Mike Vick and some say that skip is blacker than you"
Steve Syed
Steve Syed Il y a heure
Kenny Smith would get benched for any bench player in the league right now if one of them was on Hakeem's Rockets team.
tom bob
tom bob Il y a heure
I just said the n word 100× ........omg were all going to die now what did i just do....omg
FatmanJonesTV Il y a heure
I feel like we’re reading a little far into this...I’m pretty sure it was his extensive injury history mixed with the fact that no one could work him out because of COVID
The Hentai Dealer
The Hentai Dealer Il y a heure
Im gonna say two words JASON TERRY I rest my case
Troy Mendes
Troy Mendes Il y a heure
Dak Prescott played for pennies during his first four years while balling out. Now the tables have turned and they want him to sign a contract for less than the franchise tag? Dallas should've come to him and bumped his contract up two years ago, at least to show appreciation for what he'd accomplished. NOPE! They didn't. And now, it's Dak's turn. I predict after two franchise tags, Mike Tomlin will scoop up Dak and he might be the final piece for the Steelers.
James Scott
James Scott Il y a heure
Moss always had to be double teamed.
Go Browns
Go Browns Il y a heure
punches old man in face. ESPN: what should happen because he said a racist word. we truly live in idiocracy. This may have been the single dumbest video i have seen in a very long time
Eric Baldoza
Eric Baldoza Il y a heure
Great job Vick!! For not caving into these clowns pushing their racial agenda on you. Much respect my friend!!
Eric S
Eric S Il y a heure
War eagle 🦅 Auburn football legend, besides burrow and vince young as Best college seasons ever
T Bone
T Bone Il y a heure
They broke Micheal Vick...
Schwag Gaming and Music
Schwag Gaming and Music Il y a heure
Mike is trying to hard to not make his white coworkers mad......
Mike Milly
Mike Milly Il y a heure
And this argument “it’s because he has the best talent” yeah... probably because he’s a great coach that can recruit!!
Sean Dolan
Sean Dolan Il y a heure
Imagine calling $500 million bad... if it’s not guaranteed and he gets injured then it is fairly poor.
James Scott
James Scott Il y a heure
Everyone knows who Moss is. This man should already be in the Hall of Fame. There are some bums in the Hall.
David Bojarski
David Bojarski Il y a heure
Of course it comes to money now Kansas City next to change their name
Derek Franklin
Derek Franklin Il y a heure
Blah, Blah, blah, blah...are we going to claim racism every time someone makes “a mean face” at a black player. Last time I checked Pat Mahomes and Russell Wilson - both black QBs - were 1 & 2 when comes to the highest paid players in the NFL.
John Almanza
John Almanza Il y a heure
Racism racism people are going to lose ratings because of your promotion of racism.
Mike Milly
Mike Milly Il y a heure
This is hilarious because klatt was majorly discounting him not long ago
Nickos White
Nickos White Il y a 2 heures
huge vick fan but it seems like he has blinders on when it comes to certain topics. i was triggered when he mentioned maturity, cams a 10 year vet, hows his maturity still in question.
Diamond Life
Diamond Life Il y a 2 heures
If Vick never went to prison, he would have dreads and dress like 2 chainz...
Paul Nobles
Paul Nobles Il y a 2 heures
Shannon does not get it. He is in favor of continuing to blame the president which is not helping.
Schwag Gaming and Music
Schwag Gaming and Music Il y a 2 heures
N***** cam got hurt you got locked up
Peter Nguyen
Peter Nguyen Il y a 2 heures
Are you kidding me? He was picked up by the whites team. He wasn’t healthy for the last two years. He is 0-8 in his last 8 games. He has a shoulder and ankle injury. Aren’t there black head coaches? Where are they?
Schwag Gaming and Music
Schwag Gaming and Music Il y a 2 heures
Why are we getting the opinion of Michael Vick who has been openly shiting on Cam Newton for the better half of like 9 and 10 years
Tai Weaver
Tai Weaver Il y a 2 heures
He would fit well with the pistons and his manager jermaine Jackson is a Detroit guy and played for them
Jemmie Plasse
Jemmie Plasse Il y a 2 heures
Shannon make absolutely EVERYTHING about race and skip can't have his own opinion unless shannon approves.. it's so sad to watch
Leon Anthony
Leon Anthony Il y a 2 heures
I hope the title quote of this video wasn't actually said by Vick cus if so he doesn't know the definition of the word racism. There was no systematic process set up to hold Cam bk. He was coming off injury & hadn't contributed to winning lately is all.
Khaotic 1
Khaotic 1 Il y a 2 heures
Those who don’t know how to think like a business owner should really stop trying to speak on something with 0 knowledge. Let me get this straight, so owners should have rolled out the carpet for Cam with a 4 yr deal worth what? $100 million? $80 million? If I have no clue how you will perform as a QB after suffering 2 separate injuries to two separate areas which together both impact throwing & running abilities, but as a owner I am suppose to pay big dollars? It’s very freaking simple and doesn’t need to be overthought, 1 yr deal for some change so every team can see if he still can perform at that MVP level (since a lot of idiots keep throwing his 2015 MVP out there in 2020), then he will get that elite QB payday but he must prove that the shoulder, ankle & psych are still there & perform.
Marcezee Fasho
Marcezee Fasho Il y a 2 heures
Dam Mike, these people are never going to forgive you, Kijafa is probably sitting next to him like Huh
sean arya
sean arya Il y a 2 heures
what a load of bs
Cody Cha
Cody Cha Il y a 2 heures
Is Shannon justifying looting and killing of innocent people like captain David Dorn over flatscreen?
James Ritter
James Ritter Il y a 2 heures
Teams cannot look at Cam as they normally can secondary to COVID.
O6MustangGT Il y a 2 heures
Shay be talking all the time about how he doesn't talk about another man getting his money but yet here he is
The Quack
The Quack Il y a 2 heures
Yea... getting replaced by another black QB in a league that has 9 other black QBs that start. Y’all really just pulling that out of anything you can now
JimmyRose1 Il y a 2 heures
Didn't Patrick Mahomes get a $500 million contract?
Khaotic 1
Khaotic 1 Il y a 2 heures
Really getting sick & tired of asking about racism on every damn situation. Sports news, you know better. You, sports media, are fully aware of the injuries & headache that Cam brings. I don’t care about Peyton & Brees getting paid after uncertainty of their injuries, they are not the Cam type and Cam is not their type. Find me a black & white QB with the same exact profile & playing type & then I’ll show you equal pay. Keep in mind Patrick Mahommes just got paid. It will be followed by DeShaun Watson & Lamar Jackson. Dak has not proven to be in that same conversation based on the data, play & results.
Jason G
Jason G Il y a 2 heures
Everything is apparently racism nowadays. I’m disappointed in ESPN for trying to race bait. DISGUSTING
nichola dobinson
nichola dobinson Il y a 2 heures
This is why mike says you can’t compare eras
Immaculate Interception
Immaculate Interception Il y a 2 heures
SHANON ALWAYS HATIN ON MY TEAMS ! Leave the Browns and Ohio State alone. And he thinks the cavs was only LeBron like cmon now.
Eloy Leija
Eloy Leija Il y a 3 heures
Wasnt tony romo dating herry jones grandaughter?
John50 Beach
John50 Beach Il y a 3 heures
Didn't Deion have his way with Jerry Rice a few times?
Anthony O
Anthony O Il y a 3 heures
Skip doesn’t want pressure to be on Brady because he wants the GOAT argument to be closed sooo badly. He’s basically setting it up for a win win scenario in this segment smh. What a tool. Lol
Anthony O
Anthony O Il y a 3 heures
Nobody expecting a damn thing from CAM (This year) , we just want him 2 get back on track and anything after that it’s gravy...TF Skip talking about?
Evan Hachiya
Evan Hachiya Il y a 3 heures
Mahomes: I was injured running a qb sneak Skip: it is physically impossible to be injured on a qb sneak
Oboyyyy Il y a 3 heures
Everytime they have Vick on to talk about race I get sad because they broke that man he refuses to talk about race in anyway after what the league and media did to him and always tries to say whats right now
Anthony O
Anthony O Il y a 3 heures
Skips got his head so far down Brady’s a** LOL...Homeboy already making excuses for Brady and they ain’t played one game LOL
CallmeSonof Curtis James
CallmeSonof Curtis James Il y a 3 heures
I would love to hear this conversation at club Sha Sha vs on network TV.
George Seymour
George Seymour Il y a 3 heures
JohnCorbinX97 Il y a 3 heures
Come On Man !!! Racism has nothing to do with it !!! Cam Newton doesn't know if he wants to be a Boy or a Girl.. He is an embarrassment to the NFL and that's the main reason the Panthers let him go... I give it one season with the Patriots and he will be done with the NFL forever after...
Chi Town Guru
Chi Town Guru Il y a 3 heures
What Kaepernick said about Mike Vick is so TRUE... He truly suffers from STOCKHOLM SYNDROME 😞
Þórarinn Snorrason
Þórarinn Snorrason Il y a 3 heures
Mahomes pulled a Scottie Pippen. No one can cry about this deal than him, if he does so after a few years like Pippen did.
Thomas Crown
Thomas Crown Il y a 3 heures
Mike full of shii
Ricky Tyson
Ricky Tyson Il y a 3 heures
Bad deal for Mahomes,not getting that much could have gotten all his money had the leverage and Chris Jones is not all that what football do you guys watch
Jason Dye
Jason Dye Il y a 3 heures
Shannon always an idiot
dave Il y a 3 heures
Shannon, race is always part of the fact and it is predominantly the issue. This Mike dude is a disappointment to black folk. He has no idea at all of what is going on. He is what Darwin what was talking about. He is completely ignorant of what is going on and there is nothing worse than ignorance. Either he is stupid, or just trying to get paid like Stephen A. by pandering and appealing to the very racists who hate him. He is the worst kind of black. We need more black people to stand up to racism not acquiesce.
CA Recording Co.
CA Recording Co. Il y a 3 heures
Smh vicc cmon bruh
STEVE SMITH Il y a 3 heures
Vick was scared to keep it real because he knows they will take everything from him *again*
Big JefeJuuîce
Big JefeJuuîce Il y a 3 heures
Let's be honest LBJ has/is slowing down athletically
eRa PlazY
eRa PlazY Il y a 3 heures
Use to be a huge shannon sharpe fan now he makes everything about race if you care that much bring ppl together instead of adding fuel to the flame 🤦‍♂️
Jennie RedRose
Jennie RedRose Il y a 4 heures
So Dana not gonna do ANYTHING ???
Josh Rodriguez
Josh Rodriguez Il y a 3 heures
What if perry feels black? Can he say it then? Liberals always talk about if you feel like a woman then your a woman! How is this different?
Cory Brown
Cory Brown Il y a 4 heures
Right they change the narrative.
michael preller
michael preller Il y a 4 heures
LeBron and Cowboys, rinse and repeat. It's tiresome. I at least understand Bron because o his greatness, but the Cowboys are mediocre AF. Who cares about the negotiations of a middle of the pack qb with a 8-8 football team. Ugh
mike newell
mike newell Il y a 4 heures
Try taking a shot of apple crown everytime he says skip lol!!!
Jeanne Pritchard
Jeanne Pritchard Il y a 4 heures
I think bilicheck will start cam why wouldn't you mvp sb for 1 million I am putting him to work up to him to keep the job
MeloBeta Il y a 4 heures
I cant imagine the Chiefs would be asked to change the name. They're named after a Native American tribe ranking right? Now getting the fans to stop the chop. Especially in that building? Itd be impossible. It's such a big part of the atmosphere of that stadium, itd be impossible
MjMoutry 1st
MjMoutry 1st Il y a 4 heures
LeBron can carry a team but not like Jordan because he not the shooter Jordan was LeBron has to punish himself getting fouled like shaq every game while Jordan had that jump shot
MjMoutry 1st
MjMoutry 1st Il y a 4 heures
Rondo in his prime played with one arm in the eastern conference after a injury in a game it was amazing in his prime rondo didn't get disrespected like this
Tre Williams
Tre Williams Il y a 4 heures
Shannon sharpe didn’t you criticize Patrick Mahomes a lot his first year starting now all of a sudden you way on the Mahomes bandwagon skip bayles just a Hater