The Weeknd - Faith (Audio)
VEGAN GANGSTA Il y a 30 minutes
This is a Reminder. Dont forget The Weekend.
Noé Pulpón
Noé Pulpón Il y a 30 minutes
Los que han dado dislike todo bien x la vida???
Luix Martinez
Luix Martinez Il y a 30 minutes
Who still watching take on me in 1492
helmut rosendal
helmut rosendal Il y a 31 minute
Win P.
Win P. Il y a 32 minutes
Ivan Angelov
Ivan Angelov Il y a 32 minutes
wtf i just watched
Car1os74 Il y a 33 minutes
Reminds me of the neighborhoods stuck with me .
Fathan Alkhairi
Fathan Alkhairi Il y a 33 minutes
I don't know why he really love blood
Gibret ifedi
Gibret ifedi Il y a 34 minutes
This is disturbing
Wasabi Il y a 35 minutes
main theme for GTA VI
Ronak Saxena
Ronak Saxena Il y a 35 minutes
j bridge
j bridge Il y a 36 minutes
WTF did I just watch?
АБУ УМАР ХУРОСОНИ Il y a 36 minutes
Porno tv no Theweekend
robert samick
robert samick Il y a 37 minutes
Hi again WEEKEND! As you may know I am an artist also. I think that you are just great...I really love the symbolism in this incredible video! Talk about friends in high places.
Victoria Graveé
Victoria Graveé Il y a 38 minutes
Vinciane Roblox Fr
Vinciane Roblox Fr Il y a 38 minutes
Jason Me
Jason Me Il y a 38 minutes
Ronak Saxena
Ronak Saxena Il y a 38 minutes
How can someone dislike this masterpiece ?
Mahesh Rathod
Mahesh Rathod Il y a 40 minutes
Why my headphones not working the right one
Reshma Begum
Reshma Begum Il y a 40 minutes
Abel Are You OK...?
Lil MOHAMMED Il y a 40 minutes
Waleed Waleed
Waleed Waleed Il y a 40 minutes
OMFG that’s huge
ワッフルデストロイレティ愛し隊 Il y a 41 minute
Freak !
Freak ! Il y a 42 minutes
I wonder how Sickick will sound on covering this... 😌
raihan playz
raihan playz Il y a 43 minutes
raihan playz
raihan playz Il y a 41 minute
Love the part withe the mclaren p1
Debora Molina
Debora Molina Il y a 44 minutes
Andrea Ventura
Andrea Ventura Il y a 44 minutes
Bravo McKennie!
Lascoad LD
Lascoad LD Il y a 44 minutes
Pinches clased virtuales
Supreme Stylez
Supreme Stylez Il y a 45 minutes
That's a bit fcked up 😅😂
Kebalepile Finger
Kebalepile Finger Il y a 45 minutes
Weird shit this
Natallia Sharamet
Natallia Sharamet Il y a 46 minutes
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Moses Kzd
Moses Kzd Il y a 47 minutes
Abel mistery as always
ScereBro PSNU
ScereBro PSNU Il y a 48 minutes
I stayed. Only to realize it was too late.
MOONRAKER 27 Il y a 49 minutes
This looks like if fka twigs overdosed on heroin
teddyzen09 Il y a 50 minutes
A Halloween track? Ergh
MIPT Ninja
MIPT Ninja Il y a 50 minutes
ahmad azzeh
ahmad azzeh Il y a 53 minutes
This song should be in GTA 6 because its perfect 😎
Fajar Tya
Fajar Tya Il y a 53 minutes
Сервис помог мне в продвижении моих видео в ВК. Больше всего понравилось отсутствие навязчивой рекламы перед видео. Ну и просмотры и репосты быстро выросли. Мне нравится #rosmedia .
Street Gamer ZonE
Street Gamer ZonE Il y a 53 minutes
Rosmedia - просто бомба! Я скачал видео и купил просмотры. Подписчики здесь, блин! Я не верил! Честно говоря, я действительно удивлен. 10 из 10!
Santhosh Technical Support Telugu
Santhosh Technical Support Telugu Il y a 53 minutes
Я доволен этим сервисом. #Rosmedia помогли мне получить повышение по службе. Качественная консультация и способ работы по этому вопросу.
alaa Talaat
alaa Talaat Il y a 53 minutes
Обращалась в #Rosmedia продвижения канала FRshow. Просмотры и подписчики добавляются со скоростью света! Довольна как слон!
Official Ghoenix
Official Ghoenix Il y a 53 minutes
Сервис для меня - синоним качества. Сотрудничаю долгое время, нареканий ни по одному параметру нет.
Kanak Swami
Kanak Swami Il y a 53 minutes
Мы группу музыкальную реально продвинули, благодаря . Живые просмотры, даже в ТОП попали. Ребята, советую , не пожалеете!
Lacey Bilger
Lacey Bilger Il y a 55 minutes
Miss Understood
Miss Understood Il y a 55 minutes
This has a very 80s feel to it.. new wave almost..
Valentina Victoria
Valentina Victoria Il y a 56 minutes
TjR Il y a 56 minutes
Это все понятно, русские то есть в комментах?
Μελπομενη Αλιμπερτη
Μελπομενη Αλιμπερτη Il y a 57 minutes
The only cure during this f.......g covit you , my beloved Weeknd , Month , Year , Century.... Thanks ! God bless!!!
W Gg
W Gg Il y a 58 minutes
What has Bella done to make Abel cast a shadow over her lately. I wonder if it will continue to tell the press that they are on good terms.
กตัญญู ชูหมวกโชติ
กตัญญู ชูหมวกโชติ Il y a 59 minutes
Love 🇹🇭 ♥️ 😍
ShowMiQ Il y a 59 minutes
Hadid Sisters
tehwasd Il y a heure
This is GTA5 in real life
random fever
random fever Il y a heure
Criminally Underrated
Kheron Óscar
Kheron Óscar Il y a heure
Alô Moz😁
Jennifer .
Jennifer . Il y a heure
lol what
nicslove777 Il y a heure
Swan Il y a heure
Great music but the video was all about necrophilia 🤮
Dee xx
Dee xx Il y a heure
I want you to stay even though you dont want me - urgh hits hard 💔
Mac Joseph
Mac Joseph Il y a heure
Head detective from in living color lol
Facts bro 💯 weekend you know the truth everybody else lost
HaloMaster MIXER
HaloMaster MIXER Il y a heure
You cant read live chat its too fast
JOHN DYE Il y a heure
A sick video, but I like it
Eltonboy Freshboy
Eltonboy Freshboy Il y a heure
“I wonder where’s the head i gonna move now!🤔
Jada G
Jada G Il y a heure
he was battling cancer so hard just to make people smile ☹️.
Natallia Sharamet
Natallia Sharamet Il y a heure
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Super - Banana-54
Super - Banana-54 Il y a heure
Fortnite 🥰
Royce Ardery
Royce Ardery Il y a heure
Great music...
Ivan Salazar
Ivan Salazar Il y a heure
Imagine Save Your Tears music video......
Baldemr Buentello
Baldemr Buentello Il y a heure
Showing up in an old school Corvette damn
Dicaru 007
Dicaru 007 Il y a heure
What genre is this?
sam1bamslayer Il y a heure
Why is this shot like a car add
Jamie771 Il y a heure
um, they're f*&%$ing a corpse. Does no one else see that?
Chakrapani Somnath
Chakrapani Somnath Il y a heure
Is this a coincidence Bella Hadid uploaded a picture on her ig with her friend in same swim suits as it is in this video .
Cool Alligator
Cool Alligator Il y a heure
Could be the best thing that has happened to 2020
young_passt Gang
young_passt Gang Il y a heure
Gta 6
Vilmar Silva
Vilmar Silva Il y a heure
Alguém do Brasil? E em 2020?
giulio defano
giulio defano Il y a heure
Emote fortnite .... i love the weeknd
Immortal_ Gaming
Immortal_ Gaming Il y a heure
young_passt Gang
young_passt Gang Il y a heure
Gta 5 plis
Shane Russell
Shane Russell Il y a heure
! weekend wooooooooooooo9oó